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Ever Wonder Why ASUS ROG is Considered as the Best Gaming Phone? Here Comes the Ultimate Gaming Experience!

Ever Wonder Why ASUS ROG is Considered as the Best Gaming Phone? Here Comes the Ultimate Gaming Experience!

Well, my heart melted when I held ASUS ROG Phone in my hand, and it felt like a powerful weapon. From that point, I got the liberty to enjoy the best gaming experience in the world. ASUS ROG Gaming Phone is probably the best gaming phone in the world. 

I’ve been using many phones, but there were very few, which were good at gaming. I bought this phone to satisfy my urges for competitive gaming. I wanted to play the best games in the world. And I was on the continuous look for a mobile that could provide all my required functions. I wanted the best hardware, which could give me an elite class performance. I wanted a better screen to look at with a powerful battery for longer play time. 

My desires were simple, that my mobile should deliver world-class quality gaming. With my purchase of ASUS ROG Phone, I got what I desired. In my opinion, it is the phone that gives the best gaming experience in the world. Read on to know why!

ASUS ROG Phone has the best hardware for gaming.

This mobile phone delivers the best gaming experience due to its latest generation hardware. All components of the unit perform in a unique harmony and specially designed for gaming needs. I felt it while playing some of my favorite games.

It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor running at 2.96 GHz. This high magnitude processor can render every heavy-duty game. Excellent processing speed kills lagging. That is why ASUS ROG Gaming Phone loads the game faster and smoother without any lag.

Under the hood, it’s got Adreno 630 GPU. This GPU is designed to handle peak performances. It supports high graphics and zero lagging. Because of Adreno 630, I felt 30% better performance from previous hardware. 

There is 8 GB RAM present on the phone, and that makes loading of the game faster than any other mobile phone. I’ve been a user of many phones like OnePlus 6T and Samsung s10 having 8 GB RAM, and with my experience 8 GB is more than enough to handle games available for phones right now. I played PUBG and Fortnite and experienced no lagging while playing games or multitasking during gaming.

As CPU, GPU, and RAM satisfied me to handle high-end graphics games, so the next thing I was considering is "More space." This phone has 128 GB of internal memory, and it’s enough to store a higher number of games. 128 GB of memory in AUS ROG Phone allows me to download as many games as I could play for a whole day. I never had to worry about deleting previous stuff to make room for the next games.

Ultrasonic AirTrigger Touch Sensors:

This phone does lack in physical buttons. But its touch panel is designed especially for gaming. It has three one of a kind ultrasonic AirTrigger touch sensors. These two buttons are at the left and right side when you're playing games in landscape mood, and one is for portrait mode.

 These touch triggers are way faster than clicking the buttons. One cannot compare a physical button and touch sensors. All three together gave me a fascinating touch experience. For me, pressure sensitive system in touch panel is exceptional.

Display of ASUS ROG Phone is the perfect match for my visual senses.

A phone which has all the latest specs to handle any game out there is not good if it’s not showing anything on a good screen. High-End gaming phones deserve the latest display system. For me, this phone is packing everything that a gaming phone needs in the display category.

It’s got 6-inch super AMOLED screen with 16.8 million colors. But there is more to it that made me feel this phone superior than rest.
1. It’s got a 90 Hz refresh rate with 1ms pixel response, making each pixel sharp, and the display blur-free.
2. It has a wide color gamut of 108.6% DCI-P3 (sRGB 145%), which makes all the colors more saturated and vivid.
3. It has HDR visual ratio of 100,000:1. This helps in revealing every detail.

Normally, while playing games, graphics become blur or pixels get dim, but I have never experienced this scenario while playing on my ROG PHONE. This screen was my mini cinema to enjoy my high-end graphics games.

How long gaming sessions are possible on ASUS ROG Phone?

I came across many gaming phones having all the latest techs, but the battery is one thing in which I was disappointed every time. This phone proves otherwise because it packs 4000 mAh of battery and supports fast charging 4.0. I can play for a longer period just on battery. 

The best part is, there is still no lagging, and the phone supports all the graphics just on its battery. The battery consumption depends on the game, for example, PUGB drained all the battery within 5 hours of intense gaming, but while playing Dragalia Lost, I was able to play for up to 7 hours. With my experience with phones, this discharging time is perfect.

One factor that made this phone different from any other is its "AeroActive cooler" extension. It does not only keeps the phone cool but also enable the charging and headphone experience to a new level. It enabled me to plug in charging and headphone on the side of the phone where it was no hassle for me. So I could play for a longer period without worrying about the charging cables hassling in my hands.

The cooling system in ASUS ROG Phone

An AeroActive cooler comes with the box, and it can be attached with the USB port. This extension has a 3D vapor chamber cooling system that attaches itself at the back and sucks out heat from the phone. For me, a superior cooling system is essential to handle longer sessions of gaming. 

This phone has solved the heating problem for every gamer. Aero active cooler works the best in the Xmode when the processor runs at full speed and gives out a ton of heat. You will never experience too hot to handle phone during long hours of gaming. It is an exceptional ease for me as a gamer.

How is ASUS ROG Gaming Phone in regular use?

For regular use, this phone is excellent. The operating system has all the functionalities and capabilities for a modern user. This phone has a dual-camera setup at the back with two sensors of 12MP and 8MP. The front camera is 8MP, and it fulfills all my selfie cravings. 

The camera result is far greater than the phones of the same category. Users can perform all professional functions and can work productively with this phone other than playing games.


ASUS ROG Gaming Phone delivers the best gaming experience possible. A gamer can trust it for better graphics, smooth rendering, competitive gaming, and long battery life. As a gamer, I think this phone is a prized item for my collection.

ASUS ROG Phone 4G Phablet 8GB RAM International Version



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