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【Gift】Yeelight Smart Light Received $500,000 from Crowdfunding Within 13 Days, 99% Applause Rate, As Valuable As 3 Lights

【Gift】Yeelight Smart Light Received $500,000 from Crowdfunding Within 13 Days, 99% Applause Rate, As Valuable As 3 Lights

You might not be impressed with its appearance. 

Do you know that the product received $500,000 from Crowdfunding within only a total of 13 days

It is this Yeelight ceiling light. It won 99% applause rate. According to research, 90% of the families want to have it!

The ceiling light is from the leading brand in smart lighting, Yeelight. The brand was founded and developed in the United States. It entered the Xiaomi ecosystem in 2014. 

In short, its advantages include accurate color rendering index, night light function, resistance to dust, and 5-minute installation. 

"Lighting for Museums" to Restore the True-to-life Colors

Have you ever found that the colors of clothes are different from what they look like in the department stores? 

Or your beautiful makeup appear unnatural in the sunlight? 

It is because the lights in your home aren't good enough! 

This ceiling light can simulate the natural lighting to a maximum extent, restoring the true colors of objects.

The color rendering index of this ceiling light is higher than 95Ra. The light it emits satisfies places such as museums, art galleries that have strict requirements for distinguishing colors.

It can restore the natural colors of kids' painting or ladies' makeup.

The color rendering index is critical for families with children. 

Kids' eyes are sensitive to colors. An environment with a high color rendering index means the better reproduction of the colors of objects. Children, growing up in such an environment, are competent to distinguish the colors correctly. 

On the contrary, staying in environments with low CRI (<80Ra) for too long, children are likely to suffer from acquired color weakness. 

Free Adjustment of the Light

You can adjust the brightness levels freely.

In the brightest mode, the ceiling light is as bright as the sun at noon. In the darkest mode, it will be a marvelous night light.

You can also adjust the color temperature.

Color temperature is the feeling that the light brings to us. The higher it is, the colder we can feel; the lower it is, the warmer we can feel. 

The cold white light is bright and precise, suitable for work; while the warm white light is cozy and natural, perfect for reading.


The lighting requirements in different places are different. 

The color temperature of the ceiling light can vary from 2700K - 6500K (which is the most comfortable for human eyes). You can choose the color temperature as you like.

The Yeelight ceiling light can be used as a light for illumination, a night light, and a table lamp, which is extraordinary!

Multiple Control Methods & Easy Installation

Now that it allows you to adjust the brightness and color temperature how about the operation? Is it complicated? 

On the contrary, the light is much easier to use than expected.

Apart from traditional switches, it supports remote control, App control, and Alexa voice control.

Compared with its predecessor, it features excellent improvements in the functions, and it can harmonize with your smart home system better.

What's more, the installation can't be easier as a girl can finish installing it in 5 minutes by herself.

First, fix the base onto the ceiling/wall. Then, insert the two electrical wires into the base (no insulated rubber tape is needed). 

At last, hold the body of the ceiling light with both hands, make sure the position of the base, and push the ceiling light into it. The click sound indicates the successful installation. 

Gently push the buckle, you can take off the main body of the ceiling light, which is convenient for a cleanup at home. 

Tip: Please cut off the power before the installation.

Dustproof and Insect-proof

In most ceiling lights, there will be the bodies of flying insects and dust after a period of use. 

It is not the case with the Yeelight ceiling light, because it features the IP60 dustproof design. Perfectly sealed, it can keep the external particles and dust out. Therefore, you don't have to worry that the body of flying insects and dust might build up inside the lampshade. 

Simple Appearance, A Perfect Match For Everywhere

The all-match and simple smart light can function as a wall lamp when installed on a wall; on a ceiling, it can serve as a ceiling light

It is suitable or the bedroom, kitchen, bedroom, and so on in common houses. 

Because of the marvelous design, it won the famous iF Design Award and Red Dot Award. 

Meticulous Workmanship that Makes for Excellence & Reputation

The Yeelight smart ceiling light is integrated with 450 components through 96 processes. From the development, selection of materials to production, the quality standards, and intricacy is nearly the same as mobile phones. 

The lampshade features high transmittance for even lighting. 

The entire base made of aluminum alloy is robust and durable for carry-free use. 

The interior design is artful, improving the heat dissipation and extending the service life of the LED beads.

The arrangement of the 240 imported LED beads is deliberate. More impressively, the service life of the emitters is up to 25,000 hours

In other words, used 8 hours a day, they can work for eight years! 

Yeelight YLXD41YL 320mm Smart LED Ceiling Light Upgrade Version (Xiaomi Ecosystem Product)



Yeelight YLXD42YL 480mm Smart LED Ceiling Light Upgrade Version (Xiaomi Ecosystem Product)



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