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5 Cool Gadgets You Wish You Had While Gaming

5 Cool Gadgets You Wish You Had While Gaming

Whether you have just purchased a new computer to satisfy your gaming needs or you are thinking about adding some functionality to your aging PC, these are accessories you would definitely need or wish you had while gaming.

E-Sports Gaming Chair with Steel Feet Support

You may consider a chair as one of the last items listed on your best gear for gaming, but we all know how long game sessions could be and we all know the fatigue after long days and nights we spend sitting down to game. A comfortable chair is as important as a keyboard or a mouse when we are trying to win a game.

The E-Sports Gaming Chair is a professional gaming chair designed with a few advancements that make sure gamers are able to totally enjoy their game, without feeling any discomfort even after hours’ sitting. 

Equipped with durable pure steel that is 1.5 times thicker than usual chairs and nylon five-star wheels, the chair is able to bear 400kg weight and move smoothly. You can easily move to get a bottle of beer during sessions without missing your mission.

What’s more, with the high density and high resiliency sponge, the chair is incredibly comfortable! Sinking to it you and you will never want to leave it again. More importantly, the sponge is very resilient and not easy to deform. After using for a long time, it still feels the same as I sat on it the first day. 

Although some people complained that the sound of the massage function is kind of loud, it’s one of the reasons why I love this chair. With the adjustable massage back cushion, I can not only obtain perfect back support but also have a relaxing free massage after intense and hard fighting. How wonderful it is! 

This is also a chair that is designed for other needs. It can be used in household study and office too. Its inclinable back can be adjusted to 95° for comfortable working and 135° for leisure napping.

Anyone who has a preference in the way that he sits can find a cozy place in this amazing chair. Surprisingly, the chair is equipped with a pad under the cushion. You can draw it out to support your feet while napping. 

What’s more, this chair is very easy to install. Even a girl can finish it all by herself in 10 minutes! Less than $200, your health and your joy of gaming deserve a better chair!

OVANN X7 Professional Gaming Headsets

It’s possible to spend much more on wired stereo headsets for gaming, but the OVANN X7 Professional Gaming Headsets have surprising functionality you could expect from just under $30.

They have great audio quality and super bass effect with the special 40 mm driver units. Moreover, the headsets are equipped with omnidirectional microphone that has high sensitivity and wide response frequency.

Along with the over-ear leather earmuff, the headsets are not only comfortable to wear for a long time, but also have remarkable noise isolation ability, and the microphone does well in providing clear audio with little background noise. Apart from high audio quality and cheap price, the OVANN X7 headphones are very user-friendly. 

The on-cord control is really convenient for voice control and volume adjustment; the microphone has a flexible stem and a semi-flexible hinged connection rubber which can be twisted to any angle you want; and the wire is long enough (2.4m), so you don’t have to worry about the distance between your PC and your ear.

What’s more, the headphones feature a sturdy design — I have used mine for quite a long time, and they are still in good condition. 

It’s not a pair of headphones that are perfect in every condition compared to headphones of famous brands, but it the best you can get on a budget. I am sure that you would definitely be surprised and never regret buying them.

Motospeed CK108 USB Wired Game Keyboard

Equipped with a comfortable gaming chair and a pair of good headphones, now we must have the most important equipment for gaming —a cool, comfortable and sturdy keyboard!

We all know keyboards used for gaming suffer a lot of wear and tear, and that’s why every gamer needs to have a sturdy and robust keyboard. 

Less than 80 dollars, Motospeed CK108 USB Wired Game Keyboard is the sturdiest mechanical keyboard you can find at such a good price on the market. 

Built with a classy aluminum plate and robust plastic keys, Motospeed CK108 is built to last for years. Actually, it is so sturdy that it feels like it will last forever. 

Not just budget and high-quality, the black switches of the keyboard is also extremely suitable for playing a variety of popular games, with a heavy hand and no sense of paragraph, straight up and down. And the professional game chips, as well as well-designed shortcut function keys, are very helpful.

