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T16 True Wireless Headset Out Of The Box Experience

T16 True Wireless Headset Out Of The Box Experience

The Youpin’s new Haylou T16 true wireless active noise reduction headphones are being crowdfunded at a price of more than 69.99 USD. about this price we can say is very cost-effective so is interested me.
In my opinion, this is a sleek and simple headset with complete functions with an excellent hearing and active noise reduction technology.

The Haylou T16 is very comfortable you will fell that when wearn it so it is suitable for fitness or running also for watching movies or playing games. Of course it's also has the effect of low latency.

The packaging of the headset is simple. The black pattern on the white background highlights the product's appearance.

There are various information's about the Haylou earphone on the back. It has the characteristics of in-ear detection, seamless switching between single and double ears, ANC active noise reduction, AAC high-definition sound quality, wireless charging, CCAW copper-clad aluminum voice coil, and second connection when opening the cover. 
In the lower right corner you can see multiple mandatory certification marks like, FCC, CE, and RoHS so those marks are a manifestation of quality assurance.

You can just pull sideways and open the cover to see the headset and battery compartment. It is stored in a shaping manner, which is convenient and stable so don't be afraid of bumps when you carry it.

You can see the simplicity and elegance of the Haylou T16 design, it is small and light. So when you go out, you can put it in your pockets and bags. The surface is made of composite material with fine grain processing, which makes it feel delicate and comfortable, but it is easier to stain fingerprints. it is only available in black color, and the logo has a glossy effect looming in the light, swinging a few times like the heart beating all the time.

The Haylou T16 headset has a single battery life of up to 6 hours, and a total of 30 hours of battery life with the charging compartment. 
You can listen to music for 3 hours a day, and there is still power remaining in a week. In addition, it also supports wireless charging, which can be charged on the go, pick up and put down to get rid of the wire bondage. 
While being convenient, it can bring long-term use and convenient replenishment effects when traveling on business.

The charging compartment used are a USB type-C charging port, which is a very convenient and efficient replenishment method. There is no need to prepare an extra micro USB cable. you can use your mobile phone charging cable type-C to charge Haylou T16.

There is laser-marked product information's content on the back, and the bottom is still clear and smooth.

The operation of opening and closing the box is easy and stable. The inner contact part can be seen gold-plated. This makes it have an efficient circuit system.

When used, the effect is almost continuous after opening the lid, which can be said to be highly efficient.
The connection scheme uses Bluetooth 5.0+LDS laser antenna, which brings stable connection between the Haylou T16 and your Smartphone, which can effectively transmit about 30 meters, and has low power consumption and low latency, so you will not feel that there is a delay when you play games.

This headset is the main selling point of the core technology of active noise reduction. It is equipped with Hybrid-35dB active noise reduction. It has a pair of high-sensitivity microphones that can receive and deal with external noise in real time. This is more practical and efficient.
The depth of noise reduction can reach up to 35dB. In use, I experienced the excellent noise reduction effect on the road with surging people.

It can be seen that it uses a mature tube-in-ear structure, which is stable to wear and not easy to fall and has a significant noise reduction effect. The ergonomic angle and skin-friendly and comfortable silicone make it extremely comfortable to wear for a long time. In addition, it is equipped with six pairs of ear caps to perfectly cater to various auricles of different sizes, satisfying the wearing experience of every users.

Haylou T16 uses the same chip as Sony WF-1000XM3 and supports AAC audio decoding. Whether it is Android or Apple. you can hear high-fidelity sound quality, so that good voices can sing at any time. But unfortunately, it is a small pity that this kind of high-end 69.99 USD headset is not equipped with aptx, but the price is still crazy?

The design of the intelligent dual host makes the troubles such as stuck and disconnected no longer exist, and the left and right ears can be switched at any time, doing whatever you want.

The CCAW copper-clad aluminum voice coil configuration is common in headphones of more than 69.99 USD and the Haylou T16 has worked hard in this part. Coupled with the acoustic golden curve as the tuning base, the sound quality has been significantly improved so the sound range is wider, the details are richer, and the sound is more penetrating.

This is an accessory bag, with separate pouches. Haylou is much more mindful than those messy brands.

In addition to listening considerations, of course playing games indispensable. Haylou T16 can always meet what you need and what you think. With the support of the high-efficiency Bluetooth solution, the delay can achieve non-inductive operation. Tap the headset 3 times to turn on the low-latency mode, and you can have the effect of audio and picture synchronization when watching movies, it also allows you to operate more accurately, which is equivalent to seeing is hearing.

Stable and comfortable wearing is suitable for outdoor sports, and IPX5 waterproof level can be used in humid environments. Of course, sweating profusely in activities such as running and fitness is no problem.

In terms of hearing, the sound is relatively clear and natural, and the sound effect is also very delicate, crisp and full. This is due to its good configuration. As mentioned above, HAYLOU T16 has similar configurations to other big-name high-priced headphones. Of course, these are all due to the golden curve tuning + CCAW voice coil + AAC audio decoding that just mentioned above. there are trade-offs but Haylou T16 insists that both are indispensable.

There are many bright spots to use after connecting to the APP. Haylou T16 also supports map positioning. And its accuracy is very high. Therefore, if you lose your headset carelessly, you can easily getting it back. In addition, there are 4 modes to choose from, including penetration, outdoor, and ambient sound, which can better meet the individual needs of users.

After this period of time, it can be said that Haylou T16 is really provide good value for money. The price of a few dollars has the configuration effect of very expensive headphones. Therefore, you can choose to wear it when playing games, sports or enjoying music.It can be said that it is difficult to find such a versatile but only more than 69.99 USD in the market. Of course, the above are all based on my personal experience. I recommend friends who are interested or want to try. Try it, I am sure that you will like it.

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