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4 Best Can't-Miss Bicycle Accessories for Better Cycling: Did You Own One of Them?

4 Best Can't-Miss Bicycle Accessories for Better Cycling: Did You Own One of Them?

Whether you’re a casual rider or a pro cyclist, having the right gear for the journey can make a huge difference. A solid helmet protects your head in case of incidents and a good lighting system boosts your visibility in traffic. 

I am sure that you’ve already got the regular accessories for your bike. However, there are some other accessories that you may miss but are definitely going to make wonders during your cycling.

1. iGPSPORT iGS50E Bluetooth Wireless GPS Bike Computer 

In recent years, a bike computer has become a must-have in riding. While a bicycle speedometer only tells you your speed and mileage, a bike computer can guide you to wherever you want and keep you at the right track in real time. 

What’s more, by keeping a record of where you have been, when and how fast, a bike computer helps you master all exercise data, and therefore helps you enhance your exercise skills and improve your health status. 

More interestingly, it enriches your riding experience and gives you great memories when you look back on your beautiful journey.

Among all the bike computers on the market, iGPSPORT is not a well-known but amazing brand for its decent price and high performance. If you find the price of Garmin Edge too exorbitant to afford, or your smartphone not able to keep up its accuracy or the battery of your smartphone not suitable for longer rides, iGPsport is a blessing. At less than $80, the iGPSPORT iGS50E Bluetooth Wireless GPS Bike Computer has incredible features and capabilities: 

• Rapid and Accurate positioning - iGPSPORT iGS50E has a high-sensitivity GPS receiver which provides very fast positioning (only in 5 seconds). Its GPS tracking is also super accurate along with other data such as speed and distance. 

• Comprehensive ride data 

-  iGPSPORT iGS50E can display lots of information, such as Current Speed, Average Speed, Max Speed, Riding Time, Trip Distance, Total Distance, Altitude, Gradient, Temperature, Time, Date, Calorie and Laps.

• Activity analysis - you can upload your data to the iGPSPORT App via Bluetooth or data analysis website via USB cable, and get professional analysis report of your activities. This helps a lot when you are trying to improve your exercise skills and health status.

• Long Battery Life - iGPSPORT iGS50E’s battery time of endurance is up to 40 hours. You can totally enjoy your ride without worrying about being cut off.

Apart from these amazing capabilities, the iGPSPORT iGS50E bike computer is also very easy and convenient to use: 

• Easy to mount - with Out-Front Bike Mount, you can easily mount, adjust, and move your computer, and spend less time setting up your gear but more time on the road.

• Automatic start-stop - it would auto pause when not moving so you don’t have to remember to turn it on or off when stopping for a break or stoplight.

• Large screen - it has a 2.2-inch anti-dazzle screen that is clear in the sunlight. You can quickly find and view the most important data.

2. Gocomma Bicycle Repair Tool Kit 

Wherever you ride, a repair tool kit is always a must, in case of any unexpected glitches or maintenance. The Gocomma Bicycle Repair Tool Kit has everything you need to keep your ride running smoothly, and your pant leg from getting greasy:

1 x Mini Bike Pump with tire Pressure Gauge
1 x Mounting Bracket
2 x Screw
1 x Hose with a Nozzle Adapter
1 x 16-in-1 Repair Tool Kit
2 x Metal Tire Lever
10 x Glueless Tire Patch
1 x Tool Box
1 x Metal Rasp
1 x Metal Ball Needle
2 x Air Nozzle

All these handy tools are packed in a saddle bag, extremely portable and lightweight. It only weighs about 0.6kg! You can easily put it underneath your seat (includes a mounting bracket for a mountain bike) and take it whenever you need and access it quickly in a pinch.

For example, with the Multifunctional 16-in-1 Repair Tool Kit, you can fix most problems of your bike. It includes all sorts of wrenches and screwdrivers: solid wrench 8/10/15 mm, Phillips screwdriver, socket wrench 8/9/10 mm, socket extension rod, slotted screwdriver, spoke wrench, and Hex Key wrench 2/2.5/3/4/5/6 mm. 

With the glueless patches, you can repair the punctured tire without any extra glue. All you have to do is apply the rasp to burnish the tire and paste the patch firmly on the punctured area of the tire.

With the mini pump with a precise 210 PSI gauge, you can keep your tires filled to the correct pressure and protect them against tire blowouts, which happen frequently when there is a drastic drop in the tire pressure. Besides, there are different valve adapters for Schrader and Presta valves, and a needle and air nozzles for swim rings, balloons and other inflatables.

3. Intelligent Bicycle Direction Indicator Light 

To ride safer, you will need an intelligent bike direction indicator light, especially when you are riding in heavy traffic or in the dark.

During the ride, a good intelligent bike direction indicator light could sense the acceleration and deceleration of your bicycle, and if there is brake braking, the sensor inside the device will send a signal, and all 64 LED lights will light up and flash 6 times to remind the rear car. 

Similarly, if you need to turn to remind the rear car while riding, you only need to tilt the bicycle about 10 degrees to the left or right, and the device will automatically turn on, indicating the steering direction to remind rear cars to pay attention to your move. 

Spend about 10 dollars to have a safe and sound ride, what a good deal!

4. GUB PLUS 6 Cell Phone Holder for Motorcycle Bicycle Bike

If you love riding with your smartphone, then a solid phone holder is necessary if you don’t want to break your valuable gadget or distract your attention while cycling. After all, safety is everything. 

Among all kinds of mobile holders on the market, I strongly recommend the GUB PLUS 6 Cell Phone Holder, which is more stylish, more robust and more affordable.

Built by compact but solid aluminum alloy, the GUB PLUS 6 Cell Phone Holder looks very chic and exquisite, and it offers five beautiful colors (blue, red, black, silver and rose gold). You can easily select one that matches your bike. 

What’s more, the GUB PLUS 6 cellphone holder adopts multiple protections to protect your device. Its cushion pad can reduce vibration and avoid scratches to the phone, and its six-strong adhesive clips can fix your phone firmly on your bike or motorcycle. 

You may wonder if such a helpful phone holder would suit your cellphone and your bike. The GUB PLUS 6 cellphone Holder has adjustable width design, so it is suitable for any cellphones ranging from 3.5 to 6.5 inch. More importantly, its 31.8mm handlebar diameter makes it suitable for the most road bike, MTB, and travel bike. You can buy without any worry about the size of neither your cellphone nor your bike.

Although most cellphone holders on the market are priced at 15 to 20 dollars, the GUB PLUS 6 only costs you $10 without sacrificing quality or style. Spending $10 to liberate your hands and ride safely and freely, your small investment would definitely pay off!

A good bike computer accurately and rapidly leads you to your destination and helps you improve your exercise skills, and a mighty repair tool kit guarantees you a smooth journey. 

With a smart direction indicator light and cellphone holder, you can ride more safely and more intently. If you haven’t got any of them, it’s time to act now!

iGPSPORT iGS50E Bluetooth Wireless GPS Bike Computer



Gocomma Bicycle Repair Tool Kit



Intelligent Bicycle Direction Indicator Light



GUB PLUS 6 Cell Phone Holder for Motorcycle Bicycle Bike



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