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Lhmzniy A9 14.1-inch Laptop 16GB RAM Intel Celeron 3867U Metal Body Silver - Silver Intel Celeron 128GB SSD China

Lhmzniy A9 14.1-inch Laptop 16GB RAM Intel Celeron 3867U Metal Body Silver - Silver Intel Celeron 128GB SSD China

Lhmzniy A9 14.1-inch Laptop Review

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A few weeks ago, the laptop industry had welcomed some well-nurtured laptop devices from Lhmzniy. It is a China-based computer manufacturer with good and affordable products in the list. Today, we will dwell on the recently-launched, the Lhmzniy A9 laptop, computer PC, which loads several performance-centric specifications. It amazes users design-wise too, with well-crafted aluminum alloy physical aesthetics. Keep on to read the review article until the end to find its branches deeply.

Laptop systems have now become integral components of our daily lives. Technological advancement has made it now possible to manage home or office work while traveling. Now, we no longer need to sit on a chair in front of the cumbersome-sized desktop computer. Over the years, numerous IT companies have entered the domain, given the ever-growing customer’s digital needs, but ventures are still in disproportionate figures.

Among others, Lhmzniy is also striving in this corridor, although having not well-established arms in the field. It continues to propel its portfolio with some industry-level laptops, Lhmzniy Yepbook, Lhmzniy S5, and Lhmzniy A9 are some popular models to name. Lhmzniy also has launched the Pro edition of the Lhmzniy A9 laptop, which we have reviewed previously. Ultimately, the brand is undeterred on its ideology to bring high-quality prospect at the possible affordable price range.

Lhmzniy A9 14.1-inch Laptop 16GB RAM Intel Celeron 3867U Metal Body Silver



Lhmzniy laptop  

The laptop under our scanner sounds brilliant with plenty of top-notch and peculiar qualities on the table. There is a lot to describe the device. For that, we have to split the text piece into respective departments. So, make sure to go through the following section to obtain a more informed idea about the Lhmzniy A9 laptop before building the purchase decision. Hopefully, it will quell your queries on your mind.

Lhmzniy A9 Review: Full Features and Specifications in Detail

We are pretty sure you must be eager to know the price factor before indulging into the thorough discussion. Well, the Lhmzniy A9 notebook is currently up for sale on the Gearbest store for 419.99 US dollars after a bewildering 26% discount on the original price. This discounted price is only legitimate under the FLASH SALE campaign, which is alive for the next 23 days from now (21 January). So, you have to act swiftly.

Now, let’s proceed to know Lhmzniy A9’s design and internal specifications.

Physical Appearance and Build

Undoubtedly, Lhmzniy is successful in imparting the idea of what it intends to deliver through the Lhmzniy A9 laptop. A well-assembled physical structure and nicely-crafted design steal user’s eyes at the prima facia. It looks impressive with slim and minimalistic physique along with the lightweight concept for easy carrying.

Furthermore, it has an ideal contour infused with the high-class magnesium aluminum alloy materials. The cherry on the cake is the space-saving feature, which allows you to carry it outside comfortably. It doesn’t occupy much space in your backpack as it measures only 36x24x2.5 cm and weighs 1.4KG.

Best Lhmzniy laptop  

The grey colour skin adds more charm to the deal. It defines the piece in a unique way to obtain your attention comprehensively. The front side has a 14.1” display panel with ultra-narrow bezels around.

Similarly, the lower panel features a well-designed backlit keyboard but without an independent numeric keypad. It provides ergonomic typing experience with soft and less noisy keys. Above the keyboard, you will find a hidden camera protruded upwards. Underneath, the panel offers a broader touchpad sensitive and speedy response. For connectivity, the Lhmzniy A9 notebook PC mounts two USB 3.0 ports, a headphone jack, a TF card slot, an HDMI interface, and a power interface.


You can regard the display component as the prominent feat of the laptop. It measures 14.1-inch diagonally with ultra-narrow bezels to appeal your eyes more. Further, the TN FHD display provides elegant picture quality and gaming experience.

Best Chinese Lhmzniy laptop 

 You will also enjoy excellent colour gamut reproduction and wider visuality on the surface. The 1920×1080 pixels resolution throws a better assignment when it comes to watching high-end 4K resolution movies and playing 3D games.

Software and Processor

None of the computer developers can act negligently while executing OS integration. The Windows 10 Pro operating system is the most-suitable justice with the Lhmzniy A9 laptop users. It is capable of handling the complex tasks efficiently as well as assisting the latest age software applications without lag.

Low budget Lhmzniy Laptop  

Another prominent prospect under the hood is the Intel Celeron 3867U dual-core processor. It is based on advanced process techniques and delivers up to 1.8 GHz clock speed while battling with the complex operations. Moreover, it produces even better gaming output in collaboration with the Intel UHD Graphics 610 GPU chip.

Battery and Camera

Looking for more battery endurance? Make sure to put the Lhmzniy A9 laptop in your hit list. The 38Wh Li-Po battery has the potential to manage your off-power functionality for around 5 hours on video playing. The standby time is about 12 hours per charge.

Chinese laptop 

As per the photography area, the latest laptop concludes a 2MP camera in the closed design. It is situated above the keyboard, unlike other laptops.

Storage Capacity

Well, users are free to store a large volume of their valuable data in the local drives of the Lhmzniy A9 notebook computer. It delivers 16 GB in the DDR3 RAM slot to facilitate smoother and even multitasking. However, the company allow users to choose among various internal storage options like 128GB/256GB/512GB/1TB in the SSD format.

Additional Features

In others, the Lhmzniy A9 laptop concludes lots of value-added and useful specifications on the table. It comes with the Bluetooth 4.0 plus dual-band 2.4G/5G WIFI for wireless connectivity, multiple files support, a pair of speakers, fingerprint scanner, MIC, and some other utilities.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, the Lhmzniy A9 laptop review has contained all that you are looking for. Undoubtedly, the laptop piece is quite productive with a bundle of modern age features at an attractive price tag. Given the sub-$450 price bracket, it seems a stunning deal for beginner to professional-level users. The rest is up to your likes and specific needs.

Lhmzniy A9 14.1-inch Laptop 16GB RAM Intel Celeron 3867U Metal Body Silver



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