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Under $400! The Best 3D Printer You Could Buy at This Price Point! Professionals or Amateurs, Build Your Works Easier!

Under $400! The Best 3D Printer You Could Buy at This Price Point! Professionals or Amateurs, Build Your Works Easier!

Artillery Sidewinder-X1 3D Printer is one of the most affordable 3D print that is currently available in the market. I decided to get one for myself because I love 3D printers and I was very curious about this product. 

It is a big, sturdy machine that has a sporting direct drive extruder system. It is highly voluminous, around 300 x 300 x 400 mm that is specifically designed to meet some significant challenges. 

I finally ordered one 3D printer. The package I received was around 780 x 540 x250 mm in size, which is definitely huge and weighs somewhere around 17-18 kg. The total package contains one 3D sidewinder, one USB disk, one prise. 

Artillery Sidewinder-X1 3D Printer is available in 110 volts and 220 volts which are very common working voltages in any part of the world. 

Even though this 3D printer comes in 95% assembled condition but I faced quite a lot of difficulty while assembling the Artillery Sidewinder-X1 3D Printer. However, after some time, I finally figured out the exact assembling procedure and did it successfully. 

Another great thing that I found was the brand claims high-quality, accurate printing print quality which was not up to the mark. Plus, I found this printer pretty much useful. 

What makes Artillery Sidewinder-X1 3D Printer the best?

·Easy installation- I faced no issue at all while installing Artillery Sidewinder-X1 3D Printer because over 95% of the product was preassembled. The 3D printer has a robust framework with a full aluminum frame.

·Super silent- Additionally, what I have found in very few 3D printers is its exceptional silent performance. Artillery Sidewinder-X1 3D Printer has super silent stepper drivers and a direct drive extruder with a dual Z-axis and a TFT touch screen. 

·Standard building volume- Artillery Sidewinder-X1 3D Printer indeed has a large print size like 300x300x400 mm with a maximum 150mm/sprint speed. However, I was super impressed with its accuracy level.

·Direct Drive system- Any 3D printer has a Direct drive system or a Bowden extruder, hot and cold ends, nozzle sizes, and material used. 

Artillery Sidewinder-X1 3D Printer has a direct drive system with a direct extruder for better and more consistent print quality than those with a Bowden extruder. This is especially true when you print with flexible materials like TPU.

·Fast heating bed- I consider this particular 3D printer as the best printer because it has a pleasant super-quick heating technology. It can heat up to 80 degrees Celsius in just two minutes which is kind of amazing. 

·User-friendly- The best thing that I must not miss out about Artillery Sidewinder-X1 3D Printer is it's simple and easy to use settings. It is only because of the two existing recovery functions that are present in this 3D printer that prevents the occurring of any defects or faults due to power outage and filament jitter. 

·Affordable- The last most crucial aspect of Artillery Sidewinder-X1 3D Printer is its pocket-friendly price. I have no idea how the manufacturer provides such improved features within this budget. I was very much impressed with this particular 3D model. 

Artillery Sidewinder is available just within $400, $100 more affordable than Creality CR-10S Pro with similar features, which is unbelievable!

My Favorite Features

Right after purchasing Artillery Sidewinder-X1 3D Printer, I was like super excited to use this printer. So after using it for a month, I found the printer very useful and efficient. 

It has a much synchronized Dual Z system that helps in improving the overall stability during the printing process for better and more consistent print quality. Additionally, its recovery functions also help in detecting unusual situations like detecting power loss or recovering power.

I was so happy that this 3D printer could detect filament runout and can also recover the situation. It is an essential feature that should be incorporated in maximum 3D printers to achieve the best result. 

Now, these are some exciting features that Artillery Sidewinder-X1 3D Printer consists and has made it stand out than any other 3D printers that are available in the market right now. 

The Verdict
Therefore, anyone who wants a high precision super friendly 3D printer can blindly choose Artillery Sidewinder-X1 3D Printer. I would recommend this model to everyone because you can get such an updated model just within $400! Can you imagine?

So don't waste your time and place an order for the latest Artillery Sidewinder-X1 3D Printer and grab it before it goes out of stock!

Artillery Sidewinder-X1 3d printers High Precision Large Plus Size 3d printer Dual Z axis TFT Touch



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