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[COUPON Included] Alfawise A80 BD1280 Smart Projector Turns Your Bedroom Wall into a TV Screen. SO EASY!

[COUPON Included] Alfawise A80 BD1280 Smart Projector Turns Your Bedroom Wall into a TV Screen. SO EASY!

Here's the Alfawise A80 2800 Lumens BD1280 Smart Projector with LCD Display.

When you get down to watch TV, you would have always wonder what enjoyment if the TV screen was not small. But the big TV screens cost too much. 

The installment issues of TV and maintenance always leads you into terrible mental chaos. But you do not need to worry about these issues anymore. Just bring home Alfawise A80 2800 Lumens small projector. 

Irreplaceable superiority:

Given below are some reasons why to choose Alfawise A80 projector for your needs.

It has an LED lamp that operates on 60 W power, producing a brightness of 2800 lumens. With such small usage of power and such excellent brightness. It is a budget-friendly in terms of electricity bills. 

This brightness not only makes it convenient for a big audience but also gives an edge over other projectors in the market in such a price range. 

Moreover, this projector lasts for 30,000 hours. The projector is completely safe for eyes.

Alfawise A80, as an affordable projector, has a native resolution of 1280 x 720. 

Not only this, but Alfawise A80 projector has resolution support of 1920x1080P / 60Hz. A user can watch pictures without losing anything. 

All thanks to the compatibility with the 16:9 / 4:3 aspect ratio and the throw ratio of 1.38:1. The high native resolution of 1280 x 720 and the big projection size make you immersed in the movie. 

The device is capable of projecting large size pictures, i.e., from 28 inches to 180 inches! It can be done by placing the projector within 1.2m to 5.5m distance from the output screen or a wall. 

So, in simple terms, it is easy to adjust for enjoying more wide images!

The new LCD Panel 4 inch 1280 x 720 pixels, increases picture brightness by 15 percent while holding the convenient size. This new computerized friend is progressively reasonable for your family room. 

It isn't just a game center that takes into account a wide range of game consoles, but also a versatile theater.

Design Highlights:

It has the latest HD LCD technology, 4-inch LCD chip, and 1280 x 720 resolution. The material used in its composition is ABS, Glass, and Metal. 

Unlike other projectors, it has a metal body that increases its durability and protection.

The type of display is LCD. That makes it look like if you are using a real LCD screen. The LCD screen is provided in many other projectors but is an expensive option.

Now regarding the connectivity options, one can connect multiple devices with the projector. It has a good collection of interface ports to connect external devices like Audio Out Port, AV, DC, HDMI, USB, and VGA.

It has a unique industrial design, simple and elegant looking, perfect for home use, classroom, conference room, gaming, and video editing. Its design makes it fit for your workspace. 

It only takes a little corner in your house, taking small space and is lightweight as compared to other projectors. It can be easily carried and placed anywhere you want.

Practical Performance:

This projector, unlike other projectors, is unique in its function compared to its price. Manual focus and keystone projection +/- 15 degrees make it prominent in the market. Also, it is portable and can be placed on the table, attached to the ceiling for classrooms and conferences.

1.2 - 5.5m projecting distance, suitable for every room big or small.

Along with 15% brighter pictures, it also has a brightness of 2800 lumens and Contrast Ratio of 2200:1. Generally, if a room can be completely dark, like in a cinema, it will generate the perfect projection effect. 

As you know, that's nearly out of the question in our daily lives during the daytime, no matter at home or workplace.

It also allows a widescreen size comfortable for large audiences. The appealing thing about this projector for computer users and other professionals is its compatibility with a computer. It supports the resolution of 1920 x 1080P, 60Hz. 

Such high screen resolution is not only the best choice for you but also a way for you to save money from buying expensive projectors that have the same resolution.

Image size of 28 - 180 inches enhances the view and is best for families or organizations who want to achieve such a large size in a low budget.

In the market, many mini projectors and other projectors lack a built-in speaker. You have to attach speakers with the projector. It generates a mess of wires and a loss of time in dealing with them. 

For the use of the projector, you have to rely on speakers. But our Alfawise A80 has built-in speakers. It's a built-in speaker that sounds 32DB. In simple words, it has a cinema-style stereo mixing sound with an independent speaker cavity.

If you are looking for low-cost projectors, then you have to ignore most of the features. To get such features, projectors having them are costly and expensive. 

Like most of the low-cost projectors do not provide the facility of USB, TV stick, or game consoles but our Alfawise A80 does in inexpensive options. It is compatible with Computer, DVD, Laptop, Mobile phone, Tablet PC, TV, TV Box, TV Stick, U disk, game consoles, and Xbox. 

It is best for family TV or in classrooms or conference halls. Our projector provides advanced connectivity features such as Audio Out Port, AV, DC, HDMI, USB, and VGA.

The menu for its operating procedure and other queries is provided in 23 different languages, including Czech, German, English, Spanish, Greek, French, Croatia, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch. It makes it much convenient for non-English speakers also. 

If you are tired of using conventional TV screens, spending huge sums of money on them; the small TV screen does not give you enjoyment; you want to merge your computer, TV, gaming zone, and your professional work, then, do not wait, pick our projector and place an order. 

So, before choosing a projector, be smart and not just pay insufficient money for the brand name if you are getting the same quality product at a low cost.

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Alfawise A80 2800 Lumens BD1280 Smart Projector with LCD Display



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