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Tommy Leaks FAQ (The 1st Issue): 8 Things You Need to Know About the Upcoming 5G Mobile Phones

Tommy Leaks FAQ (The 1st Issue): 8 Things You Need to Know About the Upcoming 5G Mobile Phones

Hello everyone, the first issue of Tommy Leaks Q & A has been compiled now. Are there any questions you are concerned about in this post? Let's take a look. 

1.Q: Tommy, why some mobile phones have DC dimming features now, while some models do not?

A: Because it more depends on the software strength of the mobile phone manufacturers. Even they all use the Samsung AMOLED screen, there is still a gap in software strength. Or whether they have paid enough attention to its function application. Besides, some hardware can achieve DC-like dimming, and it has less influence on the display effect. But some can't do it, and it will affect the use of other functions.

2.Q: Can the 50x zoom lens on the phone shoot farther than that on many SLR?

A: At present, the 50x / 60x zoom lens on mobile phones is the maximum digital zoom based on the telephoto lens. For example, if the telephoto lens is 5x optical modulation (compared to the primary camera), then the pixel will become 50x zoom by 10x magnification. Likewise, the pixel will become 60x zoom if the telephoto lens is 6x. 

But to be honest, this kind of maximum digital zoom based on the telephoto lens is not very useful. On one hand, the pixel of the telephoto lens on the mobile phone is basically much worse than that of the primary camera. Generally, the aperture of the primary camera is 1/2.0 inch or 1/1.7 inch, while the telephoto lens is about 1/3.0 inch or even smaller due to the mobile phone size limitation. The pixel itself is relatively low, and it will basically display a mosaic effect after 10x magnification, and then interpolate to the corresponding pixel. On the other hand, the photo shot by the telephoto lens is easier to blur after 10x zooming. The actual effect is basically the same as the enlargement and cutting effect manually in 5x mode.

The effect of the telephoto lens on the mobile phone has a big difference with that on SLR. The alleged 50x/ 6x zoom is just a marketing gimmick of the mobile manufacturers. Actually, we just need to focus on the physical optical variable lens is 2x, 3x or 5x.

3.Q: Tommy, when I play games in my K20 PRO, it sometimes interrupts. Is this the problem with the mobile phone?

A: I haven’t met this problem when testing the Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro. Admittedly, there are many outage problems of other phone models. According to my personal experience, it may not be the problem of the mobile phone, but the router itself or the compatibility problem. Because the quality of many wireless routers installed with the network or some low-end routers is not so good, thus, the stability of the signal will impact the terminal. It is recommended to connect to another router in your friend's house. If it still appears the outage problem, it may be caused by the mobile phone itself. If not, you’d better replace a new router.

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4.Q: The big aperture and high pixels should be the target of the rear camera of the mobiles. Tommy, as far as you’re concerned, which is more important, the higher pixels or the big aperture? Why the pixel combination of big aperture + 1200W is not popular now?

A: Ultra-high pixels are just for the sake of mobile phone manufacturers' marketing. After all, the higher the pixels, the easier the manufacturer promotes. For example, the pixel of 4800W / 6400W / 10800W sounds very high, but frankly, the lens on the phone is actually difficult to achieve such high pixels, and it can cause great pressure in ISP / DSP / CPU / GPU when processing multi-frame operation. So many high-pixel modes are just significantly different from the default mode in imaging speed / dynamic range/noise, except for a higher resolution. And we seldom use this high-pixel mode in daily life.

For those 4800W / 6400W / 10800W Quad Bayer four-in-one sensors, their main advantage is that they can achieve single-frame HDR (not in Samsung's GM1), and provide better dynamic range performance. Meanwhile, the big aperture can also bring a larger amount of light, and the brightness/noise control of the night scene will also be greatly improved. So the key is not the number of pixels, but the specifications/technology adopted in the sensor.

5.Q: Tommy, I bought an iPhone11 recently, is there any cheap fast-charging solutions?

A: There are two methods to increase the charging speed. One is to use the iPad charger if you have an iPad, then the charging speed will be increased up to 10W from the default 5W. Another solution is PD fast charging. Then you will need to buy a USB-C to Lightning cable (currently the third-party MFI-certified cables generally cost around $10), and get an 18W PD fast charger from Smartisan or Baseus. In this way, it will cost less than $15, which is much cheaper than the official accessories solutions.

6.Q: Tommy, which one is better, Nikon D750 or Canon 80D?

A: Well, both cameras are launched several years ago, but their positioning is completely different. Nikon D750 is a full-frame camera, while Canon 80D is APSC half-frame. So from the perspective of image quality/focusing performance, I definitely recommend Nikon D750. And I bought it as well. D750 is very good for taking photos, but poor in shooting videos, especially the autofocus is basically unavailable. Whereas, Canon 80D is significantly better in the usage of video focus shooting/ touch screens due to the full-pixel dual-core focus. So if your daily preference is taking photos, Nikon D750 will be your best choice, but if you like shooting videos better, then choose Canon 80D.

7.Q: Tommy, is it still good to buy the OnePlus 7 Pro now? Will it be eliminated immediately by 5G?

A: As we can see, the hardware performance of OnePlus 7Pro is highest in cost-effective Chinese mobile manufacturing: dual motor, 4000mAh battery life, 30W charging speed, three cameras, 2K + 90Hz screen. The relative disadvantage is the curved screen and hydrogen OS system. OnePlus 7 Pro is still the strongest model in the lineup of RMB 4,000. It is still a good choice for you. 

And 4G will not be eliminated even after 5G is upcoming. Anyway, at present, I just regard 5G as a normal function of a mobile phone. On one hand, 5G still has a long way from the popularization. And it will coexist with 4G for a long time. On the other hand, the 5G expenses are generally much more expensive than that of 4G in the earlier stage. Many people may still use a 4G data plan with a 5G mobile phone. Therefore, whether 5G function is important should be judging from your region and the actual situation.

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8.Q: Tommy, the screen of my Xiaomi Mi 6 has broken. Should I change the 855 models now, or wait for the release of Xiaomi MIX 4 next year?

A: For Xiaomi official, they advise you to replace the Xiaomi Mi 6. If you plan to buy a new phone with a budget of $600, you can wait for the 5G mobile phones at the beginning of next year, because they will generally be equipped with a high refresh rate + dual-mode 5G + big aperture camera, and the hardware quality will be greatly improved. But if you only have a budget of $300, you can replace an 855 model now, because the price will not fall much next year, and the overall experience was greatly enhanced, especially in battery life and photo quality compared with Xiaomi Mi 6.

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Xiaomi Mi 6 4G Smartphone International Version



OK, this issue of Q & A is over here. See you next time!

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