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How to get through the massive blackout? Keep charged and connected along with Alfawise S420 Portable Power Station

How to get through the massive blackout? Keep charged and connected along with Alfawise S420 Portable Power Station

It's been almost a year after the 2018 Hokkaido blackout. But I still remember the bad feeling that plunged into darkness. 

More than a million homes in Japan's Northern Island of Hokkaido were without power two days after the earthquake. 

And it's not a case only happened once tens of years, almost every year earthquakes and tsunamis bring a power outage to coastal cities. 

However, how to minimize our spirit damage and get through the blackout days when these disasters do occur? 

I was inspired by the scene that our fellow villagers gathered to charge the mobile phones during the blackout. 

Why not keep a household or portable power station? So that our family could spend time playing mobile games as usual, even in the same room. 

Moreover, I could charge my mobile phone running out of juice not to miss any important calls. For example, I could tell my friends at a long distance, "Yes, I'm fine." 

Alfawise S420 portable power station is my final choice after some online researches. Mostly the power station costs $200-$600, the larger the capacity, the higher the price. 

And the S420 is excellent for me with many features and enough capacity, especially for its cost-effective price.

Why I guess you'll love Alfawise S420:
It has a lovely discounted price - $159.99, an LED flashlight, an easy-carrying handle, 5 safety protections, 10 outlets, 222Wh capacity, and the ability to use solar panels to recharge.


- Built-in LED flashlight with SOS mode

- Multiple safety protections

- Offers 10 outlets

- With an easy-carrying handle

- Can be recharged via solar panels

- Easy operation with LCD display

- At a low discounted price, under $160


- 222Wh capacity, not ideal for multi-day camping trips

What impressed me the most is its portable design, smaller than I thought it was. 241x128x125mm, as compact as a portable 2-layered bento box. Alfawise S420 power station weighs 2.2kg (just over 5 pounds), lightweight to carry, about 10 times weight of my mobile phone. 

Thanks to its chic appearance with a handle, when you take this energy station in hand, you may feel like carrying a handbag or something else like a mini sound recorder.

Alfawise S420 offers 222-watts (it's referred to 20000mAh/11.1V, 60000mAh/3.7V in the page). Compared to $600 power station, it may be short of capacity, but it provides more electricity capacity than those at the same or higher price. 

It was described to recharge mobile phones 20 times or up. I was a bit skeptical at the ads, so I did a test as soon as I received the power station. 

As a result, it offers my iPhone 8 recharges 16 times and iPhone 5s recharges 20 times. According to the testing result, S420 power station kept its words.

Additionally, Alfawise S420 still offers 10 outlets, 4 USB ports (with one USB QC 3.0 port and one Type C QC 3.0 port), 4 DC outlets, and 2 universal AC outlets. 

It means that you can not only quickly charge your phone and tablet, but also charge your laptop, camera, small fan, light, mini cooler, drone, TV in case of emergency. 

A420 provides more outlets than other power station at a lower price, proving that the lower price won't dramatically cheapen the experience. 

Enough about what it does the same, let's move on to its multifunctional capacity. With 2 LED flashlights, Alfawise S420 not just allows you to power your appliances, but it can also be a nightlight during the blackout. It might be a life-saving light to send out SOS when you get lost in hiking. 

Not only so, but you could also feel at ease to use the power station because of its multiple safety protections.

As mentioned above, although 222Wh capacity is enough to get through a short-termed blackout, still not enough for longer trips. So how to charge the Alfawise S420 power station?

There are 3 ways to charge the S420 - recharged via solar panels, power adapter, car charger. In my experience, it took 13 to 22 hours to charge the power station via solar panels (in the sunny days), it charges 10 to 12 hours via the car charger and 9 to 11 hours with the power adapter.

There's one thing you should have noticed that the solar panel is not included. And you'd better prepare a solar panel in the trunk if you're going on a multi-day road trip. Thus, you can plug a solar panel directly into the power station and have it charged up by the evening. 

Whoa, what a steal, you fill the power station with free juice.

Last but not least, the easy button control and LCD display. As you can see, the operating panel enables you to know how's your power station going.

Whether you're seeking outdoor adventure, camping, weekend getaways, or living in an area with frequent blackouts, take an Alfawise S420 portable power station to keep all your small appliances juiced up! Charge your laptop, plug your instant pot in, your soundbox, and even your little fridge!

In sum, Alfawise S420 is a portable power station intended for outdoor recreations, like backpacking, camping, and Van or RV living, or even the prepper at home. 

Now, you can power up the fun at lakeside recreation, on-the-road trip, backyard party. Meanwhile, you can have the power to keep all of your cameras, smartphones, and party devices charged. 

Anyway, I'm going to get ready for the next blackout.

Here's a postscript by Gearbest editor-

Tip for Japanese users:
The product will be shipped out immediately if you order the Japan Plug version and write your address in Japanese. Thus, you can receive it in 2 - 7 business days. 

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