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The Best Razor Under $50! An Ultra-portable, Cost-effective Smate ST - R101 Electric Razor!

The Best Razor Under $50! An Ultra-portable, Cost-effective Smate ST - R101 Electric Razor!

Last month, I wanted to trim Mr. J's beard, because he used a manual razor, Mr. J refused to let me shave. However, in the end, he allowed me to have a try.

In an idol drama, shaving boyfriend's beard is so sweet and romantic. That was what I wanted. Thus, I squeezed the shaving cream around Mr. J's chin and held the razor carefully to shave the beard. 

Mr.J: Ah!!!

Me: There are no scratches. I will wash your face. (In fact, it bled. I dared not speak, but I promise I was shaving carefully but became a little absent-minded later). 

To make up for my mistake, I was looking for an electric razor for Mr. J for several days. Later, my best friend recommended this razor to me.

❤ An electric razor under $30

According to Mr. J, the cost-performance ratio is quite high, and it is super portable! 

It is excellent for a business trip or daily use.

A polite man can live without a watch, tie, or a wallet, but not shaving. Shaving is necessary for a refined lifestyle. 

You can gift your boyfriend or dad this electric razor!

❤ About Smate 

I've learned about this electric razor before. It is from Smate, a brand in Xiaomi's ecosystem which offers personal care products and home appliances.

Guided by Xiaomi's brand concept, Smate pursues the ultimate cost-performance ratio. It is dedicated to providing quality personal care products for everyone. 

I trust Xiaomi all the time, now that Smate is from Xiaomi's ecosystem, undoubtedly, the electric shaver is of high quality. By the way, Mr. J is also a loyal fan of Xiaomi. When he was in university, he bought three Xiaomi phones.

It is said that the razor was already popular right after its emergence. It was sold out several times. It is a winner of the 2018 Red Dot Design Award! 

As for the user experience, this is what our special guest Mr. J thinks of it. 

The shaving effect is wonderful. The razor is safe to use. My face gets clean-shaven every time. After shaving, the chin doesn't feel rough at all. 100% satisfied!

❤ Unique & simple appearance

The packaging of Smate Electric Razor looks unique. It is a simple, transparent cylindrical plastic box, through which you can see the razor.  

Had I not known it is a razor, I might think it is a power bank. 

Different from traditional razors, this small Smate Electric Razor is cylindrical. The shape is unique, and the design is also in the minimalist style. 

I was searching on Amazon for a long time. I couldn't find a razor that looks like this one. 

The body of the electric razor is made of metal with frosted texture. It feels good in the hand. Through the aluminum alloy anodizing, the electric razor isn't cheap at all.

As far as Mr. J is concerned, a lot of electric razors around $100 in the market have a plastic body and look cheap. What's worse, they aren't anti-drop.

This small electric shaver is about 11.5cm long, shorter than average smartphones. 

It weighs only 135g, which is super portable. A man can put it in any pocket without difficulty.

The power switch is concave. Press and hold it for 3 seconds, you can unlock the razor; press gently again, it will turn off. 

Then, lock it by long-pressing for 3 seconds.

❤️ Thorough shaving

The circular mesh of the razor is about 3cm in diameter. The diameter is wide enough to cover a big area. Meanwhile, the spherical mesh fits the facial contours perfectly, allowing for thorough shaving. 

▼ For both wet & wet use

Incredible! There are 925 holes on this little mesh! 

The size of the holes gradually increases from in and out, which can avoid missing any part, effectively prevent from pausing, pulling or clipping the hair. It enables you to remove the beard all at once.

Inside the mesh is a three-leaf inclined blade. I touch the blade and find that it is not fixed. 

The blade can slightly move to increase the shaving area effectively.

The overall body is IPX7 waterproof, which means that it can be directly washed in the water. It is also possible to shave when you're taking a bath.

That's what the lazybones, Mr. J likes the most. After use, directly wash the razor and it will be clean instantly.

As for the noise, about which everyone concerns, it is inevitable because of the high-speed rotation of the blade. The sound is crisp, as quiet as chatting. However, it sounds gentler than FLYCO electric razors. 

If you use it during the day, you can ignore the noise.

Mr. J doesn't want to carry anything unnecessary on a trip, so the battery life also matters. 

The electric razor has a 600 mAh battery, which supports fast charging. It only takes about 2 hours to charge it fully. If used 2 - 3 minutes per day, it can work for one month without charging.

Micro USB interface charging, if you go on a business trip, you can charge it with a power bank. 

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See you next time!

Smate ST - R101 Electric Razor ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



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