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Huami Oclean Air is Born for Travelling! The Most Intelligent and Cost-effective Electric Toothbrush Helps You Travel Light!

Huami Oclean Air is Born for Travelling! The Most Intelligent and Cost-effective Electric Toothbrush Helps You Travel Light!

About Oclean - 

Oclean is a brand of Huami Corporation. Huami is headquarter situated in Shenzhen, China. It was established in 2016 partnered with Xiaomi, a Mobile Internet Company. Oclean is a global consumer electronics brand dedicated to oral hygiene. 

Oclean focuses on oral hygiene by developing electric toothbrushes to address several tooth problems suffered by humans, such as plaque, oral infection, effective cleaning between tooth gap, swelling, and bleeding of gums. 

These problems are tackled through Bluetooth app control through which it determines the mode of brushing according to age, gender, and eating habits. Through the great effort, Oclean was awarded "Best of Best" in 2018.

Oclean Bluetooth electric toothbrush - 

Nowadays, most people suffer from tooth decay problems because of changes in lifestyle and change in eating habits. But now some don't need to worry anymore!!! 

Oclean has sorted this problem by developing Bluetooth electric toothbrush. This toothbrush controls and monitors the brushing technique. Then, it provides feedback for brushing teeth each time. The outstanding features of Oclean Bluetooth electric toothbrushes include: 

● Bluetooth-enabled;
● 20+ brushing schemes along with the recommended scheme for each person through a mobile app;
● Speed controlled through a pressure-sensitive button;
● Rechargeable battery;
● AI-based analysis. 

Oclean Air - 
Technology is increasing exponentially with time. To ease the lifestyle and to provide them comfort, advancements in technology are concerned. The same goes for the development of the electric toothbrush. 

Oclean launched new products to make brushing more simpler by improving features of its electric toothbrushes. 

Oclean Air is an advanced form of a toothbrush. Compact, app-controlled, water-resistant, more customized modes, powerful battery backup are the features that make Oclean Air different from other Oclean toothbrushes and electric toothbrushes from different companies. 

How Oclean air is different from its rest product? 

This new product overcomes the drawbacks of previous products. Some of the drawbacks of earlier products are the short battery life, long charging time, limited modes only. 

To improve oral health, Oclean Air is designed, and many new features added to it made the product successful in the market. Oclean one is the fastest electric toothbrush in the world, and Oclean Air continues its legacy by maintaining high product quality. 

As a new product of Oclean, Oclean Air provides a long battery life, while keeping the charging time short. More surprisingly, it offers 100 + customized modes for users according to their teeth and brushing habit. 

More you need to know about Oclean Air

It has a round bristle which protects the gum from scratch or any other damage. Oclean Air has a flexible, high-density brush head. 

It has a digital screen that gives information about brushing modes. It provides Whitening, Sensitive, Massage, and Cleaning mode, which helps in maintaining healthy teeth. We can also set a timer of brushing time as per our requirement. 

It chargers rapidly within 2 hours for 30 days of battery life. What's more, Oclean Air automatically tracks your dental progress through Oclean App. 

It regularly checks the brushing mode. A person who suffers from plaque due to some food residue left between teeth can benefit from its super cleaning ability - after brushing, they will have a bright smile and fresher breath. 

AI frequency reduction is the most important feature that helps to control brushing speed and avoid doing any harm to your teeth and gum.

Conclusion - 

Now no need to worry about the appointment of dentists. A single electric toothbrush can maintain brighter and healthy teeth by sitting at home. 

Oclean Air provides several features in just a single toothbrush. Oclean maintains the product qualities that make it different from other companies. 

We can maintain healthy teeth. It can generate 40,000 strokes /min, which cleans 1300% more effective than a normal brush. It helps to maintain oral hygiene and protect teeth from several oral infections. 

Instant reports about brushing technique are a new feature which helps to maintain oral hygiene. Oclean products are FDA certified. So one should buy this product to enjoy healthy eating and for a healthy smile. 

You can buy this product online: 
Gearbest price - $39.99
Banggood price - $46

Hurry!!!! to grab this opportunity to make your smile healthy and brighter. 

Oclean Air Rechargeable Sonic Electric Smart Toothbrush APP Control with Pressure Sensitive Button from Xiaomi youpin



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