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Going Viral On Instagram. What's The Magic Of The Rainbow Lamp? Even Cats Are Curious About It

Going Viral On Instagram. What's The Magic Of The Rainbow Lamp? Even Cats Are Curious About It

When I was little, every time I jumped to my feet when I saw a rainbow. “Wow, look! A rainbow is over there!” I expected something good to happen.

Only after I grew up did I know that the rainbow is just a natural phenomenon. 

So let me ask you a question: 

Now that it is a natural phenomenon, do you know how to make rainbows? 

This is the easiest way. Turn your back to the sun, spray water, or spout a mouthful of water mildly (Oh, please, don't spit). 

But no matter what method you use, the rainbow is short and fleeting. 

How to make such a beautiful rainbow last? 

Today, I would like to introduce to you a magical rainbow lamp for decoration and trendy selfie.

The light is hot on Instagram, and beautiful young ladies use it to take selfies. Wow, how attractive they look!

The cat could not help playing with the rainbow lamp. 

So cute!

Without a doubt, it is a new tool for taking selfies. 

You want it. What does the innovative rainbow lamp look like?

Let me show it to you. It's such a little thing.

Just load 4 AAA batteries (not included) on the bottom. 

Then, turn on the switch, and a colorful rainbow will be projected on the wall. 

Mummy, mummy, look! There's a rainbow in my room. 

Here are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. The colors are identical to the real rainbow.

You've got a permanent rainbow (unless the light runs out of juice).

The principle is easy to understand. Its five small LED bulbs extend the light to the prism in the middle. 

The prism turns these five colors into seven and reflects them onto the wall. (Emm, I learned about it in science class.) 

The rainbow lamp has two modes: 

Mode A: colors appear one by one;

Mode B: all colors appear immediately. 

Directly switch the button at the bottom of the rainbow lamp. 

Whether it's for decorating a room or taking a selfie, it's an excellent prop. 

The light is relatively soft, and even if the light shines on your eyes when you take a selfie, you won't feel it dazzling.

If not in use for 10 minutes, the rainbow lamp will turn off automatically, significantly prolonging the battery life.

Stay in fashion with the new tool for taking selfies.

Finally, I want to remind you of the last thing. Don't forget to prepare 4 AAA batteries in advance.

YWXLight Colorful Romantic Rainbow Night Light



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