Besides, the keyboard looks very cool and stylish. There are six presets of light themes, and each theme has three variations of lighting effects, making a combination of 18 lighting effects. It is awesome to play my game with these thrilling lights, especial at nights! 

Another good thing is, it is very easy to change the backlight modes— just press FN + Insert (or FN + HOME, FN + Page Up, FN + Del). 

You don’t have to install special drivers or software, but you are interested in creating more colors of backlights, you can also download the software for CK108 from the Motospeed web site, so you can select the color by using the RGB table, and also change the function of any key. It is really fun! 

Also, all keys are so comfortable to type! They give off a pleasant clicking sound and I really enjoy it! What’s more, the keyboard is ergonomically designed with a detachable palm rest. Even if you played it for a long time, your hands would feel no fatigue at all.

Motospeed V30 Wired Optical USB Gaming Mouse

The Motospeed CK108 Keyboard isn’t the only device that gives you an exhilarating lighting vibe and a satisfying "click" sound — you’ll find it’s more exciting and inspiring with the Motospeed V30 Wired Optical USB Gaming Mouse.

As a professional gaming mouse, the Motospeed V30 mouse has not only a beautiful look but also amazing features that help a lot in gaming.

- Built-in PMW3320 IC professional game laser chip;
- Up to 3500DPI resolution and 500Hz frequency polling rate;
- The game anti-skid wheel which offers good tactile feedback;
- Intelligent connectivity without drivers needed, plug and play;
- Ergonomic design fits palm to the maximum extent.

The mouse provides quick and precise reactions thanks to its professional game laser chip and polling rate, as well as its excellent non-slip design. Also, its OMRON micro switch guarantees its service life up to 20 million times! 

With its RGB colorful backlight lamp, the mouse also has an amazing lighting effect. Moreover, it has a considerable amount of DPI, so you can change the DPI according to your preference and even configure a key to perform the change without opening the configuration program. 

You are also to turn off the light or choose to light up certain parts, such as the mouse wheel or the logo only. Besides, it has a classic ergonomic design which makes it fit perfectly in the hand. 

You can hold it without having to force your hand or feeling uncomfortable. What’s more, it’s stable in both low and high temperature and it’s moisture-resistant as well. 

You can use it in various environments. The price? Only 18 dollars only! It is definitely worth the money!

Comfortable Arm Support Computer Hand Pallet Mouse Pads

Have you ever sit at the desk playing PC games for a couple of hours and feel your shoulder or wrist sore? If you had the same experience as I did, you are definitely gonna love this small but amazing gadget — Arm Support Computer Hand Pallet Mouse Pads!

You may never realize how much tension you are holding in your shoulder when you use a computer keyboard or mouse. It's time to feel different and keep your upper body relaxed!

With the ergonomically designed Computer Hand Pallet, you can rest your arms comfortably on the pad without letting them hang in the air. The Arm Support Pallet not only reduces pressure on your wrist but also minimizes latent strain on your arms, neck, and shoulders.

No more arms tended to be uncomfortable after hours of gaming or working! You are able to enjoy really comfortable gaming and working now!

What’s more, while you are working at a small round table that’s almost impossible to use a mouse, you can use the Arm Support Pallet as an extension and work more comfortably.

The pallet is 180-degrees rotatable to whatever position is comfortable for you, and it is very easy to install. You can attach it to any round or curved table up to 6cm thick. Meanwhile, the pallet is very easy to fold up too. You can get it out of your way when you don’t need it. 

Get these cool gadgets to have better gaming experience and win more easily! Your game and your health too deserve them!

E-Sports Gaming Chair with Steel Feet Support



OVANN X7 Professional Gaming Headsets



Motospeed CK108 USB Wired Game Keyboard



Motospeed V30 Wired Optical USB Gaming Mouse



Comfortable Arm Support Computer Hand Pallet Mouse Pads



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