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FOXWELL NT614 OBD2 Scanner: A Must-have Vehicle Diagnostic Scan Tool for Car Owners to Ensure Safety Driving

FOXWELL NT614 OBD2 Scanner: A Must-have Vehicle Diagnostic Scan Tool for Car Owners to Ensure Safety Driving

Owning an OBD2 scanner is extremely important for car enthusiasts and professional mechanics. It not only saves you time but also saves unnecessary visits to the mechanics. 

The best part is, if you are not able to make time to go to a professional, the scanner helps you in identifying the problems quickly so that you can rectify them yourself. It helps you in dodging accidents in the long run. 

One of the best car scanners on the market is manufactured by FOXWELL, and the NT614 OBD2 diagnostic tool is one of the most reasonable yet efficient and user-friendly automotive scan tools. 

What's the car diagnostic scan tool?

Often referred to as an OBD2 scanner, a car diagnostic scan tool or a vehicle check tool allows users to diagnose and clear error codes. These tools have been helping car enthusiasts standardize their cars since 1988. 

The scan tool is attached under the steering column and has an interface will all the diagnostic parameters are displayed. The device runs a live stream display of the input and outputs; it has bidirectional controls and can also calibrate the module with specific parameters. 

Why should you keep a scan tool?

One of the most fundamental reasons for keeping a scan tool is that you can learn what is wrong with your car. It provides users with:

√Graph data
√Live data display that users can store
√Display both generic and manufacturer-specific trouble codes
√Show pending codes
√Provide trouble code definitions
√Provide troubleshooting procedures or tips

All these functionalities make scan tools extremely important when it comes to diagnostic procedures. 

It helps users keep their cars in perfect positions, prevent any accidents due to bugs and undiagnosed errors, and help them dodge unnecessary visits to the mechanic. All this makes it essential to keep a scan tool. 

What makes FOXWELL NT614 OBD2 Scanner stand out?

Despite being loaded with features, the most attractive feature of FOXWELL NT614 OBD2 is its aggressive pricing. It comes at a very low price yet includes free lifetime software updates, wide vehicle coverage, high reliability, and fast yet accurate diagnostics. 

Among all the mid-range FOXWELL scanners, including Foxwell NT301 Full OBD2 Service Scanner, FOXWELL NT630 Elite OBD2 Scanner with ABS SRS Functions and Foxwell NT201 Universal OBD2 Code Reader, the FOXWELL NT614 OBD2 is the only one that supports both OBD1 and OBD2 vehicles. 

The device works with more than 52 American, Asian, and European vehicles, including SUVs, minivans, cars, and light trucks. 
The FOXWELL NT614 OBD2 can provide live sensor data in two formats i.e., text and graph. 

It checks the engine light, reads freeze frame data, displays live data, supports oil service reset, clears MIL, airbag, ABS, SRS service lights. Additionally, FOXWELL NT614 OBD2 comes with DTC information, erase function, electronic park brake service. 

The best part is, this gadget, unlike most automotive scan tools by other companies, is extremely user-friendly. It has a large screen for displaying results, the buttons are clearly labeled, and it has hotkeys. The scan tool is designed such that you can use it with one hand. 


The FOXWELL NT614 OBD2 diagnostic scanner is a durable, sturdy, versatile, and ergonomic tool built for car enthusiasts and professionals. 

With its easy diagnosis over a wide array of compatible vehicles, the tool is a typical mechanics fan's favorite. Its sleek construction, a broad range of functions, lifetime software updates, and the solid carrying case on top of the reasonable price makes it all worth it. 

It comes with a one-year warranty and can be connected to the internet for software updates. The scanner is also available on GearBest at a reasonable price, which is lower than other platforms. 

FOXWELL NT614 Car Engine ABS SRS Airbag Transmission Diagnostic Tool EPB Oil Reset OBD2 Scanner



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