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Huawei Announced P30 Series Drops To $540, Grabbing Users from Apple

Huawei Announced P30 Series Drops To $540, Grabbing Users from Apple

As for the price reduction of Huawei P30 Series, an insider disclosed that it was for the upcoming Mate 30 Series. Meanwhile, the price reduction will boost sales again. Currently, above 1 million smartphones in P30 Series are sold each month. 

On August 11, Huawei announced P30 Series was on sales. The price of P30 is reduced by 300 yuan (nearly $42), and that of P30 Pro is cut by 500 yuan (over $70). The price reduction will improve sales volume. 

The more outstanding price-to-performance ratio

In terms of the overall configuration, P30 Series will be more cost-effective after the prices drop. They are one of the most camera phones, powered by Kirin 980 processor. 

These phones are equipped with the triple rear camera setup, which consists of 40MP super camera lens, 16MP ultra-wide-angle lens, 8MP telephoto lens, and the brand new RYYB sensor. 

Ready to launch Mate 30 Series 

The reason why prices of P30 Series drop is to pave the way for the forthcoming Mate 30 Series. There will be two versions available. One will be at around 4500 yuan ($636.7), the superior version will be offered at about 6000 yuan ($848.94). It shows that Huawei is dedicated to providing top-notch smartphones.

It is said that the design of Huawei Mate 30 Series is being certified. The Kirin 985 processor is to be debuted on the IFA Congress in September. 

As an upgraded version of Kirin 980, Kirin 980 processor will be the first TSMC 7nm+ EUV process chip. Compared with the previous 7nm process, the new chip will be more power-efficient, and its performance will be improved by approximately 20%.

Additionally, Huawei’s SVP, Mr. Yu, said that Huawei would offer Mate 30 5G variant, better camera, and AI performance. 

Huawei accelerates its pace to grab users from Apple
The price reduction means that Huawei wants to increase sales volume. At such a price range, P30 Series will impact the sales of iPhone XR. At present, iPhone XR is Apple’s best-selling model, mainly because its price is rather low. 

Without a doubt, the defects of iPhone XR are quite apparent, for example, a single rear camera, thick bezel, and less attractive look than iPhone XS Series.

According to statistics, among 6 million iPhones sold in China in the second quarter, iPhone XR accounted for 50%. In comparison, 200 million smartphones in Huawei P30 Series were sold in the first month after its release. Sure enough, Huawei is to attract more users from Apple.

For the Chinese smartphone market alone, Huawei smartphones dominate 48% of market share, surpassing Apple’s 37%. The gap is still widening. With the upgrade of the brand, more and more iPhone users will choose Huawei.

Trying to be the No.1 in the world next year

Huawei’s SVP was confident that despite some factors, it wouldn’t be difficult for Huawei to achieve the sales volume of 240 million, only inferior to that of iPhones in the world. He also disclosed that the original plan was the first place, but currently, they would secure the 2nd place.

According to Huawei’s sales report, Huawei sold 118 million smartphones in the first half of the year 2019, and the year-on-year growth is 24%.

But for sanction, the increase would have been faster. Huawei is tackling with adverse external factors. Up till now, the results are promising. It is expected to be the best-seller in the world next year.

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