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Why and How Should You Choose a Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom? gocomma Freedconn T - MAX Won't Let You Down

Why and How Should You Choose a Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom? gocomma Freedconn T - MAX Won't Let You Down

Have you ever wonder that -

How can bikers on different bikes communicate with each other during riding?

Just talk as usual? 

Oh man, we are not driving at the same speed as walking lol.

Just shout at each other? 

Sorry, my dear, no-one can hear you scream because we are suffering from the high-speed wind noise.

Okay, there are still some age-old proven methods of bike indicators, signal lights, and sign languages. At that way, we can tell our group-bikers to pull over or turn right or fuel stops and other information.

However, these methods are limited at a long distance. Now thanks to the advanced technology, we get helmets with Bluetooth intercom so that we can keep constant communication between each other. 

That’s okay if you don’t have any helmets with Bluetooth intercom, you can buy an individual Bluetooth intercom for your ordinary helmet.

So how to choose the best motorcycle intercom system for your helmet? 

It’ hard to choose from thousands of intercoms online. And given that the motorcycle intercom has to work in a tough outdoor environment, I don’t want to pay it for too much. Finally, I choose this motorcycle intercom, gocomma Freedconn T-MAX Bluetooth Intercom.

Here’s my product research process. I hope it’s helpful for you:

1. The number of co-bikers: My cycling team has a group of 6 bikers, so I need a Bluetooth intercom supporting for 6 bikers communicating at the same time.

2. Noise reduction capabilities: as we mentioned above, high-speed wind noise is a big problem. The faster you ride, or the windier it is, the more critical noise reduction capacity is. A motorcycle intercom is requited to has a digital signal processing, to help reduce the noise they pick up from the microphone.

3. Raining condition: I’m living in a city where the weather is changeable, which means that I may be riding in the rain. Thus, the intercom must be waterproof rather than daily water-resistant.

4. For one ear or two ears: one ear is enough for me because I want to capture the natural sound with the other ear. Additionally, it’s easier to install and move the intercom to another helmet if my intercom has only one ear.

5. Music needed or not: I enjoy listening to music, so I prefer to an intercom system with a built-in FM stereo radio.

6. Price: My budget is $100. 

The intercoms from SENA, Fodsports, Cardo, Lexin, and Freedconn had a good reputation. I loved them all, but their prices were all double beyond my budget at first when I searched them on Amazon. 

Fortunately, I found the same Freedconn T-Max intercom on Gearbest, only $51.99 with its time-limited coupon). Amazing! Gearbest beats the price down to more than a half.

Maybe you have noticed that this intercom is named with a prefix brand name gocomma. I was worried about if it was the same quality as the Freedconn T-Max at first. Then I learned from Gearbest customer service that Freedconn is an alliance of gocomma. They jointly released the T-Max motorcycle intercom on Gearbest. 

After using this intercom for a few months, I dare say it’s maybe not the top-end, but it works well during my riding. It exceeds my expectation.

Let me share you some reasons I love it so much:

♥ Unbeatable, reasonable price

♥ Absolutely cool appearance - the best-looking intercom I’ve seen, fits well with the cycling style.

♥ Excellent DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression technology

♥ Connects with up to 6 bikers 

♥ Works even when charging

♥ Keep in touch 1.5km, up to 120km/h working speed

♥ IP65 waterproof

♥ Easy to mount on the helmet

♥ With FM radio

gocomma Freedconn T - MAX Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom



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