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Why did you need a video doorbell? Here's how my "doorbell" dog died...

Why did you need a video doorbell? Here's how my "doorbell" dog died...

In the past years, I thought a video doorbell was really nothing more than a regular doorbell with a built-in video camera. I would rather regard my dog as a free doorbell. 

However, something unexpected happened - 

My dog was poisoned right the day after I went on a trip. 

On that day, my bestie came to look after the dog. In the distance, she found a hoodie young man standing at my door. 

He knocked on the door and asked "Nick," and when my bestie came closer, he didn't notice but scrabbled around in his pocket to take out something. He seemed a bit 'off', so my bestie shouted at him, "Who's there?" He was shocked for a few seconds, and then quickly jumped over the hedge and left. 

After opening the door, my bestie felt kinda weird that she didn't see my dog Nicky in the house. Nothing in the house was lost but my dog. Finally, she found Nicky lying down in the garden, foaming at his mouth - he died. 

So sad that my dog was my doorbell and he died for that. I could imagine how my dog stopped the thief and was killed. He did his best to protect our home.

I contacted the police, and they filed a report. But I didn't have any proof because my bestie didn't see the thief's face. Less than two weeks later, a detective called my bestie and sent her a video to confirm if the man in the video was the same one who came to my door. 

Coincidentally, this guy wore the same hoodie and burglarized another house in the same block of mine. The detective said that the guy was indeed looking to burglarize my home. He had been arrested and put in jail for other burglaries. 

I asked him where did the video come. He told me that Hank, a guy who lived on the same block as me, shared the video with them.

It was the same day my dog Nicky died. Hank was out running, an errand doorbell app on his phone notified Hank that someone was ringing the doorbell. 

He decided to answer because the man at his door seemed a bit 'off' and asked for "Nick." There's no one named Nick on the street. Hank told the guy he had the wrong house and the guy left. But Hank smelt a rat, so he reviewed the entire footage - his video doorbell app captured motion, so he saw what the weird guy did prior to ringing the doorbell. 

This guy was wearing a hoodie (yes, the same as my bestie saw) so he covered his hands, looked through Hank's front door window for a good 5 or more seconds, then started to check the door to see if perhaps it was open, before deciding to ring the doorbell... all with his hands covered (it's an odd behavior 'cause it was 70 degrees out). 

Once Hank answered, he seemed shocked, and he quickly pulled up his hood.

The detective told me that had Hank not answer the doorbell and that his home would most certainly have been broken into that day. And if my bestie didn't come in time, my house would be burglarized too. 

Try to imagine that the thieves might try to ring your doorbell to figure out whether anybody in before they start their action, how could a traditional doorbell protect your home? Let alone they might poison your dog to stop barking.

If only I didn't go on a trip, if only I locked my dog in the house if only I had a wireless video doorbell, would it be better?

However, as someone said, "You can't change what has already happened, so don't waste your time thinking about it. Move on, let go, and get over it."

That's the main reason I decided to get a wireless video doorbell. There are quite a lot of benefits with a video doorbell, for example -

You can use a video doorbell to answer your door without actually opening it and coming face-to-face with whoever is waiting. You can see whether you receive a package, a friend is visiting, or there is a salesman, thief, or other undesirable people at your door, all from the comfort of your smartphone. In this way, you can answer your door even when you're away from home. 

Finally, I chose Alfawise L9 Plus because I would like to have one which is decent yet affordable. 

I did much research online, and I couldn't find any other one more cost-effective than Alfawise L9 Plus video doorbell. It comes with a sleek design and all installation parts such as the panel and screw pack. It is pretty easy to install and works well. All the images and voices that I get are very clear. 

Compared to the Ring video doorbell 2, Alfawise L9 Plus costs $150 lower than the Ring doorbell. It's amazing! Only $49.99 is required to get such a video doorbell with all the functions as other costly brands. I will introduce its functions in details next, and I hope this would be helpful for you guys.

1. 166-degrees Field of View: The Widest in the rivals, 6-degrees wider than RING doorbell 

Doorbell ModelField of View
Alfawise L9 Plus166° horizonal
Ring Video Doorbell 2160° horizonal
360 D819162° horizonal
Xiaomi Doorbell105° horizonal

Obviously, the Alfawise has the widest angle in the above video doorbell. The wider angle the doorbell has the less dead angle the video records. 

It means that Alfawise L9 Plus video doorbell will give you the best field of view so that you won't miss any corner in front of your door.
2. Video Resolution + Live View + Motion Detection: real-time monitor your home

As we know, when someone rings the doorbell, and you're not expecting a visitor, no one knows who it might be. Sure, it could be the mailman or a friendly door-to-door salesman, but it could also be someone unscrupulous. 

So traditionally, you may walk over to the front door and look through the peephole to see who rang the doorbell, but a video doorbell enables you to see your visitors clearly with a live view, so you can know if it is necessary to answer the door.

Different from other 720p smart doorbells, the L9 Plus doorbell provides an ultra clearer video image for you, with its 1080p high-definition video resolution. 

The live show allows you to see who's at the door anytime even if you're not home. Moreover, you can review the entire footage to find a clue.

When it comes to the PIR motion detection, any visitors or infrared movements detected at your door will be pushed to your smartphone, so that you can also get notifications and see the live view when you're away from home. 

3. Two-Way Talk: answer your door when you're on vacation

Alfawise L9 Plus features a Two-Way Talk, so you can answer the door without opening the door. 

While you're on vacation or in the bathroom, you can stay connected with your family or friends through the speaker on the doorbell, or talk directly to a deliveryman and tell him the best place to put your items. 

As mentioned above, you can also keep unwanted folks out or stop the thieves.

4. Infrared Night Vision: captures clear images even in the dark 

Thanks to 6pcs 850nm LED infrared lights, Alfawise L9 Plus doorbell captures clear images even at night so you can see the live view in the dark.

5. Anti-disassembly Warning: protect itself while protecting your home 

You may hear that some thieves would forcibly remove the peephole and break into your home. 

Thankfully, Alfawise L9 Plus video doorbell will issue a sharp sound when it's forcibly dismantled. 

Meanwhile, you will get notifications of the live video instantly through your mobile app, so that you can contact the police for the first time. 

The alarm was loud enough to be heard all along the corridor.

6. TF Card Storage + 30 Days Free Cloud Storage

Alfawise L9 Plus supports both TF card storage (up to 32G) and 30 days free cloud storage. 

So, you can review the videos within 30 days on the Cloud. Therefore, it would be no use taking away or destroying the TF card. 

Besides, according to the ads, this video doorbell supports Family Share, so it can be connected with 8 smartphones between family members and allows 3 users to watch the live view at the same time.

In order to stop the tragedy of "if only...", you owe yourself a smart video doorbell. All the best, my friends. 

Alfawise L9 Plus Smart Home Security 1080P WiFi Video Doorbell



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