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I Bet You Couldn’t Find Any Graphics Pen Tablet More Cost-effective Than VEIKK A50!

I Bet You Couldn’t Find Any Graphics Pen Tablet More Cost-effective Than VEIKK A50!

Do you want to find the best graphic pen tablet on the market? You can take a look at the VEIKK A50. This drawing tablet is very popular among many people today. It is produced by the VEIKK brand. It is a famous brand that produces a lot of graphic tablets and display screens. There are a lot of useful products that are offered by this company.

This company is located in Shenzhen, China. Several products come in many different sizes. All products can be used for the game, editing any images, designing any logo or other design, and creating some artistic products. 

Features of VEIKK A50

a. Accurate sensor

It is an essential feature of this tablet. This ultra-thin tablet drawing panel has an accurate sensor that can detect any movements. This sophisticated pressure sensor can sense the overall pressure of class 8192. 

When you use VEIKK A50, you can create smooth, delicate, and natural lines. Therefore, this device is suitable for you who love drawing any beautiful and detailed images. 

b. Smart touch control

If you are looking for the best feature from this device, you can take a look at this feature. It has smart touch control with the multi-gesture operating system. Its blind touch plate can support a single and two-finger touch operating system. 

As a result, this device can be used to improve the overall work efficiently for all users. VEIKK A50 has multiple functions, including creating a large painting area, choosing a small brush, choosing a broad brush, and modifying the painting area. 

c. Easy to use with 8 shortcut keys

It is effortless for you to use this feature, especially when you are using this VEIKK A50 drawing panel. There are 8 shortcut keys that are available on the surface of this drawing tablet. Each standard function can meet all different needs at different times. 

All buttons are made with groove design that can offer a comfortable experience for all users. Several items are supplied by VEIKK A50, including brush tool, sucker tool, move tool, paste, copy, cancel, save, and gripper tool. 

d. Smart technology with a fast and responsive system

It is another recommended feature that you can find from this drawing panel. VEIKK A50 has smart technology that can provide smart chip and professional protection. You can use its stylus pen without using the battery or charger. 

This stylus pen can also repair any lines automatically. This drawing panel has a quick read and responsive system. It has up to 250 points per second read speed. This technology is specially used to ensure smooth lines and creation. 

e. Ultra-thin design

When using this thin tablet drawing panel, VEIKK A50, you can feel comfortable. It has an ultra-thin design with about 0.9 cm thickness. This compact design allows you to use this smart drawing panel at any time you want quickly. 

This modern device also has a lightweight design that is about 540 grams. It is easy for you to bring this ultra-thin tablet drawing panel to any place you want. Its portable design is trendy among many people now. 


If you are ready to create a beautiful design with this ultra-thin tablet drawing panel, you can take a look at it today. VEIKK A50 can offer the best experience for all customers. 

This device has about 10 inches of screen size. Its portable design allows you to bring this tablet drawing panel at any time you want. During this flash sale period, this digital tablet drawing panel, VEIKK A50, is available for only $52.99. 

VEIKK A50 0.9cm Ultra-thin Digital Tablet Drawing Panel 8192 Pressure Sensitivity



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