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Is Liquid Cooling Smartphones High-end? In 5G Era, They Might Be Prevalent

Is Liquid Cooling Smartphones High-end? In 5G Era, They Might Be Prevalent

In the mobile phone market, most smartphones in different price ranges mainly use the graphite for heat dissipation. The more efficient and expensive liquid cooling is often found in high-end flagships and gaming phones. 

However, as the 5G era comes, a change will take place. Liquid cooling might be widely used in 5G smartphones in different price ranges.

In the early 5G era, because of the higher performance of the chipset and the operation of 5G modem, the overall power consumption of smartphones will increase. As a result, the requirement for heat dissipation will be higher. 

Nevertheless, the widely used graphite can't meet such a demand. That's why the more efficient heat plate and liquid cooling will become prevalent and commonly used in 5G smartphones in the early 5G era. 

However, the situation might only be limited to the early 5G era. As the advances in 5G technology and the development of chipsets, more efficient and power-saving 5G chipsets might appear in the mid 5G era. 

Therefore, the cheaper materials for heat dissipation such as unique graphite can easily cope with the heat, instead of the costly liquid cooling. After the reduction in cost, hopefully, 5G smartphones will be more affordable for the general public.

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