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Xiaomi Wiha Zu Hause Electric Power Screwdriver with Adjustable RPM and Type-C for Quick Charge

Xiaomi Wiha Zu Hause Electric Power Screwdriver with Adjustable RPM and Type-C for Quick Charge

The electric power screwdriver is easy-to-use and labor-saving, suitable for a variety of scenarios.

Xiaomi wiha might remind you of the 8-in-1 ratchet screwdriver kit released earlier. These practical products leave a good impression on a lot of people’s mind. Is there anything special about wiha zu Hause?

Let’s have a look today. 

The package of wiha zu Hause electric power screwdriver is exquisite. 

In the package is a black case, which includes a screwdriver, stainless steel bits, USB Type-C cable, extension rod, and so on. The case is compact for easy carrying. 

In terms of the appearance, wiha zu Hause screwdriver looks like the ratchet screwdriver. 

However, the former doesn’t have a hidden holder, but a USB Type-C charging port. 

Thus, charging becomes more conveniently. 

Similar to electric screwdrivers launched earlier, wiha zu Hause is also powered by electricity. The “Up” and “Down” triangular button is for CW and CCW rotation. The button under them is the mode switch. 

Although they are relatively hard to be pressed down, these buttons have raised patterns for more convenience. 

Please note that when you push the Start button, the LED lights on both sides will turn on. 

If you want the lights to be steady on, push down the mode switch.

wiha zu Hause electric power screwdriver comes with a total of 8 bits which have yellow and green rings. 

They apply to 1Nm and 0.4Nm torque. If the LED on the handle is green, use a green bit; if yellow, use a yellow one. 

The eight standard bits fit with all screws used in our daily life. 

You can use the screwdriver to dismantle TVs, washing machines, electric cookers, juicers, etc. The application range is so vast.

Thanks to the electric power, the wiha screwdriver makes your work easier. Additionally, it can pause automatically. When the torque reaches the highest level, the rotation will stop. By then, you only need to tighten the screw slightly. The design is thoughtful. 

The crowdfunding for the electric power screwdriver is succeeded, and the product is to be on sale soon. If you need an electric power screwdriver, you might check it out.

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