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The First Hands-on Review Of Asus ZenFone 6: True Full Screen, Flip Camera, High Capacity Battery

The First Hands-on Review Of Asus ZenFone 6: True Full Screen, Flip Camera, High Capacity Battery

Incorporated with a super flip camera, the highest configuration, and an elegant appearance, Asus ZenFone 6 is an admirable smartphone that you would like everyone to know.

Because I have been using Asus laptops and have a good impression of this brand, I have been following their mobile phones.

I didn’t think that the ZenFone 3, 4, and 5 met my expectation. That was why I didn’t buy them.

However, this is not the case with ZenFone 6. When I was watching the launch conference, the moment I saw it, I fell in love with it. 

After searching for reviews on YouTube, I found that ZenFone 6 was well received. So, I placed an order on Gearbest immediately. 

I enjoyed shopping on Gearbest because the shopping platform offers lower prices than its counterparts as well as fast shipment. Gearbest truly deserves our admiration. However, it seemed that time passed slowly when I was waiting eagerly for the smartphone. 

Let's get back to the point. Now, let's look at this phone. 

If I can comment in one sentence, it is that the super-fun camera, the highest configuration, and elegant appearance, at the same time gathered a lot of innovative elements in it, people can not put down, want Amway to the world. 

Then I'll follow it separately. 

Exterior design. 

Lens performance. 

Operating experience. 

Three parts to introduce to you. 

Exterior design. 

First of all, in the appearance part, Zenfone 6 uses a 6.4-inch, 19.5-9 full screen. 

There are two points to note, one is that it does not have any bangs, no water droplets, that is to say, it does not have any holes, the handset is hidden above. 

It can be said that this is a real full screen. 

Second, the frame is very narrow, holding only 6 inches of feeling. Even girls with smaller hands can hold it firmly. 

The overall screen accounts for 92%, and the experience of playing games and watching videos is great. 

Then its chin position is much shorter than the previous generation, but there is one more point. 

Personally, I don't care about this, but some friends may mind, so think about it carefully. 

At the bottom are speakers, USB Type-C jacks and 3.5mm headphone holes, no different from regular mobile phones. 

Turn around the back. There are two colors this time. 

It's starry night and neon silver. 

Black gives a calm, high-tech feeling, more suitable for business people. 

Silver words are more fashionable life feeling, very young and lively.

However, the color of the back cover is very subjective aesthetic, like I actually prefer silver, but feel that the unity of black is stronger, so I bought a black one. 

Its entire back cover uses Corning's sixth-generation gorilla 3D curved glass, I personally think the grip is quite good. 

But easy to touch fingerprints is a common problem, no solution. 

In addition, they made a smart shortcut on the side of the fuselage. 

At present, it is mainly aimed at Google assistant. 

For example, you can click to turn on an intelligent assistant, or click twice, press a long button, and so on to open a conversation feature to support customization. 

After that, it may also be combined with third-party APP, for example, click, turn on Facebook, Instagram, and so on. 

Lens performance. 

Here comes the big show! 

Next, I'm going to show you the most special flip lens design this time. 

From the outside, the lens is like two eyes and a nose, very cute. 

The Zenfone 6 camera lens is made up of a 48 million pixel Sony IMX586 sensor lens + a 13 million pixel ultra-wide-angle lens. 

As far as I know, this 13 million-pixel 125-degree ultra-wide angle lens should be the broadest lens in the industry at present

It is obvious that the front and rear lenses share a camera module. 

In other words, its front lens is also 48 million pixels high, which is definitely the best selfie camera at present.

So how do you turn the flip lens? 

When I switch to a selfie, the whole camera turns 180 degrees, very cool, and time is fast. 

And then there's a very special thing about flipping, which is that you can decide the angle of reversal at will

As long as you press the camera icon on the screen, and then push up, its lens will slowly drip up, is not very handsome ~. 

In addition, you can or you press the volume button and press it to make a change in the angle of rising and fall. 

And it's fun when you press the volume button. 

You see, when I let the camera go up, just let go and he stopped. 

So you can take a picture of yourself at the angle you want. 

When the phone is flat on the table, you can secretly take pictures of others (kidding), and you can take pictures together without using a tripod. 

For example, girls want to shoot a longer leg effect, do not need to squat very low, can be through different angles, to do an adjustment on it. 

Or sometimes when we want to take a panoramic view of the scenery, and pictures of tall buildings, we used to hold our breath and move slowly. 

But now you don't have to move at all. You can flip it through this lens, open it a little bit, and you can pull the whole view in one breath.

And then when he's done, he'll automatically reset back, you know? That's so smart. 

Here I have to complain that the Gearbest creator platform cannot insert video, even GIF does not support, otherwise, you will see my operation to flip the lens of the picture, it is like magic. 

In general, the flip lens is really cleverly designed, it makes it more flexible and convenient for me to take pictures

Some people say that Zenfone 6 can be used as a VLOG artifact, and I very much agree. 

Then Zenfone 6 also added super night view mode and dynamic tracking capabilities. 

A lot of mobile phones have these two functions, so I won't expand them in detail. 

Anyway, as long as you know, it's a great photo experience. 

Many people may be worried about whether the camera will be easy to break, not at all. no, no. 

Asustek made a very special thing, which is to protect the fall mechanism

As soon as it detects that your phone is about to fall, it automatically puts the lens away, which is eye-catching and super fast. 

Operation experience. 

The first is the battery part. 

In fact, most of the mobile phone manufacturers on the market will not put a lot of batteries in, the reason is the lack of space. 

But ASUS overcome this problem, Zenfone 6 uses a two-piece PCB technology, can be in the original phone size, the largest battery. 

Equipped with the superpower of the 5000mAH, the Zenfone 6 can safely play, pursue dramas, and turn on the GPS, without having to pay close attention to the power at all times. 

I work every day or go shopping on weekends, and it's okay if I don't recharge all day. 

But if it is waiting for the bus, waiting for the plane and so on to use mobile phones as a pastime, it will certainly not be enough. 

It's just that people had expected whether there would be wireless charging, or 40W, 50W super fast charging. 

The answer is actually no. 

Because Asustek this time in the design of the entire zenfone6, there are quite a lot of user surveys, most of the user feedback is that the hope that the battery life as long as possible, so that we may have to carry charging lines, mobile power, and other problems. 

On the system side, Zenfone6 carries a native Android system, and as you can see, the interface is very simple. 

This time they have further improved their design for zenui. 

In terms of my own use of this period of time, the experience is quite smooth. 

After all, it is a flagship plane, and it would be embarrassing if it would still be Catton. 

Finally, I would like to help you sum up the specifications of Zenfone6. 

1. The Zenfone6 uses the most powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, up to 8GB RAM+256GB ROM configuration. 

2. 5000mAH superpower, support QC4.0 fast charging. 

3. A dual lens consisting of a 48 million pixel Sony IMX586 sensor lens and a 13 million pixel ultra wide angle lens. 

4. There is no wireless charge or ultra-fast charge. Or the off-screen fingerprint unlocking experience and so on. 

For me, Zenfone6 can meet the needs of daily and all-around use. 

I wonder if it has met everyone's expectations?

ASUS Zenfone 6 6.4 inch 6GB + 64GB Full-screen Global Version Smartphone



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