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Although I am a fat otaku but I really like Amazfit verge smartwatch

Although I am a fat otaku but I really like Amazfit verge smartwatch

Everyone has experienced back pain, and I am no exception. 

The doctor told me the best way to improve is to do proper exercise. 

Doing exercise regularly is impossible for me. Going to the gym, having a private trainer can help me, but this will cost me much money. 

Maybe something like an alarm to remind me to do exercise will be more economical.

I chose the black one which looks simple and more stain-resistant on Gearbest. 

After opening the package, we can find the smartwatch, user manual and charging cable. 

I take them out and wear the Amazfit immediately. 

At the same time, I download the APP “Amazfit Watch” on the App Store. 

When I am pairing the smartwatch with my phone, I find that I only have to scan the QR code on my smartwatch and input verification code in my phone to in order to pair successfully. 

This is great!

After paired, I could choose the UI I like through the mobile phone. And I can see the date clearly, like steps, kcal, BPM and sleep.

In the beginning, I don’t know how to use Amazfit. Because the manual is in Chinese and everything is not concrete. 

I need to explore slowly to know how to operate it. 

I think the screen can only be turned upon touch. But in fact, Amazfit has a wrist-up display which turns on when you raise the wrist. 

I press the button at the right side of the Amazfit verge before operating the interface. 

And long pressing this button, I can use the voice control via “Xiao Ai Assistant”.

When I slide to left, there were many application functions, like health, heart rate, exercise, sleep, exercise record, telephone and so on. 

I chose the heart rate function to check. After I wait for a moment, the screen shows the result.

What amazes me is that it will remind me to relax and exercise when I sit for a long time. I didn’t set this reminder on my phone or Amazfit verge. 

So I don’t worry that there will be nobody to remind me to do exercise anymore.

According to the introduction, the charging time is 2.5 hours and standby 5 days. 

I have tried to charge it when it's out of battery. 

It just took about 2 hours. After two days, the remaining battery is 60%.

The statistics are quite accurate. I have set the goal of steps and kcal via my phone. 

As soon as you achieve the daily goal, this smartwatch will vibrate, indicating the achievement. 

So I can adjust my exercise plan according to this data.

At night, Amazfit also accompanies me. 

Wearing it during sleeping, after wake-up, I can check my yesterday’s sleep quality. 

For example, on May 6, I slept 6 hours 55 minutes, 2 hours 10 minutes in deep time and 4 hours 45 minutes in light sleep time. 

However, the Amazfit verge didn’t detect me slept when I snapped in my company at noon.

Amazfit verge smartwatch supports smart home control.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any other Xiaomi products at home.Maybe someday, I could use this smartwatch to control my household appliances.

Some opinions:

1. Before operating Amazfit smartwatch, I should press the bottom, in order to avoid misoperation.

2. The sedentary reminder can help me to do exercise regularly.

3.Short charging time and long standby time.

4. Sleep detection can help me know more about my sleep state and I can coordinate sleep time.

5. The feeling is not good, because the dial is too big for my hand ankle. However, it doesn’t matter to operate.

6. The smartwatch and manual are just in Chinese. But I can read the information on my phone.

Above all, Amazfit has an excellent appearance and has achieved an excellent balance between function and battery life. 

All the features are perfect for me, allowing me to have a healthier lifestyle by doing better in various aspects. 

As a sports watch, Amazfit verge meets all our demands.

Amazfit Verge Sports Smart Watch - Chinese Version ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



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