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How Do I Kill Time at Home During The COVID-19 Outbreak?

How Do I Kill Time at Home During The COVID-19 Outbreak?

COVID-19 broke out all over the world. if we want to win this war, we should do our best not to go out at home, let alone socialize.

When we stay at home, we are fighting the virus.

When we stay at home, we are the soldiers who save the world.

I know that looking at the outside world every day is like a biochemical crisis. I feel anxious and fearful.

But the summer of 2020 will come as usual.

During this time, let's calm down and do something interesting.

The clever Chinese gave us a good example.

They play table tennis at home.

Teach cats advanced mathematics.

Fishing in a fish tank.

It's so cute!

Also, I think you can try to do the following things:

1. Watch movies

I like watching movies very much. 

I always wish I could watch at least two or three movies a week, but I was so busy at work that I didn't have time to watch many of the movies I saved. I finally had time to finish them!

I recommend using TV-BOX or projector.

It is absolutely appropriate to enjoy the visual and sound effects of the cinema at home.

You know, going to the cinema during this period of time is really not a wise choice. If you sit in a confined space for two hours, the risk of getting infected with COVID-19 is very high!

Xiaomi Mijia Mini 1080P Portable Projector (Youth Edition)



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2. Fitness

I have a fairly shapely figure, but I still keep running every day.

Of course, it is irresponsible for you or others to run outside now.

Fortunately, I bought a Xiaomi walking pad machine so that I could keep exercising at home.

Now I walk on the walking machine for two hours every day with wireless headphones.

Do you know? It makes me feel that I can live at the end of the world.

Yes, exercise is not only for the body, but also to maintain self-confidence, optimism and reduce anxiety.

WalkingPad C1 Foldable Fitness Walking Machine App Control Electric Gym Equipment from Xiaomi youpin



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3. Cooking

It is the happiest thing in the world to spend energy and time cooking a table for your family.

How long has it been since you spent time with your family?

Guys, this is a good time!

By the way, do you have any recipes? The comments tell me!

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4. DIY

Last year, I bought a 3D printer on a whim, but it was left in the corner of the storage room.

Watching the news the other day, several volunteers in Italy saved lives with 3D printers. It was so exciting.

So I took the Alfaise 3D printer out of my locker and tried to print something.

I referred to the tutorials on the website and quickly printed out some models.

This is amazing! 

I heard it takes 21 days to develop a hobby. After this epidemic, can I become a master of 3D printing?

Let's wait and see.

Alfawise U20 Large Scale 2.8 inch Touch Screen DIY 3D Printer - EU



Do you have any other interesting ideas?

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