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SOOCAS S3 Shaver Released With ‘Car-Like Damping Technology’

SOOCAS S3 Shaver Released With ‘Car-Like Damping Technology’

I am familiar with the brand, SOOCAS, because I am one of those who use SOOCAS products. I've been using its electric toothbrush for several years, and now, I am still satisfied with it.

Recently, SOOCAS has released a new personal care product, S3 Electric Shaver

SOOCAS S3 Shaver is the first shaver that uses car suspension like technology, delivering a smooth and comfortable shaving experience

As a man, I must trim the beards in daily life, and I don't want to suffer from bleeding or the slightest scratches. 

Therefore, as for me, an exquisite, cost-effective, easy-to-use shaver is indispensable. 

Is SOOCAS S3 shaver such a product? Let me tell you about my experience.

The aesthetic appearance of SOOCAS S3 shaver 

As mentioned earlier, SOOCAS products give me a good impression, being simple, crisp, and practical. As electric shaver is for men, it has something different. 

Although SOOCAS S3 doesn't look crisp, it denotes the masculinity: mature and solemn.

The color of my SOOCAS S3 electric shaver is black and gold, quite genteel. The overall appearance is simple. The black handle of the main body has a delicate matte and skin-friendly surface, whereas, it easy to retain grease and dust.

On the upper part of the handle in light gold is a power button position that extends to the top. The CD texture of the cut surface and the power button is for an enhanced visual experience. 

The CD texture is the typical trait of SOOCAS products. You can find the same design in SOOCAS X3 electric toothbrush.

The contrast between black and gold of the handle extends up to the blade head, featuring "cool tech." 

The blade also features the contrasting colors, but slightly different from that of the handle. The handle is round, whereas, the blade head looks more distinct with tougher lines. 

SOOCAS S3 shaver with innovative IFT suspension technology

Why do I think that the blade head features futuristic tech? Let's have a look at these pictures.

The blade head is flexible with the omnidirectional floating design, which is the innovation of SOOCAS S3 electric shaver. 

According to the official statement, SOOCAS S3 is the first electric shaver to use automotive suspension technology, or IFT (Infinity Floating Technology), enabling the blade head to be more flexible and rotate 360 degrees horizontally, even up and down. Thereby, the blade head meets most people's needs even though their face shapes differ, and it sure to provide more comfortable shaving. 

From the photos above, it is evident that the blade head can adapt to different angles and forces, which is excellent for different face contours and enjoyment after thorough shaving.

The blade head of SOOCAS S3 consists of three double-layer blades, covering a larger area at one time. 

It is very convenient to dismantle the blade head, just by pressing the buckle at the front, then, you'll be able to clean it. 

However, I also notice that SOOCAS S3 does not come with a cleaning brush. Although SOOCAS S3 can be washed with water, it would be better to have a brush to clean it after the product is used.

Well-made and easy-to-use 

Its appearance is simple, i.e., there is only one button, but two different working modes and travel lock are available for you. 

These functions are achieved via the on/off button: long press the button for 1 second to switch between different modes; long press the button for 3 seconds to use the travel lock.

The travel lock is handy. 

After all, SOOCAS S3 is a kind of personal care product for daily use. The travel lock prevents accidents when the shaver is placed in the bag, improving safety when you carry it.

Besides, as a personal care product, it needs cleaning from time to time. 

SOOCAS S3 is IPX7 waterproof, so it can be washed by water, which is convenient. Of course, the shaver can be operated by wet hands or with water splashes on it. 

However, it is forbidden to use the S3 electric shaver in high temperature or with vapor, for example, in the bathroom, because the water vapor will enter the device and affect its service life.

SOOCAS S3 electric shaver: actual user experience

I had an electric razor before I've got SOOCAS S3. As for me, an electric shaver is to improve happiness. The electric razor not only works faster, but it is easier-to-use than a manual razor, unlikely to scratch the skin. 

In a word, it is much better than a manual razor. 

Before buying SOOCAS S3, I expected it to be comfortable to use, clean after shaving, long-lasting. 

1. Comfortable shaving for every man

As for comfort, it is said that the innovative IFT suspension technology applied in SOOCAS S3 offers the perfect fit, and I do feel it. The flexibility of the blade is excellent, great for different face shapes and chin shapes. 

Moreover, the shaver is very easy to use because the blade head adapts to any face without difficulty, which is extraordinary. I don't have to press it hard against the face to remove my beard. 

It is the elasticity and smoothness that I have never experienced before, with which I am quite satisfied.

2. Great shaving effect: gone is the hair

Thanks to the double blade, the shaving effect is impressive. 

For one reason, the contact area is relatively large so that you can get a flawless look after a single shave. Every time you shave, push it back and forth twice or three times around your mouth, and all hair will disappear. 

For another, SOOCAS S3 electric shaver is gentle enough that it doesn't scratch the acne and I don't need to use shaving foam.

3. Long battery life for over 60 days

As for battery life, the official data is 60 days. However, the battery life seems to be longer because I use it twice every three days. Up till now, I haven't charged the shaver yet. 

You should notice that battery life differs according to the frequency of utilization. The official data is only for reference since it is calculated based on using once each day, one minute each time.

Additionally, SOOCAS S3 uses a Type-C USB port for faster charging, and I like that.


I am quite satisfied with SOOCAS S3 electric shaver after using it for several days. More specifically, I am fond of the simple and decent look, the comfortable shaving, and a fantastic effect.

In general, the electric shaver is a personal care product with excellent appearance and high performance. It is sure to be popular among young men. 

Apart from the delicacy, the price is also reasonable, only $49.99

SOOCAS S3 is a good option, no matter it is for yourself or others. As for ladies, this is an ideal gift for their loved ones. 


Comfortable fit, perfect shaving effect;

Long battery life;

Quite exquisite and attractive;



Silicone handle isn't resistant to dust and grime;

Cleaning is required, but no brush is included in the box.

SOOCAS S3 Electric Men Washable Razor from Xiaomi youpin



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