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$2,800! Is Xiaomi Going Insane by Launching Mi MIX Alpha?

$2,800! Is Xiaomi Going Insane by Launching Mi MIX Alpha?

On September 24, Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha played an important role on the Xiaomi 5G new product launch event. 

At first, Xiaomi officially announced the design of MIX Alpha. It was different from the speculated folded screen, waterfall screen, or double-sided screen, but a brand new “wrap-around” screen! 

The smartphone is surrounded by an entire screen, with 2.15mm ultra-narrow bezel, and up to 180.6% screen-to-body ratio. According to Xiaomi, Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha is a 5G concept smartphone, a revolutionary product that signifies the exploration of the appearance of smartphones in the future.

The screen of Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha has been aligned differently, other than vertically. As you can see, the screen wraps the front, back, and both sides, which is impressive.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha also features dual linear motor on AI algorithms to avoid misoperation, ensuring accurate feedback.

In lack of space for physical buttons on the side, so Mi Mix Alpha has pressure-sensitive sides to make up for this. A linear motor is in use to simulate the touch of real buttons. Moreover, there are AI algorithms to ensure accurate feedback of the operation.

MIX Alpha adopts the COF design and a flexible display. Because of the elimination of the bezel on both sides, the internal components are arranged differently. Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha uses an LCP high-integration antenna which has a total of five antenna bands to achieve 5G dual-card full-network coverage.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha adopts screen sound technology, emitting an ultrasonic sound to measure distance and optimize the acoustic experience. It eliminates the receiver, the front camera, buttons on the side.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha can automatically switch the screen as you flip the smartphone. On the back are small Apps; meanwhile, you can find all messages and notifications on the side.

As for the camera, it features a 108MP ultra-high-resolution camera for direct output of over 100 megapixels. The 1/1.33-inch ultra-large image sensor can capture more details.

Additionally, Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha has triple rear camera setup which packs a 20MP ultra-wide-angle lens and a 12MP portrait sensor for more excellent camera performance.

In terms of materials, the smartphone adopts titanium bezels on the top and bottom. They are light and ensure good strength. On the back is a ceramic base covered with a piece of sapphire glass.

As for other aspects, Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha is equipped with Snapdragon 855 Plus SoC, 12GB+512GB, UFS 3.0 flash memory, built-in 4050mAh nano silicon negative battery, and 40W wired quick charge capability. 

It took two years for Xiaomi to develop MIX Alpha, with R&D input of over 500 million. Therefore, it is not a smartphone for achieving high sales volume. Currently, a small number of MIX Alpha are being produced, and it is estimated to be launched by the end of December this year.

Given the cost, Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha is priced at 19999 yuan, around $2,800. 

From the pricing, technology, and materials, we can find that Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha is not for mass production. Instead, it is a product for demonstrating innovation and technology. 

Hopefully, some techniques applied to the smartphone can be seen on other mass-produced models. What do you think of Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha?

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