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Let office workers easily do "housework" -- 360 S5 smart vacuum cleaner

Let office workers easily do "housework" -- 360 S5 smart vacuum cleaner

As an office worker who is from nine to six, cleaning the room has become a big problem. 

I am too tired to do it by myself after waking. If I ask a housekeeping staff to clean which will cost me too much money. 

At this time, it is a better choice to have a cost-effective helper. 

I want to get rid of chores easily when I go to work. 

In fact, I just need to operate the 360 S5 smart vacuum cleaner with my mobile phone.

1.Appearance and construction

After opened the package and took out of the sweeper. I found it is a little heavy. I couldn’t hold it by one hand. 

And then, there is a charging base, power code.etc. Some basic accessories.

The side wall sensor is deeply immersed in the outer casing, and the limit foam strip avoids the extra bumps generated during transportation and needs to be removed for use.

The Laser Distance Sensor, which will rotate rapidly during work, detect changes in the surrounding environment, similar to the principle of military radar. 

This is also the essence of this sweeper -- its "eyes", through which it can draw a map according to the home environment for efficient cleaning.

The dust box of the 360 S5 is a hidden design. 

Open the cover, we can see the dust box. And in front of the body, there is a dusting brush which is for cleaning the main brush.

Turn to the underside, the 360 S5 is a single-side brush design. 

The front edge of the body is four anti-drop sensors and a universal wheel, and the middle part is the main wheel and the main brush. 

The main brush is designed with V-shaped rubber for high cleaning efficiency.

At the back side of the charging base, there is a wire slot which can store the excess power cord to avoid winding the sweeper.


Download the APP by scanning the QR code on the manual. 

Follow the steps on the app and I don't need to read the manual.

2.1 Connect to the vacuum:

It took me some time to connect the sweeper. Because iOS phone needs to connect the sweeper hot spot. But Android phone needn’t. 

If I failed in connection, the smart cleaner will mind me by the voice system.

After the completion of binding, I can see the various status data of the 360 S5 sweeping robots through the APP, such as the cleaned area, the clean route map, the working time, the residual power and the current working mode. 

It will automatically return to the charging base when I chose recharge.

2.2 Cleaning

Chose sweep button, the smart vacuum will start working. 

There are three modes: standard, quiet and powerful. But the working modes just switch by APP. 

2.3 Setting regular cleaning

I can set the 360 sweeping robots S5 to automatically cleaning task in the APP. 

This timed task is as simple as setting the alarm clock on my mobile phone.

2.4 Set do not disturb mode

When I’m sleeping comfortably, I don't want to be disturbed, even a little noise when it is clean. 

In the 360 Smart APP, I can set the time of the Do not disturb mode. 

In the Do not disturb period, the 360 S5 sweeping robots will not resume the sweep and play the voice.

2.5 Check the status of consumables

After using the sweeping robot for a while, if I want to see the state of filter and brush. I needn’t open the sweeping robot by myself, just check these in the 360 Smart APP clearly.

Let the 360 sweeping robots to clean my home, and it will draw a map of the clean area. 

If I don't want it to enter the bedroom when I am sleeping, I can set the forbidden area through the APP.

2.6 Message notification

This APP also has a message notification function. 

When it start or finish working, the message will remind me. 

If I take out the dust box, the APP and sweeper voice system will prompt me that "the dust box is gone.

" Put it back, those will prompt me "the dust box is back." This allows the child to take out the dust box as a toy to play.


360 S5 suction has three options of suction power, mute gear 800Pa, standard mode 1300Pa, strong mode 2000Pa. 

The standard file is enough to cope with the common garbage in life, and the strong file has a good cleaning effect on the carpet.

Standard test: 

I scrapped some melon seeds, orange peel and walnut shell on the ground. The 360 smart sweeping robot sweeper those clearly.

Powerful test: 

I don't have a carpet in my house. I sprinkle a paper scrap test on a small mat. Except for a small amount of paper dust on the edge that the main brush can't reach, the other parts are cleaned.

The 360 S5's cleaning effect on the corner is also good, as long as it is not very close to the corner.

As a girl, scattered hair on the board is a trouble for me. 360 S5 can clean up the long hair, and part of it is sucked into the dust box. 

Some will be wrapped around the main brush. I used the dusting brush to clean it.

The main wheel of the 360 S5 has a floating design that can span obstacles of no more than 2 cm. 

But the obstacle can’t be too steep and has a certain slope.

Test a scale that spans 2 cm high:

Test a tube that spans 2 cm high:

Test a 2 cm high slope (cover a thick layer of cloth on a 2 cm high tube):

When 360 S5 encounters an obstacle, it will automatically decelerate, and the bumper will automatically bypass after contact. 

If the obstacle is smaller than cleaner, the Laser Distance Sensor can't be detected, such as slippers. 

My slippers are pushed to the bottom of the bed when I first use it.


360 S5 built-in 37.44Wh (2600mAh) battery, fully charged to clean my bedroom, living room, kitchen and 86% of electricity. 

This calculation can continuously clean the area of about 100 square meters ( it will automatically recharge after the power is reduced to 20% ). 

The 360 S5 also has a progress memory function that vacuum cleaner can return to the place where it was stopped to continue cleaning after charging. 

The large-sized apartment is also no problem.


After more than a week, the 360 S5 experience completely exceeded my expectations. 

When it working, path planning is scientific and reasonable, the coverage is high, and the cleaning effect is also good. 

It can completely replace the manual cleaning. 

360 S5 sweeper does not have the function of mopping the floor, but there is no problem with the small family.


This smart vacuum cleaner also has some unsatisfactory places in use. 

First, the small objects such as slippers are completely ignored, and they will be to the wall. 

Second, the automatic refilling requires open space.

Third, the noise at work is larger than expected. 

Fortunately, the APP has remote control and timed sweeping functions, so that it can work when no one is at home.

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