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This is Your Best Bet Whether You are Looking for a Power Bank or Torchlight! Your Utorch W1 Rechargeable Flashlight

This is Your Best Bet Whether You are Looking for a Power Bank or Torchlight! Your Utorch W1 Rechargeable Flashlight

I was on a portable light hunt for quite a long time but couldn’t find anything that matched my requirements. 

We had a family picnic coming up, so I maximized my search and shortlisted a few options. 

After comparing all the pros and cons of my shortlisted options, the list narrowed down to Utorch W1 because it matched my requirements the best.

Detailed Review

Before going to the picnic, I decided to run some tests in order to be 100% sure that this torch would work in the pitch-black forest where we decided to camp. 

I started using it in my workshop after sunset to see what color the light really has, how powerful the reflector is, how convenient it is to hold for long hours and the battery timing. And boy was I amazed! 

First things first, the light is super lightweight and easy to carry because of its uniquely designed body. Its size is approximately 196 x 100 x 175mm / 7.72 x 3.94 x 6.89 inches and weighs about 643g.

It is slightly ice blue in color which is a plus for me and my family since we hate sharp white or yellow lights. The power is good enough to light up the desired work area, the focus is just right and offers perfect illumination – the kind of light that you need while hiking. 

The reflector is not too powerful but powerful enough to cover around 200 miles, which again is a plus for our trip. It will not make you go blind as the LED lights not glaring and harmless for the human eye. 

If you want a little more brightness, it has two different modes to adjust brightness, with an entirely different flash mode to match your needs.

The battery life is also good - giving around five to six uninterrupted hours. It also works as an emergency light.

The best part about Utorch W1 is that apart from being a torchlight, it also works as a power bank. 

When we were on our camping trip, we used to charge our mobiles and tablets using its strong built-in battery of 4400 mAh, in emergency times or when a couple of phones were already plugged into the socket and someone needed a quick battery refill.


Since we were out in the harsh weather, the natural light situation kept changing with weather conditions. 

This is where Utorch truly impressed us: it has 7 different modes of lighting. 

SEVEN! Can you believe it? From high light to low Light, plain flashlight to red flashing light, and white low light; it has every mode to suit your outdoor and emergency needs. 

It is extremely convenient for camping, hiking, car fixing, or emergency uses.


In my opinion; if you are looking to buy a torchlight that would work in pitch dark areas, would be easy to carry around and acts as a power bank in times of need, then this is your best bet. 

I had a great time camping across the foothill – all thanks to Utorch W1. I am completely satisfied with my purchase and would recommend everyone to buy it.

Utorch W1 Rechargeable Floodlight USB Work Outdoor Camping Warning Light



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