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With So Many Features of Flagship Phones, the Budget-friendly Huawei Honor 9X is Not Low-end At All

With So Many Features of Flagship Phones, the Budget-friendly Huawei Honor 9X is Not Low-end At All

Because of the low price, many people lose interest in Huawei Honor 9X. They think that it is a budget smartphone without stunning features. However, it turns out that it is a big misunderstanding. 

Although the price seems low, the smartphone is not cheap! Let's go into more details of its advanced features shared with flagships.

1. Pop-up Camera

With the pop-up camera, it achieves the full-screen display. In all tests, the pop-up camera performed well, and it could even be used to open a beer bottle. 

A pop-up camera module widely applied to most flagship smartphones in 2019. Thanks to it, Honor 9X appears superior among Honor Series smartphones, with 92% screen-to-body ratio, even higher than the 91.24% screen-to-body ratio of Vivo NEX. 

2. Side-mounted Fingerprint Scanner

As the development of OLED screen, the in-screen fingerprint scanner becomes the mainstream. However, for the LCD screen, it is unfeasible to incorporate an in-screen fingerprint scanner. Thus, the side-mounted fingerprint sensor comes as a compromise. 

The recognition speed is fast, and the accuracy is high. In other words, the sensitivity is as good as the rear-mounted capacitive fingerprint scanner.

You might verify it by yourself by referring to the feedback from Honor 20 Series users. The performance of the fingerprint scanner of Honor 9X is the same as that of Honor 20. The combination of the fingerprint sensor and power button makes the operation more convenient.
3. 4000mAh High-capacity Battery

4000mAh battery is another feature of flagship smartphones. As we know, the battery life of flagship smartphones is ordinary because they are powered by flagship processors which are power-consuming. Therefore, the battery capacity of flagship smartphones is around 4000mAh. 

As Honor 9X is equipped with a 4000mAh high-capacity battery, it can last a whole day for heavy use. As for light use, the battery life is about one day and a half. Nevertheless, it is a pity that Honor 9X doesn't support Huawei super quick charge. 

4. 48MP Primary Camera

Most flagship smartphones use 48MP primary camera, although some have 64MP image sensors. 48MP primary camera is the standard configuration for the flagship. 

Among the triple rear camera, the primary camera can output 48MP photos directly. There is also an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens and a 2MP depth sensor. The triple camera module is a must-have for flagship smartphones.

As for the software, Honor 9X features the Awl Algorithm and AIS handheld night shot technology. In combination with the 1/2-inch big image sensor, the photo quality is extraordinary. Additionally, AI 2.0 Technology has been applied to Honor 9X for taking great photos in hundreds of settings. 

5. 6.59-inch Big HD Screen

With a 6.59-inch super large screen, the size of Honor 9X is the biggest golden size that users can accept, as smartphones with 6.95 to 7.2-inch screens are termed as "Note." 

The screen of Honor 9X is made of LCD, with a resolution of 1080 x 2340, 391 PPI. It presents delicate details, offering a visual experience as enjoyable as the flagship.

LCD screens are more eye-friendly than OLED screens, even though the latter has DC dimming now. The competitive advantage of LCD screens makes it irreplaceable. 

6. Kirin 810 Processor

Although Kirin 810 SoC is a mid-range processor, inferior to Kirin 9xx Series. However, they have the same 7nm process and an independent NPU processor. 

The two big cores use the same ARMA76 architecture as Kirin 980 SOC, and the NPU is the brand new Da Vinci Architecture. Its AI performance is even better than Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. 

Therefore, Kirin 810 can satisfy users' requests for the flagship experience. No matter running heavy-duty games or multitasking, the smartphone offers smoother operation than expected. 

What's more, Honor 9X Pro includes a liquid cooling system for the better gaming experience, but it's more expensive, at a price of about $300.


All in all, Honor 9X has many stunning features. Although it is priced under $200, the smartphone boasts features same as the flagship smartphones. Among them, some are unique in the Honor Series.

So far, Honor 9X is the most cost-effective smartphone in Honor's portfolio. However, due to the problem in positioning, its stunning features are easily overlooked. Don't take Honor 9X for a low-end smartphone!

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