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Young Working Mothers/Fathers, Put the “Third Eye” at Home to Take Care of Your Baby!

Young Working Mothers/Fathers, Put the “Third Eye” at Home to Take Care of Your Baby!

It is tiresome to take a baby out every time, even by putting the little in a baby stroller. 

However, young mothers and fathers, you’d be worried if you don’t do so.

You are worried about the little sweetheart all the time. If only you can always keep an eye on your new-born.

After giving birth to her Angela, Lisa spent every minute with her during the maternal leave. 

However, she would work in the office in a month, because the maternal leave would be over soon. 

She couldn’t take her baby to the office, which is about fifteen minutes’ walk away from her home. It was possible to feed her at noon.

But what if she cried or felt scared? 

What if she fell off the bed? 

It was possible that someone broke in the house and took her away. She couldn’t help looking at the negative side. 

She was looking for a solution desperately, so was her husband. They couldn’t focus on anything else until one day they came by an IP camera from Gearbest, which could serve as the third eye at home.

It turned out that the camera perfectly solves their problem, and they thought it was worth buying:

√ 1080P Full HD resolution to see every detail of what’s going on in sight clearly;

√ 360-degree panorama to look around and avoid missing any suspicious corner;

√ Two-way audio to interact with the baby, and soothe her in time when she cries;

√ Motion detection for real-time alarm in case of abnormalities to ensure the peace of mind;

√ Infrared night vision with 6pcs IR LEDs for recording everything clearly in the dark.

Now, every time Lisa returns home, she will find Angela smiles instead of cries. She’s happy with the product with which she can see Angela and talk with her in real-time. She doesn’t have to take Angela wherever she goes, because she’s sure that her baby is safe and comfortable. 

What’s more, she can enjoy sleeping at night, now, thanks to the function of night vision. 

It is the most affordable 1080P PTZ IP camera, at least $9 - $17 more affordable with its counterparts that offer the same function. 

Currently, the product is the best-seller on Gearbest because of its exceptional functionality and low cost.

If you are looking for the most cost-effective IP camera, Alfawise N816 would be the best choice.

Click “Shop Now” to compare the options. 

Alfawise N816 Smart Home Security 1080P WiFi Wireless Mini IP Camera



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