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Hilarious Bottle Cap Challenge - How to Take the Challenge to the Next Level?

Hilarious Bottle Cap Challenge - How to Take the Challenge to the Next Level?

Recently, the viral bottle cap challenge, which is also called the bottle top challenge, blows up all my social media. 

There are over 200,000 thousands of posts with #bottlecapchallenge hashtags on Instagram after the challenge started a few days.

So what on earth is the Bottle Cap Challenge?

It’s said that the challenge started in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), and may have originated from a Kazakh Taekwondo champion. 

But it’s only after the celebrities such as John Mayer, Jason Statham, Marlon Wayans and Donnie Yen took the challenge, the bottle cap challenge becomes the new trend where people kick off a bottle cap with a spinning kick.

How does the challenge works?

Place the loosely-twisted shut cap on top of the bottle first. Then kick the cap off without moving the bottle. That’s all the bottle cap challenge is about. Of course, keep in mind that your challenge video must be shot in slow-motion for a better effect.

How did the bottle cap challenge upgrade?

Though those pros made this challenge look easy, we know a spinning kick is not that easy. So, people around the world are trying to kick the caps off in a way they are good at. As a result, we enjoy a lot of fun from those hilarious videos.

Here are some of the upgraded wildest attempts at the bottle cap challenge:

1.Blindfolded challenge

2.With a larger-sized cap (vacuum cup)

3.Kick 3 caps off at a time 

4.With a voice

5.With a chancla (sandal)

6.With a basketball/soccer ball

7.With a car

8.With a surfboard

9.With a violin bow 

10.With a camera

11.With breats

12.With a magic trick

13.With a fart

And what will they kick the caps off with next? We will see in a few days.

Whatever, don’t forget to record your splendid challenge moments with a mobile phone or camera that has a slo-mo mode.

If you don’t have any slo-mo camera, I would recommend DJI dual-color screen sports camera for you. 

DJI is a reliable brand that never let us down, so as this sports camera is. Its 8 times slow motion is very impressive, you can easily record a cool spin kick when you do the bottle cap challenge, or record other fast-moving moments when you are doing water sports like swimming, surfing or snorkeling. Don’t worry, this camera is 11 meters waterproof, so you could play fun at ease. 

Are you ready to accept your bottle cap challenge? 

Please make sure to stretch before you do it. 

And share your downright awe-inspiring videos with us.

DJI Double Color Screen Sports Camera



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