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How To Clean A Keyboard Effortlessly? It’s So Easy!

How To Clean A Keyboard Effortlessly? It’s So Easy!

Perhaps it is because I got tired of mechanical keyboards that I've become obsessed about electro-capacitive keyboards in the past month. 

The 35g domes offer solid yet slightly mushy sensation. I can't help typing on them because of the fantastic nimbleness. 

However, recently, I've bought new switches for the keyboard. To test how they feel, I'd like to clean the last keyboard that I used and seal it in a box. 

Because of a relatively big size among computer peripherals and the frequent use, dirt builds up in a keyboard over time. 

So, how should you clean a keyboard? 

I want to take the opportunity to clean this keyboard, so you will know how to clean yours easily. 

Cleanup of Keyboard 

Let's see how dirty my keyboard is. 

Because the white keyboard is relatively less prone to dirt, if you look at it from a distance, there isn't any big problem. 

However, on close inspection, you'll find that there are still a lot of stains to clean at the edges of the commonly used keys and the space bar. 

Even though I change keyboards frequently, my keyboards are dirty. It would be worse for keyboards used for a long time. 

Alright, let's start cleaning. 

Step 1: Remove the keycaps. 

Removing the keycaps is the first step to clean the keyboard so that all external stains will be exposed. 

I recommend using the steel wire because it makes the removal easier without damaging the keycap.

For any keycap, gently use the steel wire to lift it from its bottom. 

When pulling out the space bar, we need to pay attention to the strength. Because it is too long, you can't remove the entire space bar. 

That's why I usually pull up one end and then the other. Step by step, the whole keycap is slowly lifted. 

After removal, you can see that on the positioning board are a lot of impurities, i.e., hair, dust, particles are hidden under the keycaps. 

Step 2: Clean the positioning board.  

Because there aren't any stubborn stain on my keyboard, I clean it with an ordinary hard brush. If the keyboard has been used for a long time, it requires special treatment.

Firstly, use a brush to clean the switch from all directions to ensure that there aren't any substances around.

For stains that are hard for the brush to deal with, you can use cotton swabs which have been dipped in alcohol before to wipe them away.

Don't be afraid of troubles during cleanup. Take your time for thorough cleaning. Examining the result, I find that the silver positioning board looks beautiful.

After cleaning the positioning board, you can wipe the shell. Because the shell of my keyboard is close to milky white, it will be a bit yellow over time. However, it doesn't matter for me, as the traces of time indicate its value better. 

Step 3: Wash the keycaps. 

Cleaning the keycaps is much easier than you thought. 

Put the keycaps that you take off into the sink.

Add water and washing powder, then, mix them. Soak the keycaps for 2 hours. 

After two hours, drain the keycaps and wash them with clean water several times until the foam is gone. 

Please note that if you clean them in a sink, be sure to block the hole, or the keycaps will fall by accident. 

Look at the clean keycaps which are as white as ever. The surface stains have been washed away.

Finally, put the keycaps in a cool and ventilated place to dry them. 

After cleaning, the electro-capacitive keyboard has finally restored to its original appearance, and now it can be packed and sealed. 

I hope that by reading the instruction above, you know how to clean up a keyboard. 

For office workers, a keyboard is your weapon, and only by polishing it can it serve you better.

Now, look at your keyboard. Hasn't it been cleaned for a long time? Is there a layer of dust and grime on the surface? Don't hesitate to refresh its look! 


If you like tidiness, your keyboard won't as dirty as mine. If you'd like to take care of it often, try the silicone magic stickers or the vacuum brushes. Both are suitable for cleaning the keyboard regularly.

Stick to it, and your keyboard is sure to be cleaner than mine. 

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