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Unbelievable! This 360 M301 Rearview Mirror Is A Hidden Dashcam Car DVR: “You Bad Guy, I Gotcha!”

Unbelievable! This 360 M301 Rearview Mirror Is A Hidden Dashcam Car DVR: “You Bad Guy, I Gotcha!”

The basic understanding that a security and surveillance system is incomplete without a digital video recorder (DVR) has led most automobile manufacturers to preinstall a DVR system in most of its brands, especially newer models, coming with a DVR system. 

If you’re planning to join the growing number of people who install a dashboard camera in a car, then you probably need to get the best that is available in the market. After all, a top-notch smart car DVR records the video and audio from security cameras and then stores it in an internal hard drive so that it will be viewed later. With a smart car DVR, you are sure of getting crisp and clear footage.

As the dashcam has grown to be one of the integral devices for vehicles running on the road, in most automobiles, a smart DVR is a common feature. However, how ‘smart’ can this car DVR be? What are the core features that are missing in these DVRs? All these have ushered in a new age of smart car DVRs with the most novel and high-end features like the 360 M301

These smart dash cams boast of been designed with great priority for your safety as well of that your car. Sporting features like a new rearview-looking WiFi camera, smart DVRs like the 360 M301 can collect data not just from the vehicle's environment, but also from the inside of the car.
With these new trends of dash cams, both the exterior and the interior of your car is covered. Even with its dual Wi-Fi camera, be rest assured of getting more clear footage for evidence, with ease of flow of data to your mobile device. 

What Makes The 360 M301 To Stand Out?

Of course, there are a whole lot of smart car DVRs in the market, but how many can stand in the face of the 360 M301’s outstanding blend of high tech features and great money value? Well, there’s definitely close to none. 360 M301 has the most astonishing features that make it one of the top buyer’s choice in the market, these include;

Image Quality

One constant fact that determines a great dash cam is the image quality. The image quality correlates to the number of details the camera can capture. The 360 M301 tacho uses a full high definition (FHD) with a resolution of 1080P. This FHD offers the best imaging experience.

 Also, the FHD 1080P is linked with 30 frames per second (fps). This is agreeably higher than the 25fps offered by most products. It is undoubtedly that high frame rates make for more fluid and realistic motion. The 30fps make for more smooth and clearer video quality. The unique built-in microphone captures the clearest audio quality in the segment.


Dual cameras designed in the rearview mirror gets a more detailed image and video evidence of what happens behind the car. Also, these dual cameras are positioned in the front to provide full frontal coverage. The dual camera tech is all in a bid to get a more wide coverage without undermining on image quality.

Angle Coverage

Moderation is beauty. 360 M301 dah cam car DVR fairly covers the right angles with its moderate angle lens. As a good number of dash cams comes with a 120 °, this basically makes for a limited angle of coverage. The more ambitious of the lots get as far as 170 ° wide angle

However, from the expert opinion on imaging lens, this far wide-angle coverage always returns images with distorted scenes. Most times, the video quality is always nothing to tell home. 

360 M301 tachograph is best described as one of the most modest dashcam smart car DVRs in the segment. Its 140 ° wide-angle lens is each focused on a particular direction to provide an excellent image and video quality while giving wide coverage as well.


360 M301’s smart car DVRs holds the international professional MSDS battery authentication. With the 360 M301, you need not worry about power, as its robust 470mAh battery capacity can keep your car cam security going for long before the next start.

Storage Capacity

Most dash cams offer limited external storage options. 360 M301 dash cam supports external expanded storage of up to 64 GB. This makes it viable for the unique dual-camera smart car DVR to cover over 24 hours of video without collision.

Other remarkable features of the 360 M301 dashcam smart car DVR is the WiFi rearview mirror with a camera that gets to share data on the go to the mobile phone APP. Also, the sensitive G- the sensor is ever able to offer all-round protection for you and your car by promptly responding to an emergency.

Getting The Best Dash Cam Car DVR

To make the safety features of your car complete, you need to get the 360 M301 Dashcam Car DVR. They can be no better way of guaranteeing pieces of evidence from theft or common road mishaps than with this unique car hidden camera. With its loads of standard features, the great thing about the 360 M301 is the high quality at a much affordable price!

360 M301 4.3 inch FHD 1080P Smart Car DVR Dual Camera WiFi 140 ° Wide Angle



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