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6 CORN Smartwatches That Will Probably Shock You With Their Ultra-low Prices and Strong Features.

6 CORN Smartwatches That Will Probably Shock You With Their Ultra-low Prices and Strong Features.

No one can overemphasize the importance of smartwatches in our human day-to-day activities today. As against ordinary watches, smartwatches are unique in several respects. It’s no therefore surprising that most lovers of watches are settling for smartwatches. But, smartwatches are costly. This is not the same, however, for CORN smartwatches as they factor both low-price rates and strong features in one. So, if you like to buy a low-cost smartwatch, CORN smartwatch will be a wonderful selection. This article attempts to give recommended reasons for choosing any of the six (6) CORN smartwatches. 

Below are six (6) smartwatches of the CORN brand and the recommended reasons you may choose any of them.

1. CORN WB05 Bluetooth Call Smartwatch

The CORN WB05 smartwatch is a Bluetooth-enabled smartwatch that serves limitless functions. The smartwatch has the staying power to remain in water for some time. So, people who work with water- related activities may find it interesting to use. As different from many wristwatches, the CORN WaB05 supports a variety of social media apps such as WeChat, Facebook, QQ, Twitter. It also has a place for SMS and a few other apps that people use in the market. 

The CORN WB05 equally has an AMOLED Full Touch Screen 8 functionality that enables display effects to get closer to the surface. With that, you can read any screen-displayed info that you find under several usage scenarios. Aside from its dual Bluetooth configuration, the smartwatch has call log features like phone calls reminder, call log sync, phonebook, and call answering and related call activities. What’s more, it supports about fifteen (15) languages, to wit, English, Italian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Arabic, Japanese and many others. Again, lovers of sports will appreciate its sports modes too. 

CORN WB05 Bluetooth Call Smart Watch 90 Days Standby 1.2 inch 390 X 390 AMOLED Full Touch Screen 8 Sports Modes IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch



2. CORN WB01 

If you are looking for a smartwatch with a variety of exercise modes you are onto CORN WB01. It is a wonderful smartwatch that does well in recording exercise data. It also features a call reminder as well as sedentary reminder. In all its goodness, one of the most fascinating things that attract users to CORN WB01 is health related functionalities. 

Can you think of a smartwatch that helps you monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen? You can always detect your blood pressure level to check whether it is high or low so you can know what you need to do about it. You can likewise do well to monitor the level at which you sleep and maximize its text push features. Interestingly, this smartwatch is social as well as it supports social media apps such as Facebook, WeChat, Twitter, and several other information push features. 

CORN WB01 60 days long standby time smart watch heart rate monitor sports health Smartwatch



3. CORN WB02 Waterproof Smartwatch 

One of the smartwatches that seem to have it got it all figured out is the CORN WB02 waterproof smartwatch. It is a complete smartwatch that meets the needs of users all over a wide range. And the amazing part to the CORN WB02 story is that you can pick at a most affordable price. With CORN WB02, everyone cane have a complete touch display smartwatch. The smartwatch equally supports multifarious movements. You can make use of it for sedentary activities as well. It is a rare smartwatch that facilitates the health quality of its users. With that, you can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, as well as your blood oxygen level. The waterproof smartwatch is made of an orange leather strap.

Moreover, speakers of about ten different languages can find CORN WB01 adaptable. So, it’s a tool that satisfies people from around the world. 

CORN WBO2 IP68 Waterproof Smartwatch 1.3 inch Full Touch Display Smart Watch Supports Multifarious Movement Sleep Health Monitoring Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen



4. CORN WB03 Round Smartwatch 

Another smartwatch that we can recommend not just because it’s from the CORN brand but for its strong features is the CORN WB03 smartwatch. This is a round smartwatch that has a super-duper touchscreen. It’s also supports the health of its users as it helps them in monitoring their heart rate, blood pressure, and level of blood oxygen. During sleeping hours, the smartwatch can as well prove useful. Made of a black dial brown leather strap, the CORN WB03 round smartwatch stands out as top brand on the market. 

Importantly, CORN WB03 has several sports mode, heart rate detection functionality and full-circle touchscreen. It is a smartwatch that can stand by for nothing less than sixty (60) days. The smartwatch equally has a heart rate monitor and useful for sports activities. Speakers of Arabic, English, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Korean, French, German will find Wb03 round smartwatch extremely useful. 

CORN WB03 Round Smart Watch 1.3 inch Wide Touch Screen Support Health Monitoring Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Sleep



5. CORN CB01 Smart Bracelet 

The CORN CB01 is a smartwatch with a variety of top-notch functionalities. The smartwatch is a health-related device that serves numerous purposes. With this smart bracelet, you can’t be stranded. To be more specific, the CORN CB01 supports checking the level of heart rate. You can also always use if while you sleep. Everyone who loves to constantly monitor their health generally will find the Smart Bracelet interesting. Under average water conditions, you can find CORN CB01 smart bracelet useful as it is excellently waterproof. 

Moreover, the smart bracelet has a multi-sport mode as well as a pedometer. Made of a blueberry blue color, you can also have an intelligent wristband in CORN CB01. What’s more, this smart bracelet supports a variety of multi-function color screen. You can also find a call information push functionality on the smartwatch.

CORN CB01 Smart Bracelet Support Heart Rate Sleep Health Monitoring IP68 Waterproof Multi-Sport Mode Pedometer Intelligent Wristband



6. CORN CB03 Smart Bracelet

Another smart bracelet that features excellent functionalities and affordability is the CORN CB03 smart bracelet. It is completely waterproof in material as it gives you the chances of making the most of it under extreme water conditions like swimming and rainfall. The Smart bracelet also features micro letters and has a large color screen. This smart wristband is quite okay for health and safety features. While sleeping, you can use this smart bracelet. Also, you can monitor the level of your heart rate, blood oxygen, and blood pressure levels. 

The CORN CB03 also supports other social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. This smart bracelet can be recommended for its unique smart features, adaptability and low-cost price.

CORN Cb03 Smart Bracelet 1.14 inch IP68 Waterproof Large Color Screen Smart Wristband Sleep Health Monitoring Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Blood Pressure




Smartwatches come with a variety of features that make life comfortable for their users. All the same, as with their great utilities, they can be extremely pricey which discourages potential users from choosing them. However, CORN smartwatches comprise both affordability and strong utility that can be of great help to you.

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