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How to Choose a Smart Ceiling Light? You Better Read This Guide Before You Buy It

How to Choose a Smart Ceiling Light? You Better Read This Guide Before You Buy It

The fast-paced lifestyle of the current millennium supports working smart but not hard. The minimalistic approach targets to bring convenience into our standards of living with the least demand of up keeping, thereby improving cost-efficiency. 

Everything around us functions at a touch-n-swipe of our finger. That is the reason why there is an influx of smart technology spanning every field. 

Our homes are no different, either. The smart technology caters to the aesthetic sense of our living quarters as well as enhances efficiency. Smart ceiling lights are examples of the same cutting-edge technology that is not only environment-friendly but also big on saving precious energy and your worthy money. 

What is a smart ceiling light?

Smart ceiling lights are essential components of home automation. They are a magical yet simple and logical approach to control the lighting solution in your home, office, or any other area.

A smart ceiling light is the one you can control from your smartphone via an app. These apps may be android specific or iOS paired. Some of the lighting manufacturing brands have their corresponding apps.

The smart ceiling lights are fixable into the existing sockets in your home. Some ceiling lights come with their specified fixtures, which are easy to install and put up with bulbs of the same brand. 

Smart ceiling lights are more than an excellent lighting solution. They improve the quality of your lifestyle at the same time, simplify it. Some of the upshots of installing smart lighting in your house include:

· Adjust the lighting remotely, save time and effort with a convenient touch
· No need to install dimmer switches. Tone down the brightness and temperature of the light as you wish 
· Select an automated lighting schedule to save energy expenditure
· Smart ceiling lights come with features including choosing a color ambiance, create lighting groups and co-ordinate rooms and floors. Select from a range of lighting effects to suit your mood or add-on a special occasion
· Smart lights utilize LED technology, which draws less energy and last longer. It helps to cut down your electricity bill
· With a voice-activated speaker like Google Home, Alexa, Siri or others, you can control lights with the sound of your voice

How does the smart ceiling light work?

An internet-connected hub links all of the smart ceiling lights. It provides control over the lighting in your home from a centralized location. The controlling nucleus is usually an app that is free to download. Once the app and the smart ceiling lights are connected, you can control the lighting equations in your house as per your requirement. 

Smart ceiling lights work via mesh networking. Wireless connections link all the smart lights. The wireless system is controlled by a common control that links with the router in your home. Now any device that syncs with the router acts as a controlling gadget for smart ceiling lights. 

Some lights have an in-built Wi-Fi that connects directly with the home router. Such a system lets you control lights whenever the Internet is available. Other lights use Bluetooth to connect directly with your phone within a specific distance range. For this, you'll need a Wi-Fi hub to relay their signals to your router and the cloud.

Some connecting systems have a remote mode, which enables you to control the lights when you are not at home. The best thing about smart lights is that they are programmed to link with other items as dimmer switches or motion sensors. It upgrades the functioning of the smart lights. There is no limit to what smart lights can indicate. Weather warning or an instant message beep via a flash of light. You name it. 

Smart ceiling lights are controlled with a tablet or mobile phone. They are also compatible with Google Home, Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Apple's HomeKit, IFTTT, and Amazon's Echo. The voice assistants at these platforms relay your message to smart lights, furnishing you with ultimate authority. 

How to choose a smart ceiling light? 

All the smart ceiling lights are not made equal. There are some things to consider before buying the smart ceiling light. 

· What is the compatible platform

It is important to know. Most smart ceiling lights come with their apps. If you want to accessorize the lights with more functions, you may need a platform that accommodates diverse functions. Pairing the lights with voice assistants expands the functionality of the smart lights. 

· Some smart ceiling lights need a hub

Depending upon whether the smart ceiling light utilizes in-built Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you may need a hub. If you already have one installed, select the lights that go with it.

· What are the wattage and lumen?

The brightness of the LED lights is measured in lumens. A light with a higher lumen will emit bright light and vice versa. 

· What about the color and the color temperature?

The color temperature refers to the spectrum of white light displayed by the smart bulb. The LED smart lights can display 16 million shades of light. Of course, the brightness and color temperature can be changed in some brands. So make sure to know what shade you want.

· Does the smart light fit your existing fixtures?

The smart lights and fixtures need to be compatible in design. Some brands will not fit your regular fixtures. Some come with their own fixtures. 

· Any extra features with the smart ceiling light

Do ask if the smart light you are buying comes with additional features like syncing with motion sensors, etc.

· How long the smart ceiling light last?

Most smart light brands come with a lifespan of 23-25 years.

Recommended list of best-selling smart ceiling lights

We make your purchase simpler and more convenient. Here are some recommended smart ceiling lights. 

· Yeelight YLXD42YL 480mm Smart LED Ceiling Light Upgrade Version 

Yeelight YLXD42YL 480mm Smart LED Ceiling Light Upgrade Version (Xiaomi Ecosystem Product)



· Yeelight YLXD01YL 320 28W Smart LED Ceiling Light AC 220V 

Yeelight YLXD01YL 320 28W Smart LED Ceiling Light AC 220V ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



· Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD17YL YLXD05YL 480 LED 32W Ceiling Light 

Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD17YL YLXD05YL 480 LED 32W Ceiling Light ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



· Utorch UT30 Smart Voice Control LED Ceiling Light 18W AC 220V 

Utorch UT30 Smart Voice Control LED Ceiling Light 18W AC 220V



· Xiaomi Mijia Smart LED Ceiling Light 220V

Xiaomi Mijia Smart LED Ceiling Light 220V



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