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You Get Not Just an FM Transmitter Under $10, Baseus S-09A is Also an MP3 Player and Dual USB Charger!

You Get Not Just an FM Transmitter Under $10, Baseus S-09A is Also an MP3 Player and Dual USB Charger!

Baseus S-09A is a powerful FM and MP3 player transmitter that can be used in any car easily. It is also a powerful dual USB charger. It allows you to listen to your favorite music while charging your mobile device. 

This device is specially designed with the best materials so that you can use this powerful device for a long time.

This smart car Bluetooth MP3 and FM player is very suitable for you who spend a lot of time driving your vehicle. There are a lot of essential features that are offered by this device. 

Many people are interested in using this powerful device because of these features. It can be a perfect time for you to learn about all the features offered by this device.

Irreplaceable Superiority

This device is very easy to use. You don't need to do any complicated procedures when you are planning to use this device. It is compatible with any car. You only need to plug this device into the socket that is available inside your car. You will get a fantastic experience when using this device.

a. A powerful main control chip

It is the first feature that is offered by this MP3 player and FM transmitter. This device has a high-performance DC main control chip. This system is specially created to protect the electrical circuit inside this device. 

It is claimed to offer better charging efficiency than any other mobile charging device. This device is safe for all users who want to use it in their cars.

b. Double USB charger

If you have several devices that should be recharged, you should take a look at this device. This MP3 player unit has dual USB chargers. These chargers allow you to charge up to two devices at the same time. 

You will be able to connect this device with two phones synchronously. This feature can make you feel comfortable when using this device.

c. Intelligent memory system

Its intelligent memory system supports this device. It can memorize track and frequency before this device is turned off. When you reboot this device, you are going to resume to the last frequency, current position volume, and also previous track.

d. Stabilizer

When you look at both sides of this device, you are going to find reinforced non-slip shrapnel units. These units are installed correctly with the stepped bayonet design. 

It is a special design that is added to this stabilizer system. It allows you to charge steadily, although you drive on bumpy mountain roads and any other poor road conditions.

e. Smart voltage detection 

You don't need to look at your phone when charging it with this device. This FM transmitter and dual USB charger unit can enable you to monitor the battery status easily. The voltage status of your battery will be displayed on its screen.

Design Highlights

This device has a portable size so that you can place this unit on your car's socket easily. The overall dimension of this car MP3 player unit is about 7.1 x 4.8 x 4.8 cm. It only weighs for about 26 grams. 

This device supports a wide voltage range, from 12 to 24 volts. It allows you to use this powerful unit in any cars, such as SUVs, trucks, MPVs, and any other vehicles.

Practical Performance

It is easy for you to start using this powerful device now. You only need to insert this product to the cigarette lighter socket, to start using this device. You can press the function button for adjusting the FM frequency. 

It is going to find the right FM channels automatically. You can also connect this device with your mobile phone via Bluetooth connection. After the successful connection, you will be able to listen to any of your favorite songs from this MP3 player.

Who is Baseus?

Baseus is one of the most popular electronic suppliers in the world. This brand is very famous for its high-quality devices that come with a lot of useful features. This company has been serving all customers for more than eight years. 

All products from Baseus are specially created with the best strength and technical, to provide the best experience for all users.

Baseus S-09A is a powerful car FM transmitter and MP3 player that you can use in your car. It allows you to charge any of your mobile devices quickly. 

This device is suitable for you who want to have flexibility in your vehicle. It is easy and comfortable for you to use this device in your vehicle. Get yours now while it lasts!

Baseus S - 09A Car FM Transmitter Bluetooth MP3 Player Dual USB Charger



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