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Under $60! This FPV Drone Will Help You Produce Eye-catching HD Blockbusters That Will Win Likes on Instagram and YouTube

Under $60! This FPV Drone Will Help You Produce Eye-catching HD Blockbusters That Will Win Likes on Instagram and YouTube

Have you ever wanted to capture those HD aerial images, but couldn't afford to buy a drone?!

We all have been there. When on vacation, and the view is spectacular, we have to have that aerial shot, the only way we could do that is via a drone. Unfortunately, most of the drones on the market are pretty expensive, and those that are within our budget range are terrible with very low quality. 

Fortunately, that is not the case here. With the SG106 WiFi drone, you can have the experience of which you have always dreamed. The 4K version of the SG106 Drone is sold for a price that is less than $60, yes, you read that writes under $60. That means you get a 4K camera resolution for a price that is less than $60. 

The SG106 RC drone is the best affordable alternative to the DJI Spark drone, with its low budget and a high-quality camera, this is the best deal. This Drone also has all the intelligent flight modes that will help you produce eye-catching HD blockbusters that will win likes on Instagram and YouTube alike.

Irreplaceable Superiority

The SG106 is a quadcopter that is packed with superb specifications compared to its very affordable price. 

The SG106 drone is one of the best drones under $100 in 2019. It is packed with tons of features that make it a superb option for beginners, and anyone who is interested in aerial photography and videography. 

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to get a drone with a good camera for a price that is less than $60. However, the SG106 RC Quadcopter Drone offers you a spectacular 4K camera for that price range. Unlike the DJI Spark drone that comes for a price of over $300. The SG106 Drone is packed with many intelligent features that make it the best affordable choice option on the market.

Not only has that, but the SG106 Drone comes with a 3.7V 1600 mAh Lipo Battery, which is more than what the DJI Spark offers (1400 mAh). The SG106 has a flight time up to 22 minutes with a single charge, unlike the DJI Spark that has a flight time of only 16 minutes.

At a lower cost, you can get longer control range, if you go for SG106 Drone. The SG106 Drone also features the ability to control it via your smartphone, just like the DJI Spark drone.

Design Aspects

When you first look at the SG106 Drone, you will immediately see how professionally the SG106 Drone is designed. It comes in a jet-black color coating (also available in white color) that surrounds its body hull. 

When you look at the body of the SG106 Drone, you will find it is designed to be a bullet. This helps the SG106 Drone to fly smoothly in the air, as the bullet-like design pierces the air in a way that minimizes the resistance of air, thus making the flight as smooth as possible. 

Moreover, the SG106 Drone comes packed with a 1600 mAh battery that can provide you with up to 22 minutes of continuous flying. Activating the SG106 Drone is quite simple, with just a push of a button you can activate the SG106 Drone. 

The SG106 comes with dual WiFi HD cameras that can transmit video in real-time. Moreover, it features an intelligent mode called One Key Following, which allows the SG106 Drone to follow the person wherever they go. In that way, you can have that spectacular selfie you have always wanted.

In addition, the SG106 features Gesture Shooting, which allows you to take photos with simple hand gestures without any complications.

Not only that but the SG106 features tons of new intelligent modes such as:

√ Waypoint Flight with which you can plan a flight line ahead.

√ 360-degrees Flip Function; in that mode with just one button, you can see an aerobatic flight course.

√ G-sensor Control, with which you can control your flight direction by simply tilting your smartphone.


When you think of buying a drone, one of the main features you think about is the flying performance of the SG106 drone. For the SG106 Quadcopter Drone, flying performance is as follows:

√ The SG106 Drone offers a UHD stable camera performance. 

√ It has a simple interface to its smartphone application.

√ Taking a photo and a video is done via one button for each.

√ The SG106 Quadcopter offers stability for its videos via a system called Optical Flowing System.

√ It features a Smart Portrait Recognition follow mode, which along the Dual WiFi cameras offers spectacular image quality and photo accuracy.

√ The 1080p Wide Angle HD camera featured, offers a very wide angle of 120-degrees.

√ The cameras are of high resolution, low distortion, and have low dispersion.

√ The SG106 Drone has an easy learning curve to it, which makes it suitable for beginners.

√ It has automatic takeoff and landing. 

√ It is safe to be handled by kids.

√ The strong propulsion force it is capable of delivering makes it a suitable drone for indoor and outdoor activities.

Another strong feature that the SG106 Drone provides is the upgraded Optical Flowing System. It is a feature that allows the drone to regulate its altitude level by adjusting the air pressure. If any change in air pressure is noticed, the SG106 Drone will automatically adjust the pressure so that it appears in videos and photos that the drone is flying steadily. 

In addition, the remote controller provided with the SG106 Drone has a spectacular performance. It is lightweight, built with high-end materials, durable, and has good usability. It has foldable arms, which allows you to attach your mobile phone for a live video feed of what you are capturing.


The SG106 Drone is a superb quality camera drone. It is very affordable and durable. If you are in the business of photography or videography and are looking for a drone to capture some aerial shots, then the SG106 is your best choice. 

The quality level of its camera is unmatched within this price range; you really cannot find any competitor that can match the quality of images and videos this drone produces. 

All of that combined with a flight time of 22 minutes, makes the SG106 RC Drone the best choice there is for anyone who wants to enter the world of drones.

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