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Way Too Much Fun!! No wonder this Neckband Fan is a Eye-catcher!

Way Too Much Fun!! No wonder this Neckband Fan is a Eye-catcher!

Most countries are currently bathed in glorious July sunshine, and the mercury is rising higher and higher. SUN'S OUT, BUNS OUT! I enjoy the sunny weather, but when it comes the burning summer.

It is always a sad season. You can no more hide your belly fat accumulated throughout the whole winter, and you still have to endure the severe heatwave all the time. 

Going out for a while is as like taking a sauna. The smelly sweat is tough to stand, especially embarrassing yourself when you hang out with girls. 

Do you have the same feeling as I do?

Even when the air conditioning is turned on in the office, you still feel hot sitting in the corner. 

So, most girls will bring a small fan on their way, but this kind of fan is required to carry in hand or stand on the desk. The fan is not that inconvenient, and unfriendly to boys. 

Oh, boys are also the people who will be all of the sweat in summer! However, try to imagine that, a boy walking on the road is holding a mini fan in his hand. What a comical picture!

If you've done this, you will know what I mean and maybe have been said to be like a gay.

Thanks a lot, I have recently bought a fan that boys can feel at ease to use when they go out - a Neckband Fan (yes, I bought it, not from my girlfriend). 

When I first used it, my friends thought I was wearing headphones, only to find that I was wearing a fan later. 

The reason why I chose this fan is that it looks like the popular neckband headphones. It's not as feminine as those handheld fans, and it looks more straight. Even when there's no wind outdoors, you can enjoy a cool breeze. 

I have to say, this fan is designed creatively, although it looks a little stupid. 

But whatever, it's really practical! 

As you know, the common fan we buy is placed on the table. Its angle is not easy to adjust. If the chair moves a little angle, the wind cannot reach your face, let alone going out with it. 

And this neckband fan is exactly the solution to the above problem.

When you are gonna use it, all you have to do is hang it around your neck like a headset, press the switch, and you can enjoy a summer breeze right away. 

And its bracket rotates, and you could adjust the angle of the fan at 360 degrees according to your needs

Breezing as you go, this fan rotates smoothly. It's made of good material, solid and reliable enough to get you through the summer days. 

Compared with the ordinary fan, this fan is equipped with two fan outlets, the wind is powerful enough, bringing you an icy, cool breeze. 

What's more, it's simple to use this neckband fan. Long press two seconds to start, and then press again to change the wind speed. There are three speeds: low speed, medium speed, high speed

The LED lights around the switch button will be lit during charging. A steady red light is to indicate that it is charging. Flash blue light means "working"; steady blue light indicates "full charged"; flash red light reminds you of the low battery; when the battery power is less than 10%, the red indicator light flashes. 

This fan has a 2000mAh large capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and its USB charge port is convenient to charge with Micro USB cable at any time, whether power bank, car USB interface, notebook computer or desktop computer, they can all provide some juice to power this neck fan.

After a full charge, this mini fan can work for about 6 to 10 hours, and the battery life is enough to meet your exercise needs of the day. 

I made some test at different fan speed, and the power consumption with a full charge is as follows: 

High speed - lasting for 2 to 3 hours. It produces strong wind at this mode, so it would be perfect for high-intensity exercise such as cycling, running, hiking and more.

Medium speed - lasting for 4 to 6 hours. It produces a gust of wind which is suitable for walking, outing or having a picnic. 

Low speed - lasting for 7 to 10 hours, the gentle breeze would be the right choice for taking a nap at home or enjoying natural breathing at the office. 

You may know, all the fans are powered by a built-in pure copper motor, which will produce a loud noise. The good news is that this fan reduces less vibrating sound significantly with a special noise reduction technology, and you won't be bothered by the noise anymore. In a quiet place such as a library, you'd better adjust the wind to the low speed. Because in my test, the wind at a middle and high speed sounds clear in the quiet places. 

( Ermm, the test mentioned above is boring, so let's look back at the neckband fan.)

In addition to hanging around the neck, the fan can also be placed on the desktop like the common fans. 

As long as you straighten the red part, the back base can be firmly placed on the desktop. Yep, it is suitable for studying, working in the office or dormitory, and taking a nap at the table. 

(My buddy, you know, air conditioners can't take the place of the natural wind from fans.)

Funnily enough, some girls asked me, "will this fan get your hairstyle?" As a boy, without long hair, I don't know if this problem would happen or not. We were all curious about the answer, so I gave this fan to a girl who has long hair to do a test. The moment she wore the fan on the neck, her worry was gone. 

So I dare say, this fan is not the only kind to boys, but also very friendly to girls. 

In summer, whether you are going to go to work, stay in dormitory, travel, hang out, this neckband fan will be your good companion. It can also be folded into the bag, and with this, you can easily beat the heatwave. 

Such a seemingly foolish neckband fan, is a must-have for this summer, haha! 

If you often ride a bike, climb a mountain, have a picnic, or hang out in a park (of course, your country is hot enough), you should hang this neckband fan around your neck.

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