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Experience Itchy Ear or Swelling? What Happened inside? Look Deep Inside Your Ears By Yourself with This Gocomma LED Endoscope

Experience Itchy Ear or Swelling? What Happened inside? Look Deep Inside Your Ears By Yourself with This Gocomma LED Endoscope

What is making your ears feel plugged up? 

Presence of excessive wax in the ear, the blocked fluid in the ear or sometimes the altitude atmospheric changes can make your ear itchy and difficult to hear anything. At the same time, we all know that using Ear Cotton Swabs are no way safe to clean your ears. 

Ear swabs are dangerous to cleanse your ear wax because it may harm your hearing and eardrum. Ear cleaning using cotton swabs might lead to many negative consequences like the punctured eardrum, intense pain, infection, and swelling.

When you're not sure that what is causing tenderness in your ears, then you should opt-in, such a way that can provide you with painless treatment.

You can know about the latest Goconma AN102 Ear Cleansing Endoscope. It is a very handy and convenient product. Those who are fed up with cleaning the ear again and again with ear swabs should try this product out for safe removal of ear wax. 

Because as well all know that the human ear is the most sensitive part of the human body, and it should be treated with excellent protection and care.

The Best Components Included - Gocomma AN102 Ear Cleansing Endoscope:

Its interface is USB 2.0 and the micro USB and the USB type C for better performance. It is made up of ergonomic material that makes its appearance more durable and smooth. 

The multi-functional component of Borescope can help you check your ear, skin pores, and nose inspection. Furthermore, it has a mini camera of AVI video format to show you a clear view of your ear with the sharp sensor technology.


It is highly compatible device and can assist you most effectively. You can easily attach this device with Android 4.5+ devices, MAC 10.6 and with windows 7/8/10. 

Clear Image or Video View with Gocomma Ear Cleansing Endoscope:

It gives you a clear view while you are cleansing the ear wax, you can brightly see the display or the inner part of your ear on your smartphone's screen. This ear cleaning device is of 1.3 Megapixels. 

With it, you can record 720P videos. The small digital ear cleaning Endoscope has a diameter of 5.5mm. For accessing the problem correctly, one can also make HD videos and can take high-quality screenshots at the perfect focal length of maximum 0.5 - 0.7ft (1.4 - 2cm). 

The Latest Adjustable LED Light System:

It features the most innovative and adjustable LED light technology that is important for bright images and ultra quality of the videos. It is located inside the Ear Cleansing Endoscope for the real-time picture and video viewing. 

And the Blue lens technology gives the bright light so that you can detect your ear problem clearly within no time. The LED lights make it more effective when it comes to a clear view of the ear on your smartphone while examining. 

It gets easily adjusted via the rotary button according to the environment in which you are using the product.

• It is easy to operate.
• It comes with a 1.3MP HD camera that gives you a clear scene of your ear.
• It comes with an innovative camera chip design that helps your product work ideally without any problem.
• It is a highly compatible product.
• It is highly affordable and made up of good quality material.

• Don't use it while taking a shower because it is not water-resistant.

How to operate this Gocomma Ear Cleansing Endoscope?

For all the smartphone users, it's important to support the functions of OTG and UVC for greater use of the camera. Then download the new and latest Camerfi App for the QR code scanning process. Now plug in the cable and use it.

If you want to examine your ear professionally, you should try this Gocomma Ear Cleansing Endoscope. It features a tiny 1.3MP camera, LED lights, helpful software functions for taking screenshots, recording, and measurements for further consultation with a doctor.

Gocomma AN102 Ear Cleansing Endoscope



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