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Oneplus Disabled Photochrome Feature

Oneplus Disabled Photochrome Feature

With the announcement of OnePlus 8 Pro, the company also unveiled a very interesting, unique, but controversial feature – The Photochrome Mode. The handset used an IR camera that allowed us to see through some plastic and thin clothing. Well the latter “function”, proves how this can be controversial for some people. Due to the buzz generated by the feature, the company decided to disable it temporarily. At first, this was affecting only the OnePlus 8 Pro units in China. However, now it is reaching the global variants of the handset.

A new update is rolling out for the global variants and the changelog has just 1 line. It says that the Photochrome filter will leave the camera application for further adjustments. However, the company states that the feature will be re-enabled sometime in June. Interestingly enough, the Indian OnePlus 8 Pro variants are also getting the 10.5.9.IN11DA update, which probably removes the referred feature as well.

As we all know, one of the best specs on oneplus 8 series is their camera. OnePlus 8 phone includes three cameras at the back with 48 megapixels for the basic camera and 16 megapixels for the wide-angle camera and 2 megapixels for the macro camera, while the OnePlus 8 Pro includes four cameras with 48 megapixels for the basic camera and 48 megapixels also for the second camera 8 MP wide-angle camera for the telephoto camera, and 5 MP for the fourth and final camera.

Curiously, we’re yet to see what exactly the “adjustment” will do to the original feature. The quality will probably receive a downgrade to reduce Photochrome mode powers. Despite the feature removal, nothing will prevent developers to re-enable it via mods in the future.

Android is well known for its possibilities, so in this case, there’s no much that OnePlus can do one time that the hardware is available.

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