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SOOCAS W3 Portable Water Flosser for Instant Tooth Cleaning

SOOCAS W3 Portable Water Flosser for Instant Tooth Cleaning

230ml large water tank for thorough and comfortable cleaning. Up to 30 days of battery life!

Many people know that brushing teeth can’t make the teeth clean enough. 

Deep in the slit between the teeth is the food residual. If you fail to remove it in time, it will lead to tooth decay. 

I think highly of dental health, so I’ve used the water flosser for quite a long time. 

Recently, I’ve tried SOOCAS Water Flosser, and I like it very much. 

It's attractive to me very much because its water tank is so big that you don’t need to stop to add water.

If you have used the Water Flosser before, you might be frustrated at the small water tank of the portable Water Flosser tool. It’s because you have to refill the water tank again and again. It’s too troublesome. 

However, the water tank of SOOCAS Portable Water Flosser is 230ml, which is large enough for cleaning teeth once.

The water flosser is rechargeable, cordless for more flexible use.

The battery life is so long that it won’t go out of juice within 30 days after a full charge.

Note: According to the official data, the battery life is 30 days, which is calculated based on cleaning once per day, 1 minute each time.

Powerful, comfortable, and thrilling!

I tested its performance by using it to remove the impurities on the nicely arranged corn kernels like teeth. The impurities are gone immediately.

I was surprised at its performance. However stubborn the food residue is, it can be quickly pushed out, making the mouth thoroughly clean! 

No harm to the gum.

Look, the balloon remains intact, confronting the equally powerful water flow. 

Moreover, it offers the Gentle Mode for those who are not used to the water flosser or suffer from sensitive teeth. 

From left to right: standard nozzle, orthodontics nozzle, subgingival nozzle, tongue cleaner nozzle. There are four nozzles in total for different needs.

Standard nozzle: suitable for most people and daily cleaning;
Orthodontics nozzle: ideal for those who wear braces;
Subgingival nozzle: for deep cleaning;
Tongue cleaner nozzle: for cleaning the tongue and refreshing the breath.

The entire water flosser is washable, meeting the standard of IPX7 waterproof rating. Both the nozzles and the water tank are made of food-grade PC materials for worry-free use.

The product is highly cost-effective. It’s recommended for beginners and experienced users.

The water flosser is specially designed for cleaning the narrow slits between teeth. The ultra-fine water jet can quickly wash away the food residue and bacteria.

The operation is also convenient.

There are two buttons on the water flosser. The one on the top is for turning on/off the device; the other is for switching between different modes.

Choose the Mode before using it and put the nozzle in your mouth. Aim at the slit between teeth. Then, turn on the water flosser. 

Note: You should keep the mouth shut and the device upright when using it. Of course, you may slightly open the mouth so the water can flow out. 

The SOOCAS Water Flosser provides you with three modes.

Gentle Mode: the first LED is on, and the water pressure is low for beginners or those with sensitive teeth;
Standard Mode: the first and second LED on, and the water pressure is moderate, ideal for most people;
Pulse Mode: The third LED on for deep cleaning and massaging the gum. 

The water flosser has a memory function, which means that it will be in the same mode for next time you turn it on.

Gentle Mode

I usually select the Gentle Mode, because, with it, my teeth can be cleaned comfortably.

Sometimes, I use the tongue cleaner nozzle to clean the tongue. I feel a little numb. However, the experience is fascinating, and you should definitely try it!

It’s easy to change the nozzle. Press the button beside the nozzle and pull it out. Align the nozzle that you want to use and mount it. 

Remember to add water each time you use the water flosser. Open the cover of the water tank, hold the device horizontally, and fill in some water.

Please note that you should fully charge the water flosser before you use it.

The charging port is nicely hidden under the white silicone cover. Remember to put back the cover after charging. On the other end of the charging cable is the USB port.

It takes 4 - 6 hours to fully charge the water flosser. 

In the box are a water flosser, a standard nozzle, an orthodontics nozzle, a subgingival nozzle, a tongue cleaner nozzle, and a charging cable. 

All components are of high quality, and with them, you can enjoy the professional tooth cleaning treatment like at a dentist! Why not grab the best affordable portable water flosser?

SOOCAS W3 Portable Oral Irrigator Constant Pulse Pressure from Xiaomi youpin



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