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Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Review: A Full-featured, Low-priced "Unicorn" among the Flagship Mobile Phones

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Review: A Full-featured, Low-priced "Unicorn" among the Flagship Mobile Phones

The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is a smartphone that can compete directly with Honor 20 and OnePlus 7. It owns excellent Specifications, stylish design, and a reasonable price. 

Unlike the competitors, the Xiaomi Mi 9T is equipped with a headphone jack and a full screen, which means there are no gaps or perforations on the screen.

It can be said that the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is an incredible smartphone. Its shape and specifications are exquisite. 

However, the price is only 399 pounds, which is 100 pounds cheaper than OnePlus 7. Moreover, It is worth mentioning that the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro features remarkable imaging technology with a camera module consists of three cameras instead of two cameras.

The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro uses the same full Super AMOLED display like the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and Mi Mix 3 5G. 

It looks pretty fashionable and makes mobile phones such as the iPhone XS Max, which are about twice the price, seem a bit outdated.

After testing for a week, I summarized the advantages and disadvantages of the Mi 9T Pro below:

Mi 9T Pro Pros:

Excellent design;
Great camera;
Fast performance;

Mi 9T Pro Cons:

The user interface has some defects;
Not waterproof
No wireless charging


Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro provides users with a flagship experience at a moderate price. Therefore, it is an ideal option for many mobile phone users. Currently, the smartphone industry is still full of uncertainties. 

For example, The question of whether Huawei mobile phones and 5G mobile phones are worth buying has been controversial.

For this reason, Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro can be the best choice because of its excellent performance, user experience, just like the top flagship smartphone. Moreover, its price is reasonable.

Mi 9T Pro Main Features:

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor;
48MP primary camera;
Curved glass back shell, aluminum frame;
128GB storage memory, 6GB RAM;
156.7x 74.3 x 8.8 mm, 191 g;
Stereo headphone jack;
6.4 inch super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2340x1080.

Mi 9T Pro design: Exquisite, solid, affordable

The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro features a quite delicate appearance. Its curved glass back shell is smooth, like a stream of water flowing back into the aluminum frame. Its body is very solid, and the reflective back is well integrated with the pattern and color together.

The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro has the glass back shell well integrated into its aluminum frame, and its design and colors are impressive. 

There are three body colors (black, red, blue) to be chosen from, whereas only black and blue are available in the UK. Prominent colors around the camera, the power button, and the striped pattern on the back shell remind you of Kevlar, but they are in a much smaller size.

The bottom of the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is equipped with a USB Type-C port and a SIM card tray, in which two SIM cards can be placed, but the SD card is not supported. 

All buttons on the Mi 9T Pro are located on the right side of the body - a power button and a volume button, and a headphone jack and a pop-up camera on the top.

When you turn on the camera, it will beep, and there will be a red LED strip on both sides, which looks cool.

Like most glass phones, the body of Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is a fingerprint magnet. However, it is better than the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, and S10 series since Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro comes with a hard plastic case in a retail box that can protect the body and avoid fingerprints.

In terms of fingerprints, the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is equipped with an in-screen fingerprint scanner –a feature that is rare in mid-range smartphones. 

Although this fingerprint scanner does not unlock as fast as the more expensive OnePlus 7, its performance is still very decent, at least better than the rear scanner.

Mi 9T Pro screen: A full screen, superior to the notch display, waterdrop notch display, and hole-punch display

With Super AMOLED FHD full screen, the appearance of the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is still outstanding, obviously better than any other mobile phone at 399 pounds.

The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro has a screen with over 400 PPI pixel density. Although its screen is not as sharp as the QHD+ screen of the OnePlus 7 Pro, its performance is entirely worth the price. 

The screen pixel density is almost comparable with the Honor 20 and the Honor 20 Pro, and it even beats the more expensive iPhone XR (with a pixel density of 326ppi).

The viewing angle of the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro screen is outstanding, and the maximum brightness is also remarkable. At the same time, HDR is supported, which can playback the optimized content very well. 

The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro can also display the game in full screen, which makes people as immersed in it as possible. Although this phone does not have a 90Hz refresh rate like Red Magic 3, it provides better color accuracy.

In the settings, the user can also choose to customize the color balance, enhance the contrast, keep the appearance natural, and so on.

Mi 9T Pro performance: Flagship performance

Xiaomi's latest gaming phone is Black Shark 2, but this does not mean that Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is not able to provide excellent game experience and performance.

Thanks to the Snapdragon 855 processor and 6GB of RAM, the benchmark results of the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro phone are still very decent, and it can run games smoothly. 

Although, according to the test data, Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is inferior to dedicated game phones released in 2019, it is better than the best gaming phone in 2018 - Razer Phone 2 and ASUS ROG Phone.

