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Yeelight YILAI YlXD05Yl 480 Smart Ceiling Light with Moonlight Mode

Excellent: Adjustable brightness and color temperature; Suitable for different scenarios; Moonlight Mode for natural and comfortable light during sleep.
Innovative: The ceiling light has a large light-emitting area. The light can reach the ceiling, which totally lights up the entire space of 20 square meters, and avoids missing any corner. Meanwhile, the 240 LED emitters make the color rendering index up to 95Ra for restoring the original colors of objects.
User Experience: The brightness and color temperature can be adjusted at will. The warm white light makes you feel warm and relaxing; whereas, the cold white light is bright and refreshing for better concentration on work. Additionally, the special Moonlight Mode is the softest and most comfortable light. It is an excellent choice for whom you care about, no matter kids or the elderly. View More View Less

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