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Xiaomi New Arrival: 70mai Midrive D05 Mini Dash Cam! 1600P HD Recording, Twice As Clear As 1080P!

Xiaomi New Arrival: 70mai Midrive D05 Mini Dash Cam! 1600P HD Recording, Twice As Clear As 1080P!

Although we do not want to have traffic accidents, it is inevitable in our life. Traffic accidents occur, big or small. Who is to blame? After the arrival of traffic police, it is essential to conclude who should take responsibility.

Although cameras are installed on the road, they might be broken or malfunctioning. Without proofs, you won't be able to justify yourself. 

Therefore, no matter you are a novice or veteran, it's necessary to install an HD dashcam in your car. It is because it can record the real-time status on the road, and be a smart assistant to your driving.

When selling a car, the seller might give you a dashcam for free. Those who have used dash cams are clear that the videos recorded by dashcams are not satisfying. Issues occur from time to time. For example, the videos are not clear enough. Sometimes, when you check a video clip, you will find that you can't see the license plate number at a distance. You've no choice but buy another one.

At present, there are many kinds of car dash cams on the market. How to choose and buy an easy-to-use dash cam? 

Generally speaking, there are four aspects that you should consider. 

First, the image processing should be good enough. Otherwise, you can't see the license plate number even though the car is next to yours; 

Second, the resistance to the high temperature. It's because of the excess temperature inside the car in summer. Electronic components should be able to withstand the high temperature; 

Third, it must be convenient to access to information, including pictures or videos; 

Fourth, different from other electronic equipment, a dashcam is fixed on the front windshield. Thus, it should be easy to operate with buttons. It would be better to have voice control.

Apart from the four aspects, a reliable dashcam is associated with the brand and reputation. 

For example, in Xiaomi ecosystem, the enterprise, "70mai" is always dedicated to smart vehicle products, and it spares no effort in research and product development. Thus, its products are well-received by car owners. The latest 70mai Midrive D05 Mini Dash Cam is to offer car owners stable and high-resolution images. 

What are its competitive advantages over other car dash cams on the market? 

1. HD recording, 1600P supported, twice as clear as 1080P Full HD videos; 

2. Built-in large-capacity battery, long-lasting for parking monitoring; 

3. With voice control, loop recording, and collision detection. 

These advantages are more prominent than products in the same category.

I. Size

The 70mai dash cam is so small, only measuring 86.9 x 47 x 31.9mm. It's the smallest dash cam that I have ever seen. 

II. 1600P HD recording

For HD recording, the 70mai Midrive D05 Mini Dash Cam supports 1600P HD recording. 

In addition to the Omni Vision flagship low-power image sensor and 2560x1600P resolution, the picture is high-definition and sharp. 

III. 140-degree wide-angle

To widen the field of view, F1.8 large aperture and 140 degrees wide-angle lens are in use. 

Thanks to the F1.8 aperture, the shooting effect is excellent in low light conditions.  

The 140-degree wide-angle lens offers a broader view to cover what all of the four lanes.

IV. Built-in battery

It is worth mentioning that similar products don't have built-in batteries. However, this product has a built-in 500mAh lithium-ion battery resistant to high temperature. The recorder still works even after you shut off the engine. 

So, why does the 70 Mai dashcam incorporate a battery? 

In fact, this recorder has another essential function, that is, parking monitoring. There is no need to install a voltage protection unit. Thanks to the built-in 500mAh battery, the dash cam can continue working to monitor when parking for more safety.  

As for battery life, it can last 24 hours after 100% charged, which is adequate for daily monitoring of vehicle status and automatic recording in case of collisions.

The shell of the dashcam is a material resistant to high temperature. After installation, no safety issues will occur even though it is exposed to the sun. You can be assured of this.

V. Faster data processing speed

The 70mai Midrive D05 Mini Dash Cam has a built-in HiSilicon Hi3556 V200 high-performance processor. As a result, in terms of actual experience, it can process data faster. With the unique compression technology, the size of video files is reduced by 30%. 

Thus, the memory card can store more videos. The synchronization will be faster, making the preview and playback smoother.

VI. Voice control 

On the backside of the dashcam, there are a lot of heat dissipation holes. On the top are buttons, including an on/off switch and a button for enabling the WiFi hotspot. There is a microphone hole on the side. The microphone is mainly for the voice control of 70mai Midrive D05 Mini Dash Cam. It helps to realize basic controls through voice commands, such as, "I want to take photos," "I want to record" and so on. 

Thus, when you need to record, you don't need to push buttons. Just speak out, and the dashcam can do it for you, which is convenient.

On the right side are the memory card slot and the power supply interface. 

As for which TF cards to choose, I recommend high-speed cards, because their performance and stability is better than ordinary TF cards. 

VII. APP control

In actual use, the 70mai Midrive D05 Mini Dash Cam also supports APP linkage. It can be connected to your phone via the 70mai App. The App allows you to control the device, such as the recording time, speaker volume, and so on! 

Of course, the video records and other contents can be viewed through the APP. 

VIII. Installation

The installation of 70mai Midrive D05 Mini Dash Cam is very simple. It uses a separate bracket, which makes it easier to install. Attach the separate bracket to the provided electrostatic sticker, then, fix 70mai Midrive D05 Mini Dash Cam. Just a few steps are needed! 

As for wiring, it depends on the car model. Just hide the cable along the gap on the top. Anyway, you can do it by yourself. 

Overall, the 70mai Midrive D05 Mini Dash Cam is an upgraded version that features more improvements. Not only it has a smaller size, but also more practical functions, including parking monitoring, voice control, and so on. 

In terms of the video resolution, it can record 2560x1600P HD videos. Moreover, with the F1.8 large aperture, the car dash cam can bring to you clear images in low light conditions. 

If you prefer a compact car dashcam, the latest 70mai Midrive D05 Mini Dash Cam is the right choice for you.

70mai Mini Dash Driving Recorder from Xiaomi youpin



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