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IMIlab EC2 Review.

IMIlab EC2 Review.

Outdoor wireless IP camera by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi has a large list of sub-branded firms at its disposal today and today it will be about Xiaobai. Specifically, about the smart wireless IP camera, which was called Imilab EC2.

The main functions of the camera are - IP66 water protection for the global version, and for the Chinese - IP65, 1080p video recording resolution, various shooting modes and 5100 mAh battery capacity.

Imilab EC2: Specifications

Materials: ABS
Technical Feature: Infrared, WiFi
Wireless Network: WiFi 802.11 b / g / n
FOV: 120 degrees
Video Resolution: 1080P and H.264
Waterproof: IP65 or IP66
Working voltage: 5V
Battery: 5100 mAh
Package Weight: 446g
Product size (L x W x H): 14.04 x 4.70 x 7.30 cm

Imilab EC2: In the box

The box is made of durable white cardboard, where on the front part is a drawing of the camera and the name of the model.

Inside the box there are a large number of parts, such as a camera, a wall mount, two pieces of double-sided tape, a MicroUSB cable, a station for signal transmission with a power adapter and cable, and various documentation.

Imilab EC2: Design

First, consider the appearance of the Imilab EC2 camera, and then the station for signal transmission.

The IP camera housing is made of high-quality white plastic, which lies well in the hand. There are no complaints regarding the build quality; the device has a sturdy case and protection against IP65 water.

In fact, the Imilab EC2 camera is designed for outdoor use, so it is not afraid of rain, snow, heat or other harmful conditions.

The dimensions of the camera are quite compact and amount to 14 x 7.3 x 4.7 cm, and the weight of the device is only 270 grams.

The new Imilab EC2 camera received a very simple, but at the same time minimalistic design. On the back of the camera housing is a separate mount for installation.

The camera can be installed in two ways. The first is a wall mount using two screws, and the second is on two sided tape. Of course, the first method will be more reliable than the second.

On the front of the camera there is a lens, eight infrared LEDs to activate night mode, a blue LED and microphone holes.

At the back of the device is a standard отверстия inch mounting hole and a main speaker.

Below is a button to turn on and pair the camera with the station, and under the protective silicone casing - the standard microUSB port for charging. The camera also has a built-in battery with a capacity of 5100 mAh. The autonomy of the camera is very high, about 3 months without recharging.

Now a little about the station, which receives the signal from the camera and wireless WiFi network. The station has a built-in slot for a memory card; all captured information from the camera is stored here. The station is much smaller in size than the camera and its size is 7.5 x 7.5 x 2.5 cm and weighs about 65 grams.

On the front of the station there is a blue LED indicator, as well as on the camera itself. The reverse side has an Ethernet port, microUSB port for charging, a slot for a memory card and a power button.

It is not difficult to guess that the station has a WiFi connection with 802.11 b / g / n networks, so the signal radius is up to 10 meters. Of course, you can use an Ethernet cable for a more stable signal or if the distance from the router is more than 10 meters.

The Imilab EC2 camera has a stylish design and most importantly a sturdy and reliable body that can withstand the harsh weather conditions in your backyard.

Imilab EC2: Camera Connection

The main advantage of the Imilab EC2 camera is the presence of the well-known Xiaomi application called Mi Home. If you have previously encountered devices from Xiaomi, then you will not have any connection problems.

Before connecting an IP camera, you need to select the Chinese region in the settings section of the Mi Home application, you do not need to do this for the global version. Next, click on the plus sign in the upper right corner, in the main menu of the application. Then you can choose manual connection or automatic.

Naturally, the station should already be plugged in, as the first thing to do is connect the station.

The name IMIlab Wireless Camera appears in the list of found devices, click on it. Next, select your WiFi network and enter the password. The process will take no more than 1 minute.

After connecting the station, you need to connect the camera itself. Hold the power button on the camera for about 5 seconds, after which the blue indicator will flash. Next, select the camera in the application menu, the connection will take no more than 1-2 minutes.

Imilab EC2: Application Features

The main application menu offers clips that capture movement. You can watch information in real time.

The presence of a microphone and speaker on the Imilab EC2 camera facilitates the use of the two-way conversation function.

In the camera application, you can access recording clips in the cloud for up to 7 days. But also, you can write all the information directly to a memory card. Without any problems, you can take a photo or in manual mode, record a video.

In the menu of the Imilab EC2 application, you can set the inclusion of infrared LEDs, for example, automatic or forced on or off completely.

In the motion detection section, you can set the settings to your taste, for example, monitoring time, receiving a notification and receiving a notification when a person is detected.

Imilab EC2: Video Quality

The manufacturer praises his camera very much, claiming that it is capable of working at a distance of up to 100 meters from the station, but will the camera work at that distance? During testing, up to 30 meters the signal was caught perfectly, up to 50 meters there were already jerks, but the information entered the application. About 75 meters from the station - connection is almost impossible.

But even taking into account the ability to transmit a signal between the camera and the station at a distance of 50 meters, we can confidently say that the connection is very decent, when comparing other competitors.

As for recording videos and photos. In the daytime, the photos are clear and you can easily read the license plate numbers. Detailing at night is worse, but disassembling your face will turn out without any problems.

Imilab EC2: Conclusion

The camera received a modern and simple design with compact dimensions. Most importantly, it has protection against water and snow, so it can be installed not only indoors, but also on the street. Thanks to the built-in 5100 mAh battery, Imilab EC2 is able to work for about 3 months without recharging and this is a really good indicator of battery life.

The communication distance between the camera and the station even up to 50 meters is a good indicator, despite its small size.

Of the minuses, it can be noted that the quality of the speaker and microphone is not the best, so it will be difficult to use the two-way conversation functions.

IMILab EC2 Wireless Home Security Camera CMSXJ11A EU 【without gateway】



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