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Unboxing The Debuted Xiaomi Mi Men's Sports Shoes 3

Unboxing The Debuted Xiaomi Mi Men's Sports Shoes 3

On August 26, the debut sales of the latest Xiaomi Mi Men's Sports Shoes 3 began. As Mi Men's Sports Shoes 2 (159 yuan, or $22.2) are well-received, in addition to the attractive price of 199 yuan ($27.79), the new sports shoes are worth buying. 

I've just received the product thanks to a Chinese friend.

The shoes have a composite midsole and feature the Uni-Moulding 2.0 to reduce vibration and improve the comfort. Three colors are available for you to choose. They are ideal for various occasions. 


The package is very simple, made of pure kraft paper. There is only a label on it. What I've chosen is a gray one.

According to the user manual, the shoes can be machine washed, which is fantastic!

The upper is a flying woven mesh, backed by 3D printed parts which are perfectly integrated. They might deform over time. 

The upper is breathable, as you can find that some light enters inside. 

The first half features the FreeTie 3D structure, as you can see from the lattice in the photo. It is similar to Boost.

The FREE FORCE midsole is thick. I don't know which materials it uses.

Look at the bottom, and you can find green torsion-resistant balance sheet. Thanks to such a design, you will feel soft and comfortable without losing balance.

The TPU balance sheet on the heelpiece is rather thick. 

However, the insole is not that thick.

Overall Feeling

I usually wear a size of 43. The shoes fit me well. The first impression that they leave on me is that the upper wraps my feet well. 

Although the sole is a bit hard, especially the midsole, this pair of sports shoes is satisfying. The hardness might result from the use of the FreeTie structure instead of EVA. 

Moreover, I think the shoes are heavier than my sneakers and plimsolls. However, in comparison, a pair of Mi Sports Shoes 3 is in the same weight as two pairs of Skechers air-cooled shoes. 


The shoes are worth every penny of $27.79 since you can get a sole with FreeTie accounting for 50 %, the flying woven mesh, and the fishbone. 

I'm satisfied with the new sports shoes!

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