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Why Not Decant Wine Before Drinking?

Why Not Decant Wine Before Drinking?

Decanting is commonplace for wine lovers.

Decanting wine: Before drinking, slowly pouring the contents from one vessel into the decanter, so the wine can be exposed to the oxygen, which is useful for oxidation. Decanting helps the wine to open up the aromas and flavors.

Why does wine need decanting?
Let’s put it this way. The wine is like sleeping beauty, and decanting is to wake her up.

1. Decanting is to remove the sediment. Most people consider decanting as replacement of the bottle. 

2. Decanting is to properly oxidize the wine, soften the taste of the tannins that cause harshness and astringency. After the exposure to the air, oxidization will happen to make the wine smoother and more delicate.

3. You can’t fully appreciate the charm of wine unless it is “woken up,” spreading pleasant aromas in the air. 

4. It is to remove the sulfites which are used to work as a preservative against certain bacteria and yeast. Free of sulfites, a wine tastes much better, and it doesn’t smell like rotten eggs.

Therefore, before drinking, we need to decant the wine. 

For a young wine, it takes 30 - 60 minutes to decant and reduce the strong taste of tannins. When it comes to old wine, fresh oxygen can bring it back to life.

However, not all kinds of wines require decanting, such as some sparkling wines and white wines. 

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