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Better Than Philips' High-end Models? The Oclean X AI Electric Toothbrush Is Impressive

Better Than Philips' High-end Models? The Oclean X AI Electric Toothbrush Is Impressive

Teeth are essential to everyone. They concern about whether we can enjoy delicious food. Moreover, they decide the way we look.

Recently, a new smart electric toothbrush in the Xiaomi ecosystem has attracted much attention. It is the affordable Oclean X smart sonic electric toothbrush, the world's first electric toothbrush with a color touchscreen

This article is about my user experience of this toothbrush.

Oclean X is a new smart electric toothbrush launched by Huami. The toothbrush features the world's first color touchscreen. 

It boasts the onboard blind area monitoring, monitoring of 8 zones, 32 levels of intensity, AI tooth protection, 2 hours fast charge, and convenient magnetic suspension design.

At present, the price of a toothbrush (without display) which detects the blind areas is over $180. Besides, high-end products from Philips cost you 100% more

Well, how about Oclean X, an electric toothbrush provides more functions at a low price? Let's look at it! 

First, specially designed for premium quality

In terms of the design, Oclean X follows the delicate and simple style of products in Xiaomi's ecosystem. The shape is slimmer than that of common brands such as Philips. The body is made of quality material whose matte surface offers you a fantastic grip. 

Of course, the most eye-catching is the oval color touchscreen above the round power button. Such a design is innovative and futuristic. 

Oclean X has a 0.96-inch touch screen, and this is a color screen.

The screen can display time, week, weather, and interactive messages, but don't think that it's merely a display. Oclean X runs the Oclean OS system. In actual use, you can use the touchscreen to adjust the cleaning modes, levels of intensity, and brushing time.

Most surprisingly, thanks to the built-in 6-axis gyroscope, each time we finish brushing teeth, Oclean X will present a report immediately on the screen. The screen can only detect blind areas in 4 different zones so you can make up for them in time. It is convenient and efficient. 

You can get more specific results with the App, which supports more precise zone division, 8 zones. 

Electric toothbrushes have better brush heads than ordinary toothbrushes. 

The gray brush head of Oclean X consists of Dupont classic bristles, with round tips, 3D shape. It fits our teeth perfectly and goes deep into the slits without hurting the gum.

I feel that the bristles are comfortable and flexible, not prickly along the edges. Additionally, the bristles are dense and of excellent quality.

In addition to the brush head on Oclean X, the smart electric toothbrush also comes with two replacement brush heads. It is very simple to replace the brush head so that I will leave out this part.

It is worth mentioning that Oclean X uses the newly designed magnetic suspension sonic brushless motor which supports 40,000 vibrations per minute, 220gf·cm large torque, over 5,000 hours motor lifespan. 

Such a brushless motor belongs to mid-range and high-end models, offering nearly the same performance as those electric toothbrushes from top-notch brands.

Amazingly, Oclean X uses such a high-end motor at a strategic price. 

Second, creative storage & quick charge

In addition to the toothbrush itself, a charging cable and a charging base, and an extra brush head are included, which is thoughtful.

Of course, the most surprising thing is the creative base of Oclean X, which combines the magnetic suspension absorption and the charging base. This design is unprecedented, ushering in a new era of toothbrush storage.

Different from the integrated ones of other toothbrushes, the charging base of Oclean X consists of two magnetic parts. The first part is the bottom plate with adhesive tape, and the other part is the charging base.

The base of Oclean X can hold the toothbrush, and the charging base can be magnetized to the bottom plate. Thus, this set of magnetic holder stands out. 

We can attach the bottom plate to wherever we want to put the toothbrush, and then connect the charging base to the plate.

After brushing teeth, we directly place the toothbrush to the charging base, which can be firmly fixed, saving space and facilitating using. It is convenient for draining water to keep the bathroom sink dry and avoid mold from growing on the bottom.

