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Xiaomi Aqara N100 vs. Aqara S2 Pro Review: The Best Upgraded HomeKit Enabled Smart Door Lock is at Half the Price of Aqara S2

Xiaomi Aqara N100 vs. Aqara S2 Pro Review: The Best Upgraded HomeKit Enabled Smart Door Lock is at Half the Price of Aqara S2

Among the Xiaomi Ecological Chain is Aqara, a self-owned brand launched about three years ago. Aqara has been recognized as one of the top first-line brands globally due to its release of products having excellent design and high quality. Aqara brand operates with a single device application that covers several products such as home automation systems, sensors, intelligent controllers, among others. Also, the brand performs with mobile apps and high-end advanced analysis platform, which are developed by Aqara itself.

However, among several exciting developments from Xiaomi Aqara is the smart door lock. While this invention has been used in several luxurious houses in recent years, no product has been made as really affordable as those from the Xiaomi Aqara. These products ensure that house owners do not have to worry about illegal break-in by unwanted visitors or issues of forgetting keys inside the house. More so, Xiaomi smart door locks possess fingerprint feature for unlocking the door. Other available modes of opening doors through the Xiaomi door locks include the use of a password, NFC, or electric keys.

As with other products from Xiaomi coming out in different models, there are various models of the Xiaomi Bluetooth keyless entry locks. Such models include the Aqara S2 Pro Smart Door lockAqara S2 Fingerprint intelligent door lock, and Aqara N100 Smart Door lock. All these models possess impressive and modern door lock features and systems which ensure that the house remains safe and secured at all times. However, even though these models feature some similar attributes, there are a few slight differences that make each product stands out among the rest, not to mention their specific prices.

Among the new smart door lock released from the Xiaomi is the Aqara N100 intelligent door lock. This smart lock line is the first smart door lock to utilize dual security chip from Mijia and Apple. Also, it features a shockproof metal structure and fingerprint scanner. The touchscreen property with a dial on this product makes it really easy to use. Furthermore, it is designed with a smoke sensor and NFC chip that allows users to unlock the door with a smartphone or a bell. All these and several other qualities are what make the Aqara N100 smart door lock worth considering for purchase. However, to understand the real value of this product better, let’s compare it with another outstanding model from Xiaomi, namely the Aqara S2 Pro. Enjoy reading! 

Xiaomi Aqara N100 vs. Aqara S2 Pro review: specifications, features, price

Xiaomi Aqara N100 vs. Aqara S2 Pro: Specifications

Aqara N100 smart door lock and Aqara S2 Pro are two intelligent locks featuring many high-end specifications and qualities. Starting from appearance, the two models are designed in a sleek black structure with smart lock features. The Aqara N100 is designed using the aluminium alloy one-piece structure and made with an IML scratch-resistant panel. Within the product is a reliable clutch motor made in Japan. Also, both Aqara N100 and Aqara S2 Pro are powered by 8 x AA battery; however, while the Aqara S2 Pro utilizes 6V DC, the Aqara N100 smart door lock battery features 5V DC (Type-C emergency power supply). Also, the two products are designed to use fingerprints, permanent passwords, but only the recently released Aqara N100 uses NFC devices ad periodic temporary passwords. 

Concerning the product’s working temperature, Aqara N100 is designed to take in higher temperature as it can perform within a temperature range of -25◦C to +70◦C. On the other hand, Aqara S2 Pro will work effectively under a temperature of -20◦C to 55◦C. Also, both products can work at a high humidity as Aqara S2 Pro can work within a humidity range of 10 to 90 percent while the Aqara N100 is designed to function between 0 to 93 percent humidity range without no condensation.

While Aqara N100 measures 4.2kg in weight, Aqara S2 Pro is weightier with its 7.122kg. However, both products have a similar dimension with a slight difference; Aqara S2 Pro measures 37cm by 7.50cm by 2.50cm while Aqara N100 has a size of 38cm by 7.60cm by 2.50cm. Nevertheless, the two products are durable, sturdy, and designed with a sleek appearance.