In the European market, only the 128GB storage version of the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is available. However, it can meet the needs of most people, such as files, applications, and game storage. 

If you think that 128GB of storage memory is too small, then the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro may not be suitable for you because it has no micro SD card slots.

Mi 9T Pro battery life: 24/7 power supply

The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro has a battery capacity of 4000 mAh, which is a significant improvement over the previous 3300 mAh battery of Mi 9. 

Thus the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro can be used for a whole day after a single charge. From 6 am to 11 pm, there is still 20% of the remaining battery life (moderate use).

After streaming with 100% brightness for an hour, the battery dropped only by 7-8%, and even after playing the game, opening the WiFi hotspot and taking some photos, we were not able to drain it.

Though the Mi 9T Pro does not support wireless charging, it supports fast charging power of up to 27W. At the same time, the Mi 9T Pro phone also comes with an 18W charger. The power can rise rapidly from 0 to 100% in just over an hour.

The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro has a power-saving mode that helps you stop malicious applications from launching and restrict background processes. It also supports the "dark mode" that improves battery life, and the Super AMOLED display is very power efficient in this mode.

Mi 9T Pro software: The biggest defect of this phone, but the experience is not bad

Like the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE, the Mi 9T Pro runs the Android 9.0 Pie operating system with MIUI 10 interface. This system looks "futuristic" and supports most applications.

The Mi 9T Pro interface adopts iOS style settings rather than application drawers. 

With these settings, shortcuts and widgets can be organized on the home screen, and on the left side of the main screen is a collection of tools that give you quick access to frequently used apps and features, such as readers and notepads. 

Slide down from the top of the screen, and you can see a drop-down notification tray/quick switch menu.

The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro supports gesture and navigation button controls. The entire user interface is highly customizable, from the grid size of the main screen to the transition effect. 

Nevertheless, there are some nasty little "problems" in its interface. For example, every time you install an application, it requires a virus scan.

Of course, you can delete this feature and use the custom launcher to restore the application tray. After performing these two operations, your will be 90% satisfied with the interface of the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro instead of 60%.

Mi 9T Pro camera: Excellent still photos, support for 60fps 4K videos

The triple camera configuration of Mi 9T PRO is similar to the previous Xiaomi Mi 9, including a 48-megapixel f/1.75 primary camera, an 8-megapixel f/2.4 telephoto camera, and a 13-megapixel f/2.4 super wide-angle camera.

It is worth mentioning that the primary lens sensor of the Xiaomi Mi 9T is 48MP, but the picture it takes is 12 MP by default unless you press the overlay switch and start the 48-megapixel mode. 

This lower-resolution (default) mode benefits from automatic HDR, scene detection, and pixel-binning, a technique that combines information from multiple pixels to create a better-quality but lower-resolution image.

In good light, the image details captured by the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro are excellent, but if artificial intelligence scene detection is turned on, it will improve in contrast and saturation.

When the HDR function is activated, the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro can take impressive photos even in the complex scene. There are many shooting modes in the camera function of the Mi 9T Pro, including night, panorama, artificial intelligence, portrait, and professional mode.

In the case of dim light, the shooting effect of the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is also remarkable. In night mode, it captures spectacular nighttime shots with slightly improved brightness, as if long exposure of the Huawei P30 and Google Pixel 3 series are enabled. 

Even in the automatic mode, the performance in the low light of the primary camera is quite good.

With good lighting effects, the telephoto and wide lens of the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro perform excellently. You can also use the automatic HDR function. 

However, in low-light environments, we recommend avoiding these two lenses because of the unsatisfactory Shooting effect.

The 20 megapixels f/2.0 pop-up selfie camera of the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro has automatic HDR function, so its ability to process backlit scenes is better than most mid-range phones. At the same time, it also supports the "beauty mode," which enables you to get perfect selfies.

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro can deal with the details of selfies very well in the excellent light, but in the case of low light, the detail processing ability will naturally drop. 

Besides, the screen of the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro can also act as a flashlight, which is convenient for taking a selfie in the dim light.

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro supports 60fps 4K video shooting. At the 60fps frame rate, its video shooting is somewhat unstable, but this problem can be solved when the frame rate is reduced to 30fps.

Is the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro worth buying?

If you would like to own a cost-effective smartphone, then the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is worth considering. 

The reason is that it combines value for money with good quality, an easy-to-use design, a powerful internal configuration, exquisite static imaging, and video recording. At the same time, the full-screen and in-screen fingerprint scanners of the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro are also attractive.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a headphone jack, which makes it a "unicorn" in the 2019 flagship devices.

Overall, Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is a perfect choice for you because of its excellent performance, like a top flagship smartphone and its affordable price.

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro 4G Phablet 6GB RAM 64GB ROM Global Version



Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro 4G Phablet 6GB RAM 128GB ROM Global Version



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