When the toothbrush needs to be charged, directly take off the toothbrush and the base from the bottom plate. Then, put the toothbrush and the base on the charging base. You won't forget where you put the charging base. Such a design is artful and practical.

Unlike most electric toothbrushes that use inductive charging, on the bottom of Oclean X, there is a gold-plated ring to connect with the charging base for high power charging.

Typically, it takes 12 - 20 hours to fully charge toothbrushes through electromagnetic induction. In comparison, Oclean X only requires 2 hours.

Like the quick charge for smartphones, Oclean X is time-saving and efficient. You won't be unable to brush teeth even though you forget to charge the toothbrush.

Third, a new experience of smart brushing

As we all know, electric toothbrushes are superior to traditional manual toothbrushes, giving you better results and more efficiency. At present, electric toothbrushes feature timers, zone reminders, and some high-end models work with mobile phone and provide blind area monitoring.

However, only after you compare them, will you find that Oclean X is the first truly smart toothbrush because Oclean X excels in functions, user experience, ergonomic designs. 

More importantly, Oclean X teaches us how to brush teeth effectively, helping us to develop good habits. 

I'll share with you my experience.

First of all, let's focus on the competitive advantage of Oclean X. So far, most electric toothbrushes offer a built-in cleaning mode for the adaptation period (about half a month), and the high-end ones support 3 – 4 preset modes.

The Oclean X electric toothbrush not only allows you to select the cleaning, whitening, massage or sensitive mode on its touchscreen, but also supports 32 levels of intensity, and duration adjustment. All you can do with the toothbrush itself, without connecting to the App. See? How convenient and user-friendly it is!

Of course, the most outstanding feature of Oclean X is displaying the result of blind area monitoring. With the built-in 6-axis gyroscope, Oclean X can detect the slightest changes of gestures, find the blind spot, and rate the cleaning effects.

Other electric toothbrushes aren't integrated with a display, so to check the report, you have to use your phone. With Oclean X, you can get the rating and blind spots by looking at the display. 

Thus, we can brush what we overlook without waiting and connecting to the phone, which is so convenient.

Oclean X does bring an unprecedented experience. Unlike any other toothbrush, this one tells you the weather, date, and gives you a birthday surprise; it treats you gently when you suffer from a toothache; it tells which part of the teeth needs cleaning after you brush your teeth.

Additionally, Oclean X also supports AI protection to cope with overvoltage by lowering the frequency. 

If you force the toothbrush to wrong places when brushing, Oclean X will reduce the frequency and intensity in time to avoid damaging the gums and enamel. In comparison, most toothbrushes only remind you but "do nothing" instead. There is no doubt that Oclean X is smarter and more useful.

Moreover, as we can't keep a toothbrush away from water in daily life. Some people are concerned about the waterproof rating, especially for an electric toothbrush with a display. Although Oclean X has a display, its waterproof rating is IPX7, standing out in the competition. Therefore, you don't need to worry that water might enter inside and damage the screen.

By the way, others worry that the screen might be insensitive after in contact with the water. The designer of Oclean X has taken this issue into account, so apart from the touch control, the two sides of the screen support swiping, facilitating the operation after the toothbrush touches the water.

In general, Oclean X electric toothbrush is exceptional in functionality, user-friendly design, intelligence.


Nowadays, smart products are gradually changing and improving our lives. High-end electric toothbrushes are dominated by brands such as Philips, holding back a great number of people as they are over at $180.

As a smart electric toothbrush in Xiaomi's ecosystem, Oclean X features touch control and blind area monitoring, bringing more scientific and humanized brushing experience to you. It is through innovation and meticulous optimization that Oclean X has incorporated various unique features. 

So, if you are not satisfied with your teeth and don't know how to clean them effectively, this affordable toothbrush is the right choice for you.

The above is all about Oclean X that I want to share with you. If you think this article is helpful to you, go and hit the applause button, please.

Oclean X Smart Color Touch Screen Sonic Electric Toothbrush App Control International Version from Xiaomi youpin



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