Xiaomi Aqara N100 vs. Aqara S2 Pro Features

Aqara N100 and Aqara S2 Pro are designed with some remarkable features worth knowing. First off, while the Aqara S2 Pro features a living-fingerprint technology, there is also a 3D fingerprint recognition feature designed with the Aqara N100 smart lock. These fingerprints technology on the two models are precise, accurate, and unlock with a single step. Also, both models are capable of being unlocked with passwords as they feature touchscreen and dial option to enter a personalized password. However, only the Aqara N100 smart door lock is capable of both permanent and temporary password.

Furthermore, the two models can be opened using a mechanical key. But, compared to the Aqara S2 Pro, the Aqara N100 uses NFC as a special unlocking option with Xiaomi phones, latest smartwatches, and Mi Band 4. Additionally, it can be unlocked using smart Homekit and mobile phone Bluetooth as it has a Bluetooth 5.0 communication protocol

Furthermore, while Aqara S2 Pro is capable of checking the lock status using APP real-time monitoring system, Aqara N100 is even capable of something much more as it does check not only the state of the door lock but also keep the record of opening the lock.

Also, it is worth noting that both Aqara N100 and Aqara S2 Pro features a counter lock button and emergency power supply unit. Users of Aqara S2 Pro will benefit from the anti-peeping virtual password, and the anti-cat’s eye unlock design of the product. 

Also, the right and left handle support of the Aqara S2 model is worthy of checking out. As for the Aqara N100 users, they can relish the use of a virtual password, lockpicking alarm, remote linkage alarm, unlock alarm and low battery alarm as part of the product’s extreme safety protocol. Also, this model features a customized PB fingerprint identification algorithm and Class C mechanical lock core

Additionally, on the back of the Aqara N100 smart door lock is master control. Finally, the most intriguing attribute of the Aqara N100 is that it is smart lock Homekit enabled as it supports MI Home App and Apple Homekit.

Xiaomi Aqara N100 vs. Aqara S2 Pro Price

A unit of Xiaomi Aqara S2 Pro is available at $259.00. In contrast, the much improved Aqara N100 smart door lock is available with a recommended retails price of $243.22. However, the great news is that this product is currently available at half-price of $189.99 during the flash sale period. 

A Comparison Table between the Aqara N100 Smart door lock and Aqara S2 Pro Smart door lock


Aqara N100 Smart door lock

Aqara S2 Pro Smart door lock


38cm x 7.60cm x 2.50cm

37cm x 7.50cm x 2.50cm




Battery capacity

8 x AA battery

8 x AA battery




Working Temperature

-25◦C to +70◦C

-20◦C to 55◦C

Working Humidity

0 to 93 percent (No condensation)

10 to 90 percent

Fingerprint recognition



Permanent Password



Temporary Password



Mechanical key






Anti-cat unlock design



Price (Flash sale price)

$243.22 ($189.99)



Xiaomi Aqara N100: what’s different with smart locks that work with Apple HomeKit?

The most impressive and powerful performance of the Xiaomi Aqara N100 lies in its ability to operate using applications. Excitingly, this smart door lock is designed to use Mi Home App on Xiaomi smartphone products, and also the Apple Homekit to work with Apple phone products. Therefore, it is capable of being connected with several smartphone devices compared to most other intelligent door locks. 

By using the apps on the supported smartphones, Aqara N100 users can automatically lock their doors or unlock it. Also, with the app, you can remotely view door lock status and record. Anytime an illicit or unwanted visitor tries to open the door, the user will be notified instantly through the app.

Xiaomi Aqara N100 vs. Aqara S2 Pro: which smart home security lock is more worth buying? 

Obviously, the two Aqara locks are sophisticated, secured, and well-structured locks for homes. Both models offer durability, smart home security, and tranquillity to users. However, with the highlighted specifications and features above, it is evident that the Xiaomi Aqara N100 is an upgraded and refined model compared to the Aqara S2. That aside, despite the enhanced features of the Aqara N100, it is available at Half-price of the Aqara S2 Pro. At this point, we believe that it is safe to conclude that Xiaomi Aqara N100 is a more worth buying option between the two models.

Lastly, if you would to place an order for your Aqara N100 Smart door lock at a flash sale price today, click on here. However, if you feel you prefer the Aqara S2 Pro for one reason or another, visit here. Also, you can click on here or here to check out other Xiaomi Aqara smart door locks

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