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360-degree Transparent, Beautiful On The Wrist: New Xiaomi CIGA Design T series Mechanical Watch

360-degree Transparent, Beautiful On The Wrist: New Xiaomi CIGA Design T series Mechanical Watch

In the era of intelligence, the existence of watches may no longer be so important. However, they are classic. 

Many manufacturers regard watches as aesthetic and try to make new records, such as CIGA Design from Xiaomi ecosystem. 

The brand has won 12 international design awards: 2 German iF Design Awards, 2 German National Design Awards, and 8 German Red Dot Design Awards. 

The newly released CIGA Design T Series mechanical watch is another record-breaking product. It not only inherits the double-sided hollowed-out design of CIGA mechanical watches but also creatively uses the TR90 transparent material as the watch case to realize 360-degree transparency. 

The futuristic technology and suspended movement are awe-inspiring. The whole watch doesn't contain a screw, which means ultimate simplicity. It is the mechanical art suspended above the wrist, a colorful tone intended for the young people.

Simplicity→ Simplism→ Extreme Beauty. A Full View Of Mechanical Aesthetics

The CIGA Design T Series mechanical watch features 360-degree transparent design, fully presenting the traditional mechanical aesthetics. The watch case is made of TR90,  which is used in protective gears for astronauts. The watch case is unibody, without a screw.

No matter it is seen from the front, the side, or the back, the movement appears suspended so that you can feel the charm of mechanical art more intuitively. 

In addition to the high toughness, high-temperature resistance and no discoloration of TR90, the case of CIGA Design T Series mechanical watch has been polished 14 times, CNC machined 4 times and covered with PVD coating. The hardness is fully improved in all aspects.

Moreover, the wristwatch is made more transparent and wear-resistant.

As for the quality, the most important thing is the movement which determines the service life. 

CIGA Design T Series, the movement is a SEAGULL hollowed-out automatic movement, with 19 drills, 40 hours energy storage, movement error -15~+30 seconds/24 hours. 

After fulling winding the mechanical watch, you don't need to adjust the time to wear it every day. 

Although the whole movement is as big as a coin, it contains 94 parts. Under the transparent watch case is the mechanical structure of the escapement, which is admirable. The escapement wheel drives the anchor step by step, completing locking, transmission, and release. 

The balance wheel receives the power and adjusts the speed, distributing the kinetic energy for the minute and second axis.

Many boys don't like mechanical watches because they are thicker than quartz watches. 

However, CIGA Design has broken the limit of materials and achieved a weight of merely 39 grams, 50% lighter than conventional quartz watches, equivalent to two Mi Band 3 fitness trackers.

Additionally, the strap of the CIGA Design T Series is made of silicone material, which is soft and elastic. 

You can wash it directly. 

Thanks to the unique dotted design, the strap is sweat-resistant and breathable. 

You won't feel any discomfort by wearing it in the hot summer. A total of 15 holes have been punched for wrists in different sizes.

As for men, watches are one of the few accessories, and they are items which directly indicate the taste. 

Since CIGA Design T Series mechanical watch incorporates the popular transparent elements, it is ideal for casual wear and a unique style. Put it on, and you will be more prominent.

Both red and black colors are available. The black looks calm and low-key, the red is fashionable and eye-catching. 

The mechanical watch is suitable for the noble bachelors, as well as passionate couples. 

If there is an all-match watch, it must be a mechanical watch. Whether you wear it in the workplace or daily life, it can represent your aura. 

Certainly, CIGA Design T Series mechanical watch has not only a delicate movement but also a fascinating transparent case. 

With it, you can observe the passing of time and have a different perception of life. 

Listen to the CIGA Design T Series watch, and you will be attracted to the tick, the heartbeat of its core.

CIGA Design T Series Fashion Men's Mechanical Watch from Xiaomi youpin - China Edition



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