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After comparing 1000 garden lights, I chose the Owl LED Lawn Lamp to guard my home.

After comparing 1000 garden lights, I chose the Owl LED Lawn Lamp to guard my home.

God spent six days creating the universe. In the first day, he created the light. So, you can see how important the light is.

I moved to my new house and spent a whole day to clean the garden. Then, I installed the garden light. 

If the home is a safe and warm harbor, the garden light is the lighthouse that guides me home.

Therefore, I am cautious about choosing garden lights.

When buying a garden light, I usually consider the following aspects:

1. Reasonable Luminaire

Be sure to choose a luminaire with reasonable light distribution so that you can adjust it according to different places.

2. Installation & Maintenance

Most families should choose luminaires that are easy to install and maintain to reduce costs.

Pay attention to places that require special luminaires, such as a garden that is prone to fire or corrosion.

3. Type

There are many kinds of garden lights, and the right choice depends on actual conditions. 

When purchasing garden lights, we must take into account the characteristics of the light source, the building, and the decoration for more convenient and a more harmonious environment.

4. Pole Material

If you prefer ornamental ones, choose cast aluminum and cast iron poles. If you think highly of the firmness and quality, then, choose garden lights made of steel.

Considering these aspects above, I visited all online stores and finally bought this owl garden light on Gearbest.

Meaningful for the courtyard

In Greek mythology, the goddess of wisdom, Athena has a bird, which is a kind of owl.

Place the owl light in the garden means overseeing everything during the daytime to clearly know what will happen and get ready for it at night. The owl stands for wisdom. 

In Japan, owls are also known as lucky birds, representing auspiciousness and happiness.

Exquisite & true-to-life

There are actually a lot of garden lights in the market, but on close inspection, you will find them of poor quality.

The garden light that I bought is made of high-quality non-toxic resin. The workmanship is excellent. Look! Its eyes are piercing, extremely realistic.

By contrast, I find that inferior products are poorly made. They look messy and unaesthetic. 

At the rear of the owl, the feathers are painted manually with high-quality gouache, and even the texture is quite clear. 

The feathers of inferior products are probably painted by machine, and there are many other flaws.

Additionally, the base is stable, and the width is about 5.5cm, whereas, I found others criticized inferior products for their small bases on other websites.

Solar-powered to avoid wiring

The product attracted me at first sight. That was the reason that I bought it. To my surprise, it is solar-powered. Amazing!

For one reason, I don't have electrical wires in my garden. It is great that this garden light comes into use after you set it up in the ground. The solar panel charges the battery during the day, and the light automatically turns on at night, which saves a lot of trouble.

For another, it is environmentally friendly and power-saving to use a solar panel. It won't cause light pollution, which is in accordance with my philosophy.

The battery of the solar panel is 2V 30mAh. It takes 6 - 8 hours to fully charge it, and the light can work for up to 8 hours in the dark.

In summer, the light can provide illumination for the whole night; in winter, as the night is longer, so the light goes off at dawn.

IP55 waterproof for ease of maintenance

This garden light is of good quality. IP55 waterproof, it normally works even when it rains.

Moreover, it is also very easy to maintain. Just use a piece of wet cloth to wipe it in the same direction.

Please don't use too much force. Clean it gently.

All in all, this garden light is practical and fun, and my family all like it.

If you don't know how to buy a garden light, try this auspicious owl solar garden light. Plus, you don't need to plug it in!

Solar Powered Owl LED Lawn Lamp Waterproof Floor Light



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